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DEEP into The GREAT DECEPTION ~ The Extraterrestrial Interference P15

DEEP into The GREAT DECEPTION ~ The Extraterrestrial Interference P15

As you may be aware, This Series The Extraterrestrial Interference has become our way of Disclosing the DEEP Truth behind the Real Manipulation that is happening on This Planet by Extraterrestrial and Multidimensional Beings. We have decided that we will continue this Series, as long as it takes, and Dive much Deeper down the Rabbit Hole.

I am being Guided to Disclose The Truth behind how actually DEEP The Manipulation and the Deception Really Goes. I Will attempt to explain The Dark Truth Behind the Church's real agenda and the Great Deception. The Dark has played a big role in how religions have been manipulated to stop the masses from knowing the truth. Understanding their Agendas is important to free yourself from their Control.

Let's Talk about the Big Poke-doted Elephant in the Room.

The Church Still continues to Push False Teachings, Even Though there is now Proof that The Holy Bible is nothing Like the Torah, which it was supposed translated from. The Jewish Rabbis have come forward and stated that the translations are false. Not to mention that they refuse to Explore any of the newer Evidence that has been discovered Through the Nag Hammadi Codices and the Sumerian Tablets, and other much more Ancient Writings around the world. Any Real Information about our Origins still gets shoved under the rug and Ignored By The Church. As long as the Preachers and other leaders of the Churches continue to Lie and keep their congregations ignorant they and their People will not Ascend into The Higher Light, They are following the Dark's agenda to Blind the Masses of the Truth.

The Big deception Begins with How we were actually Created.

It all started with the Annunaki and the Reptilian Race. The Annunaki are the ones known to have manipulated Human Genetics. They added their DNA to a lesser species here on this Planet, to create themselves a slave race, That could be controlled to do as they wished. But, they also added the Reptilian Gene as well. The Annunaki were a Humanoid species, That had an alliance with the Reptilian Species or The Ones called the Vlash. They used both types of genetics to make Humans so that both Species could Lay a Claim on ownership over Humanity.

The Karistus, the Ones we know as the Angels, saw what was taking place and sent 300 of their Kind to Earth who was called the Watchers, to watch over the Process of our development as a species, and to Protect us from the Dark Ones who had laid their Claim. The Karistus, are from The Pleroma or What is known as the Higher dimensions, and were not part of This physical Universe of Matter. So the had to Descend done into a Lower Vibration.

The Dark Ruler was Yaldabaoth, He at the Time was the Ruler of this entire Universe of Matter. He is the dark Creation or Error of the Goddess Sophia. Through his creation, He did not receive The Infinite Light of Source and only obtained A Dim Light through Sophia. This is the Same Vengeful, Hateful, and Malevolent Being depicted as the God of the Old Testament. He demanded sacrifice and Worship and devoured those who disobeyed him. He is often depicted as a ferocious Dragon in the Torah. Yaldabaoth, had the power of Creation and so he created many Minions, including his own so-called "Angels" to be his watchdogs. They were the Supposed Angels that were the Scary distorted monster beings depicted in the Old Testament. All The Beings he created were without Light of Infinite Source, and Therefore were not able to ascend Higher In Light. This is also where the Reptilian Species originated from. This is the same God that is Worshiped today by Modern Christians and The Jewish People.

His Hatred for Humanity came when he was tricked into giving Humans his Only Light. Sophia Told him this was the only way that he could Create Humans. So he breathed his Light into Adam.

Once this was done he realized that Adam was then able to ascend into the Light. and He no Longer would have control. Yaldabaoth knew that the Light had completely vanished from Him. This is where he became very angry over his creation of Humans and vowed to Destroy Them. He Feared that Humans became more Powerful Then Him.

This account of Humanities Creation was given through The Nag Hammadi Codices.

The Sumerian Tablets describes The Annunaki beings as Enlil and Enki, two Brothers who BOTH manipulated Humans to be slaves. However, I do feel that it was only Enlil and his followers, who were involved with the reptilian. The Annunaki also were very split among their ranks. Enki was thought to have tried to Protect the Humans rather than enslave them.

As far as the Karistus, Things did not go as planned.

The Watchers Angels who had been accessing the situation had also fallen into darkness.

The Angels who were known as the Watchers or the Fallen Ones were led by Lushifar or who is known today as Lucifer, and his Son Azazel. They Corrupted Humans and Taught them War and Evil magic. They took as many wives as they wished and created offspring that were known as the Nephilim, also Known as Giants. Those Giants began Devouring Humanity. This is why the Great flood took Place, to rid the Planet of the Evil that had been brought by the Fallen Ones.

This kind of interaction was against Universal Law and so all of these Beings were banished from ever reentering the Higher heavens or being able to ascend back to the Light. The Archon Ruler Yaldabaoth, and his so-called Angels which are now Demons, and many of his Reptilian Minions were Placed within the Void. This was done By Zoe Sophia, Daughter of Sophia. The Beings known as the Annunaki who were in alliance with the Reptilians Species were banished from Earth.

The Archons disappeared out of the 3D Universe and were placed within the Lower 4th Dimension where they can no longer harm Humanity. However, They have found a way to manipulate through the Veil and still have many minions Through the Bloodlines.

The Karistus Angels who were involved with the Fall will be forced to incarnate on Earth over and over until their Day of Judgement. On their Day of Judgement, the Book of Enoch Claims that they will be consumed by Fire. In this description, it means they will be devoured or totally gone from existence.

After the Fall, Humanity Was then virtually left alone in the Universe. But Humans without Spiritual knowledge stayed primitive and Violent, because of their reptilian-based Brains. They also needed to be protected from the Other Extraterrestrial species that had their own agendas. Plus with the Dark Ones still on the Earth reincarnating, Humanity became a big concern for the Karistus Angels.

Many of the Darker species of the Archonic ruler including the other reptilian Species and Tall Grey who is Called the Maitre, still plagued the Earth and were still finding ways to control Humanity.

Archangels Micheal, Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel saw what was happening on Earth and to Humanity.

The Positive Karistus Decided to Become Humanities protectors. making it their intention to be of total service. Many began incarnating as Humans to work on the Earth Plain in a more direct manner. The Archangels also chose to incarnate as Humans and vowed to destroy and eliminate all 300 of the betrayers, whenever they cross their path upon this Earth Plain. Azazel was to be Punished until his day of Judgement when he will be totally consumed by Fire. Until Then he Reincarnates Life after Life. His Punishment for corrupting humanity was to be the scapegoat or the one who takes away all sin. All of Humanity's Sin is placed on him and then he is cast out. He is to suffer for those sins by being killed in horrific ways life after Life. Many if not most of his deaths have been on a Cross. This was the way that the Jewish People killed their Prisoners. It was a common practice and nothing special to just Jesus. Every Generation the Jewish Rabbis Search The Earth for Azazel. Once They know who he is, they would capture Him and Kill him, to release Israel of Sin. This Practice still will take place if Israel gets a hold of Azazel.

The Manipulation of the Modern Bible would have us Worship Azazel as the savior who takes away all sin. Rather than the True Jesus Christ who was murdered in the same way. This was how they executed the Guilty. According to The Nag Hammadi Codices, Jesus was an Anarchist, Not unlike the Thief hanging next to him on the cross. Jesus was trying to wake his people up to the understanding that they were worshiping a demi-urge, not the real God. Jesus referred to the Real God as the One Infinite un-measurable Father of All Universes or what he referred to as The Mysteries. One thing that they could not cover up totally was the resurrection of Jesus. They distorted it to make the masses believe that he returned to the heavens right away after he arose from the Dead. However, according to the Pistis Sophia, Jesus walked this Earth teaching his disciples for at least 11 years past his resurrection. Jesus in those Years often would travel into Space via a Bright Light. Jesus was a Karistus Angel. As many of you may have remembered The Book "48 Weeks with Dohr Crystal" Claims that The One we know as Jesus was removed from Earth by the Kurs after his death on the Cross, and The One We know as Mary Magdalene, had Killed herself. We now know this to be False Information, given By Azazel. We now have Proof through the Nag Hammadi Codices that Mary Magdalene, was with Jesus for those 11 years after he arose from the dead. It was believed that they had many Children. Their Bloodline is the Holy Grail. Those who Followed Them became the Ones known as the Essenes.

The Church would have us believe that Jesus is going to save us from our own sins. When it is Azazel who is the Great Deceiver that they Push hidden Beneath this deception. The Jews would never ask the Darkest being on the Planet into their heart to Save them because he is their Scapegoat. Jesus has been given by the Church itself the same status as the scapegoat and they Hide his true Teachings of Inner Gnosis. Jesus did try to save us from the great deception of the Church. He told us of the kingdom of God within our own being and he taught us how to achieve the Higher Light. But, he did not die for your Sins. That Price is already being paid by the One Known as the Scapegoat, Azazel. It is his judgment for his Crime against Humanity. The Modern Church is being manipulated by The Dark Forces who wish to enslave you for eternity. Azazel even today still tries to deceive his followers. If you are Following him, Let me remind you he is not your Savior and you should never give him any Energy. He is trying to get people to actually Worship Him as the Savior of Humanity. He is claiming he was the real Jesus. You Must Remember That Azazel is the Son Of Lucifer, and he also does not deny this fact. He remembers every life that he has ever had on this Earth. He has vaults where he keeps artifacts from different eras of his life. He is using these artifacts to try and prove that he is Jesus. Yes, he is Karistus but he follows what he refers to as "the Cause", which is not The Infinite Creator, but Yaldabaoth. He is the Leader of the Negative Faction of the Karistus. He also controls a group he refers to as "The 72". These People make a deal with him to do different Jobs for him, which he claims the jobs to be for the "Cause". Mike Pence was one of these 72, if that gives you any idea of where he stands. Many Believed Mike Pence to be the one who sabotaged the Election for Trump. Most of the past 72's have been killed. This is because they find out the Truth about who Azazel actually is. Always remember that Azazel is one of the Fallen Ones and he is very keen on taking many people with him on his day of Judgment. Please Do your own Research on this Information. It is mostly found within the Book of Enoch. He knows a lot of this Information about the Church is coming out. He Like all the Rest of the Fallen Ones are very scared at this point because They Know their time is Up. It is soon time for them to Face their judgment.

The Dark Ones Through The Church have manipulated and distorted the Book that is Known as the Holy Bible, and This has been done for many generations. There is absolutely Nothing Holy about it. They have had a very Long time manipulating and changing words for their own benefit. Humanity is at a very critical point in our ascension. Knowing this Deep Hidden Truth helps us to Understand how to never be controlled by another Extraterrestrial Species again. The Positive Karistus, Our Angels, are here to help lead us out of the darkness and through our ascension. But we Must do the work ourselves. The great deception of the church has blocked people from Truth for generations. It's Time to wake up and Free yourself from The False Light and Stop making excuses for their Lies before it is too late.


The Extraterrestrial Interference Series.

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