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Create a Boundless Reality - Channeled by Shanta Gabriel

Create a Boundless Reality.

a message from Archangel Gabriel, channeled by Shanta Gabriel.

Dear Ones, As long as life is unfolding moment to moment in constant change, you may feel as though you have lost your grounded presence on Earth. This can be disconcerting when you believe you need that solid foundation to function at a high level in your earthly endeavors. This is a belief system that you have outgrown, as hard as it may be to accept. In fact, you are learning to ground yourself into your heart to fully function in harmony with life’s rapid-changing perspective. You are creating a present-time awareness, feeling fully embodied, and centered in love. From this place, the prevailing winds are not able to distract you from your sacred space in the heart. This ability liberates you in whole new ways. Planning has become more challenging yet your intentions are more solid than they have ever been. You may have a sense of momentum even though you are not physically moving. This is an experience of the benevolent flow of the River all Creation. It is active within you, adding a spark of Light to all that you do. Light is one of the most exultant things about your life right now — glowing change, serving you in new ways, catalyzed out of the boredom or stagnation of your old life. All you need to do is surrender to the process. The end result may not hold as much merit as the process itself afoot in life. It’s a new day, a new time, and a brand new birthing of a new reality. This makes your ability to expand your imagination one of your most valuable tools. There are no barriers to your exalted thinking except the imitations you place on yourself. Set yourself free when you create a future that upholds your most wondrous opportunities. Imagine how you will feel and unleash your newfound freedom to expand beyond your old patterns and beliefs. Science is catching up with metaphysics and has discovered your brain does not distinguish between your imagination and your physical reality. This gives you full permission to expand and create a new world that supports your life in wondrous ways. Believe in yourself and the Creative Solutions being offered. Even miracles become normal as you step into the boundless reality of the Creative Flow of Life as it changes. And so it is. Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel October 8, 2021

Copyright © Shanta Gabriel. These messages can be shared as long as they are used in their entirety and proper credit is given for the work. I love people to be able to share the work with others.


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