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December Ascension Energies 2023 (Astrology) (Article)

December Ascension Newsletter 2023

By Natalie Alba

Beloved Ones,

With this new energetic month of December, we conclude another year and cycle of our ascension journey. This is a month that for many will signify endings, while for others new beginnings, for as it 1 universal number represents, we are in the midst of a void, where we are allowed to revise, shift timeliness, and step into a whole new personal cycle.

Some may have started this phase already, for this is not about human time, but about our own personal micro cycles. Others may be yet healing/clearing old patterns to achieve this stage. Where you are is where you need to be to get to the next phase for you, for this is an endless path that has no beginning or end, as Guides share many times.

Number 1 represents unity, and what is born out of this inner synthesis. It is the number that too represents the message that this month brings to us, for this month is an invitation to focus on ourselves, personal healing, the path created, and what is emerging, from our soul. A month to recognize ourselves as the leaders, and sovereigns of our own human experience, for only we have the power to create, not the energies, planets, or any other false conception that we have been programmed with.

This is a month for complete self-reclamation, recalibration, and reconstruction, as Guides shared, for it is pivotal that we take full charge of our bodies, lives, and responsibility before stepping into further timeliness, where we cannot rely on the outer.

A month to celebrate all we have achieved, enjoyed, and expanded, during the year, for the energy of celebration, that will be especially present with the Sagittarian Moon and the Cancerian one at the end of the month, is essential for us to come back to our authentic state of being.

It is through joy that we can align and create what our soul has envisioned for us, for it is through joy and gratitude that we reconnect to our soul and the universe.

Light Body Alignment

This month brings also very important energies outside of our planetary astrological events. As always, we are not only immersed within our earthly confines, for we are too deeply impacted by what is taking place outside of our universe.

Guides share the importance of the 12/12 portal this year, for us to begin working on our 12th-dimensional light body template, for many are starting to reclaim their 12th-dimensional or Christos template. Guides invite us to align with these energies, which are already available to us, as this date is simply the peak of what we are already receiving.

On this same day, we too have a New Moon at 20 degrees Sagittarius. As you know, it is with Sagittarius that we literally consume in the sacred Fire of the Divine what does not serve us anymore. Sagittarius helps us to achieve a deeper connection to our divine selves, represented by the tetrahedron geometry, as it connects the human aspect of us, to the divine.

It is the one that represents the resurrection achieved when we finally awake, burn the ashes of the old, and rebirth into who we truly are. Guides invite us to emerge from this Sacred Divine Fire as the Light beings that we are, reconnecting with our divinity by precisely unifying our template and the opposite energies within it.

Sagittarius’s energies connect us to our central sun, to its golden Christos energy, and to the monad, an initiation that has already begun for many, and that will continue during 2024 onwards.

As you know, as the 12th dimension beings we not only have twelfth chakras but also twelve DNA strands that when activated, especially the second one, as it is responsible for our multidimensionality, communicate with the main twelfth dimensions from our universe.

Guides invite us to work on our template, for each and every aspect of us is important to reconfigure our entire bodies, both physical and non-physical, for it is only when we restructure our entire template that we can start anew, with the new programming we choose now and by first removing all the previous distortions and manipulations that kept us from embodying our authentic essence and wisdom.

Number 12 represents the masculine and Guides invites us to work on the restoration of our masculine energy, deeply misrepresented for eons, and retrieving its original essence. The masculine is the aspect of us that we are invited to heal and foment during this month, for the feminine has already been reclaimed in our planet, and it has started being healed and embodied.

It is now time for us to heal the masculine, which is very challenging due to the many years of patriarchal programming, balance both, within divine love, unity, and equality as Guides remind us, and move into a more unified state of being and hence, reality.

This portal offers us the opportunity to revise not just what we have created until this moment, but our energetic body and original template, for we cannot transform anything in our lives if we have not done so from within our template, for it is what programs our entire body, mind and lives.

Astrological Events

We start this harmonic and loving month with wonderful energies that invite us to celebrate and focus on self-nurturance, family, and everything that makes us feel at home. December offers us the gift of rejuvenation and soul communion, so we can, step by step, move into the next stage of monadic integration, taking place already and continuing during 2024.

Astrologically, we begin the month by having Mercury moving into Capricorn. Capricorn season begins this month, as gradually we will have more planets moving into this sign, as well as the Sun, and at the end of the month the Solstice, and with it a reminder of the importance of both self-illumination, for Capricorn is the one that illuminates the human self, through the required inner alchemy, and alignment, achieved with Sagittarius. Mercury in Capricorn will help us focus on the practical, descending our ideas and new projects into the tangible world, where we can expand and enjoy them.

On December 4th we have Venus, the Planet of Love and Abundance, moving into Scorpio. Venus in Scorpio will help us greatly in going deeper into the depths of our being to find all the guidance that we need for our new journey. Some will be already manifesting their chosen path, while others are yet in the initial creational phases. All is according to our soul’s original plan and micro-personal cycles, which is why it is so important to know ourselves profoundly.

On December 6th, we have Neptune, the Dreamer, the Intuitive Planet, direct. Neptune can be challenging, as it invites us to go deeper into the aspects of us and feelings that we do not desire to visit. However, once we integrate our shadows and overcome any fears, we can resurface by being stronger, and wiser, with a new sense of direction, and connection, to our inner guidance that we did not possess before, due to our fear of visiting the aspects of us that are still in pain.

This is the first gift that December offers us, the opportunity to navigate through our inner waters, bringing all that resides in its depths to the surface, so we can heal and move forward. This first week is also going to be of great help to those who need to see reality as it is, as Neptune is also the planet of illusion, where we can see clearly all false beliefs, removing all self-created, or implanted mental constructions, that impede us both from seeing who we are and our unique abilities.

As you know many times, we simply deny seeing what IS and focus on the many human delusions that cloud our understanding of what is already occurring in our human experience. Neptune will help us synthesizing both worlds, understanding that both are equals and that can coexist if we desire to embrace both sides of who we are, not just the Divine, but the mundane one as well.

On December 12th, we have the peak of the Sagittarian energies with a New Moon in Sagittarius at 20 degrees. Sagittarius as you know has marked the beginning of what we will expand during 2024, soul and monadic integration, Christos template reclamation, and the retrieval of our golden-masculine aspects. The energies are already seeded within our planetary system, it is now our personal choice to reclaim and co-create with them.

The next day, we have Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn, and on December 23, Mercury will enter retrograde in Sagittarius. This New Year 2024 Mercury retrograde phases, for those who resonate with it, will occur all in Fire signs, which is important whether we align with Mercury retrograde or not, as for many of us it has become another illusion, and I do not personally focus on retrogrades. I leave for your information the retrograde periods, for those who wish to know this information, and deepen in them.

On December 21 the Sun enters Capricorn, celebrating the Winter/Summer Solstice, depending on where you live. The Sun represents our Illumined Self, so when the Sun shines its light into a sign of the zodiac and hence into a specific aspect of ourselves, it means we are invited to develop and work on this concrete side of ourselves.

With the Sun in Capricorn, we are called to nourish the aspect of us who brings things into fruition, making them tangible, paying attention not only to the ethereal part of us but also to the aspect of us that needs to be nurtured – in the material. After all, the new frequency we hold is meant to be anchored within our dense realm. Capricorn also gives us equilibrium, so we do not fall into the trap of illusions, procrastinating the birth of our new creations.

On December 26 we have two important events, on one hand, we have a Full Moon in Cancer, and on the other Chiron Direct, for those who also resonate with it being direct again. This will be a loving moon inviting us to celebrate, to focus on home, family, ourselves, and everything that represents the feeling of home for us, for it is too important to stop for a while and continue with what we are creating.

Chiron’s essence offers us its healing frequency for us to direct it toward the aspects of ourselves that need clearing, expansion, and rejuvenation. On a month when clearing timeliness and energetic recalibration is vital, Chiron’s essence will help us step into January by being renewed and rested.

This is a very important month too for those working on cathar recoding, and all removal of cathar imprints, retrieving its Christos unique codes and, stepping into their planetary mission, like never before.

At the end of the month, on December 29, we have another joyful planetary encounter to cheer up the month: Venus moving into Sagittarius. Energies that allow us to take a breath, focus on love, joy, and celebration, as this is the essence of who we truly are, not only during December but always, and just focus on being, enjoying all that surrounds us with our loved ones.

This is the essence of Venus in Sagittarius, the essence of peace, cooperation, harmony, and love, for it is what shall always reign in our hearts and lives. It is an energy that pushes us to live our lives, and dreams to the fullest, dreaming big, and pursuing what makes us happy.

Traveling, and expansion in all areas of our lives is key while Venus is in Sagittarius, for it is focused on pleasure, making everything brighter, lighter, and more beautiful.

Lastly, on December 30, we end the month with Jupiter Direct in Taurus. Jupiter in Taurus will be key from 2024, until May 25. This will be a very creative time. A time for personal expansion, in the physical, where we can anchor our soul’s visions, and expand them as we desire. It is also a time for travel, as many this month will be traveling, whether for familiar reasons, work or planetary mission, for learning, and above all, a time to embrace the infinite possibilities that come to us when we are ready, aligned, and let go of limitations.

December is crucial for us to prepare ourselves at all levels, to begin anew. Preparing our light bodies, mental and emotional bodies too, for a new beginning is essential, for we cannot carry anything that weights us down, to where we want to go next.

It is a loving, harmonic, and deep month for us to focus on the reconstruction of the self, but also on family, home and all that nurtures our soul and makes us connect more with our tangible world.

A month to come back to our original essence, always one of joy, love, and compassion, for it is who we are, in nature.

I wish you a wonderful December and a blessed 2024, Beloved Ones.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba


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