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CHANGE ~ Ashtar

In the present, everything that involved you in the matrix is no longer the same... more and more it will lose its impact... until it disappears...

More light shines in your hearts, and all around you... This will change the way you see, and witness things..... don't cling to the past... things... your hobbies... won't taste the same. you will feell the need to change your habits... You will feel the need to reevaluate life in its entirety... and this life is changing day by day.

Nature changes. the landscape will change because nature will be present where it was no longer and will transform .... you will look at your animals with more love and respect.

you won't tolerate darkness anymore until they are exploited.... Little by little... you will learn... and you can't take it anymore... let's consider other rules as "lesser"!!! because you will all work and act and live together, for the common good of all!!

Little by little as the Light takes place and the veil dissolves, you're wondering how you could live in such lies, in such carnage, so far from your true nature. and you want to rebuild it all......

The world says "materialism" is ending... life... is somewhere else, what held you back from things crashing down. the synthetic, the artificial, the fake they seem, are dying.

Medicine will change very soon... your doctors will have to retrain... They will Learn that you are not just a "body". food is the main vector of your disease. created by those Who brought fortune to darkness. hospitals have nothing to do with places of peace and love... they are factories... soulless.

Education instead of slavery of the mind will change. you will also want to change... and everything already changes... all around you... look at your young.... The young upcoming artists, all have new skills, and who also have extraordinary gifts! They will blow your mind! Some people have such vast knowledge, a result of memories, of Past Lives, they are very surprised, to remember.

See.... you feel like worlds are intertwined with each other.... some won't understand, won't know, and will feel lost ... but...

Keep good inside yourself, That Love that carries you. Want the good for others, and the will to want to move forward towards the orderly beauty of everything, in harmony with everything...

Any opportunity to make you "new", happy, and fulfilled in helping others, making them happy too.

Despite the circumstances, despite the facing, you are the big winners. because in the end, the only directive that was right to you, towards and against everything, must have been God's way., the Law of the One generates in everyone the fulfillment of happiness in sharing and love...

You all are experiencing Lots of learning. and you have lots of great surprises ahead, with your every step. the trail of suffering will be erased... the imprint of HAPPINESS is found in everyone!

We act and will act on it

We love you beyond anything,

with respect to all,

Ashtar Shan'A

Channeled by Glen Paol, Received through Facebook

Grammar and spelling corrected by Universal Lighthouse for better understanding.


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