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Co-Creating With Your Soul~ The Andromedans

Greetings beloved beings of light, we are the Andromedans. It fills us with such joy to connect with your energies today. We wish to speak of your soul’s direction in your spiritual evolution and also in your physical reality as well which, in many cases, are the same.

Do you believe that your soul has a direction that it is leading you forth in? or do you feel as if you are walking aimlessly and would love to have the guidance and direction of your soul to assist you?

It is appropriate that your soul does have a direction. It has a plan and a pathway that it wishes to embark upon and experience in this physical reality that you are experiencing.

It is also true that as a being experiencing on the earth, you have free will.

 and this is a very powerful gift that has been given to you and, in fact, all beings.  Which is the power and the space to make choices for yourself that serve you…that serve you, the earth and all beings. And you can create and make choices and then change your mind. You can experiment. You can explore. Your direction may be like a zig-zag or a spiral. You might not always feel as if you are moving forward.

If both of these are true, that your soul has a divine plan and a direction. and you, as the physical being, the personality, you have free will. This means that one of the experiences of the earth is to co-create with your soul, with your essence.

You are the vehicle experiencing on the Earth. You have wants and desires, dreams and aspirations.

You are your soul, however there is a greater, higher aspect of your soul.

and this aspect of yourself also has dreams and aspirations, things that it really wishes to overcome or experience in a physical reality.

It is important to be aware that the soul’s direction is flexible, as is your free will. When you create a decision, you can change that decision. When your soul creates a divine plan, a direction, your soul can alter and shift it.

When you are in conscious awareness that you are co-creating with your soul, that you matter and your soul matters, this conversation can lead to beautiful manifestations and experiences which are immensely fulfilling. This is when you begin to progress along your soul’s and your direction, purpose and experiences of completion.

We recognise there is a co-creation that is immensely important. it means that your beliefs, your desires and dreams are important and the same for your soul. With this respect and honour you begin to co-create together and you shift perspectives in order for new understandings, experiences to come forth and be manifested in your reality. You feel as if you are being propelled forwards.

How do you co-create with your soul?

Allow yourself to exist in a space of acceptance, accepting the presence of your soul. accepting the divine plan of your soul and accepting that you have a unique and beautiful relationship with your soul, in fact, you are one. As you begin to acknowledge that you accept your soul, invite your soul to accept you as a physical being. Your soul already does accept you but it’s a wonderful process of asking because the soul floods your being with such love and acceptance and this supports you in accepting your soul further. You may wish to say, in your own words, I choose from this moment to co-create with my soul.

You can ask your soul to deliver to you, in a way that is appropriate and that you can understand, the next step of this direction, this journey from your soul.

Take time to receive. Then you share what you really wish to experience as the next step and then ask that your soul create a unification, a co-creation of that which your soul has shared and that which you have shared.

Be observant of what manifests, any ideas, any colours, any inspirations, or any actions.

The more you practice this, the easier it will become and you’ll find yourself naturally co-creating with your soul, for you are one after all, and the desires and dreams of the physical being are connected to the desires and dreams of the soul.

This simple intention changes your perspective. I invite you to contemplate, explore and experience this.

We thank you. We are the Andromedans.

Original Title, Your Soul’s Direction by the Andromedans. Channeled By Natalie Glasson at 


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