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Calling All Angels! Now is the Time!

Calling All Angels! Now is the Time!

The New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure, Channeling, and Gnostic Guidance.

Blessings Dear Family of Light,

As many of our subscribers may have noticed, Google has been playing games with our site. I have had the experts work on it, although, it's still an issue. But anyway, this is just one of the many ways we have been attacked for sharing the truth. We have also been attacked emotionally and physically by the unseen dark forces, so it's been tough trying to keep them all cleared. Not to mention with the Collective energies the way they are at the moment, we are all feeling the vibrational chaos on this planet.

It is very difficult here in the west to decipher the truth from any outlet. The Dark Agenda runs very deep in all the main media, controlling the narrative. So if you are someone who seeks or shares real truth, you become a target. I am always careful not to trigger the algorithms, but it is becoming much more difficult. There are many of us out there now finding ourselves talking and writing in code so we are not blocked from being seen. However, I am very used to this, I have been blocked by Facebook countless times over the last several years. If you noticed our Facebook page, the Likes are around 10,000 +, which never raises in number, people can only follow us instead of liking the page. Then we are lucky to get 100 people actually see the posts. This is why I do not use Facebook as much anymore because it does not get us seen.

My point is, that the Dark agenda have had this control for a very long time, longer than most people think or understand. BIG TECH, BIG PHARMA, BIG CORP, BIG MONEY, and POLITICS all work together to control this country. No side within the political ring is the good side, all work for the same agenda, to control every aspect of our lives one way or another. This BIG Control system is all run behind the scenes by some very Dark Extraterrestrial and Multidimensional Species that want total control of this Earth. If you are unaware of this Agenda, Please refer to my last writing. The Free Nation has never been Free and the Previous posts of The Extraterrestrial Interference. (Links at bottom of Article.)

The Dark entities behind all of this are amping up this agenda due to the shifting of the Light quantity now on this planet. The only way they will survive is by creating extra Loosh to feed on. Hence the emotional rollercoaster they have created recently. The more you support their agenda the more power they have.

I do wish to address something that is very important at the moment. As the world is in chaos, I am being shown that there is a Call going out to All Angels in Human Form. As you may know, there are many of us who are incarnated at this time to make a difference on this planet. But we have forgotten our truth and have become very accepting of the Darkness that surrounds us.

For many Lightworkers, we try to stay in The Love and Light Vibrations all the time, because this is what we remember being when we were in our previous forms of Light. I too was one of those always pushing to stay in the higher vibrations. But As I have stated before, Awakening is not about Pink roses and lace. To not look upon the Harm happening to Humanity is allowing it. Part of our Purpose as "Light Workers and Warriors" Is to see the Darkness and Transform it, Not Ignore it. When we choose to ignore the Darks' harm and destruction of Humanity, it continues. When you make the choice to ignore it, you are no different than the ones causing the harm themselves. The Term Lightworker Means to work the Light. if you are not doing this work you are not a Lightworker. There is a Difference between Lightworkers and Warriors and someone who just prays. All that modern praying does is ask someone outside of the God within yourself to do the work for you. We have the God Spark within each of us. This spark is an actual piece of the Infinite Light of God, and can be amplified in its Brightness and Power, By doing the Work of the Source. The Real Light Workers and Light Warriors are here to Transform the Darkness all over this Planet into higher Light. We are not here for just ourselves, we are here for our other selves in total service. We must first See the Darkness to be able to work the Light and project it properly. It takes all of us who have awakened to our higher purpose, to actually do the work needed to transform this Planet into the New Earth of Light. All of us know what we want within our Heaven on Earth, why settle for something less. We know that as long as the Dark still rules this Planet, we still need to do our Job. We must as Light Warriors understand our reason for being here. We have the greatest honor of all, as we are here to protect the innocent. Protection involves actual Action. Whether that's doing physical work to protect others in total service, Or Actually working the Light Energies on a daily basis to Transform What Darkness you are aware of on this Planet. As a Warrior of Light, you have the power within you given from Source, to Project The Light Energies where it needs to be cleared. For example. Every day, I focus on clearing energies of different people that I am aware of that are causing harm to humanity. The Energies I work with are of White purifying Light directly from Source, Which can literally change a person from dark to light if it was excepted as such. However, when sending these energies to people who reject the Light, it will cause them to have to stop doing harm and deceit toward Others. If they Don't accept the energy, the Light will eventually dissolve them through disease and remove them from this planet. What happens is their Low Vibration can not withstand the Higher vibration you are projecting. It is their choice to stay in Darkness and cause harm to others, Not yours. It is your job as a Light Warrior to be of Service to those in Need. You then send Source Light through your intent to protect the Innocent. However, if you are projecting this Energy towards someone who is of Higher Light then it is excepted with honor. And can be used by them when doing good for humanity. Light warrior work is not easy. You must see both sides of every coin to understand that the darkness runs deep. Plus to hold White Light within your form, and project it properly, you must be of the right vibration yourself. So in this process, you must see the Darkness without putting emotion towards it and only allowing yourself to have compassion for its victims. This gives you the power within the Light to Transform the Darkness without projecting Fear, blame, or anger. We knew this job would not be easy when we decided to come to Earth. But each of us made the choice to help with the Transformation of Mother Gaia Sophia into her Higher Glory.

Many may ask how to actually Work with the Source Light Energies. I have written a small course in Real actual Cosmic Light Work. You can Get it through Amazon, it is called, A Course in Cosmic Light Work: The Merging of Ancient Practices to Embody and Work with the Universal Life Force Energies

This is just my own version of the work I do. You can add to it or do something totally different if it works for you. The Point is whatever your True intentions are with working with these energies, will be the end result.

Many of us know that we are the Real Angels in Human suits. I am referring to the Incarnates of the Karistus, and other species of Light That have come here to make the difference. You know who you are. I am being reminded of a song I once knew called, "He could have called, "Ten Thousand Angels". Well, today we are Here. Calling All Angels! Now is the Time!

And so it is, and it is so.

In so much Love and Light,

Chellea, Mystic, and Channel of The Aeons Sophia, Kristos, and the Karistus, The New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure, Channeling and Gnostic Guidance @

The Extraterrestrial Interference Series.


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