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Begin To Unravel The Story ~ The Pleiadian Collective

Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

As You Ponder Your Own Existence And As You Long To Remember And Know All Aspects Of Your Eternal Soul, Begin With A Breath. Now Deeper And More Slowly. This Simple Action Slows The Thoughts And Allows You To Go Within.

Relax And Know That Answers To All Questions Are Truly Available To You In The Light Of Your Own Expanded Consciousness And The Psyche You Have Created Upon Arrival To This Plane Of Being. This Is The Place Of Creation And Imagination That Is A Blueprint Of Every Moment In Your Current Life. Without Knowing You Are Reacting To The Subconscious Mind And The Created Mirror Of The Unseen Psyche, You Live And Move In Accordance To Your Own Experience And Feeling.

The Psyche Is The Place To Begin To Unravel The Story You Have Created. Blindly Stumbling Until You Reach A Tipping Point Of Suffering Not Understood, You Begin To Question The Reasons For Your Behavior And Reactions.

With The Information Gleaned With An Honest Perception, You Will Notice That Some Choices Seem Horrendous To You And Not Something You Would Even Want To Do! But Living Under The Control Of The Subconscious Mind That Is Fueled By The Psyche Will Continue To Cause Problems And Pain Until Faced With Truth. The Intention To Change Your Subconscious Mind Is The First Step To Healing Your Life.

Facing Every Wound And Contemplating The Entire Story In This Visit To Earth, Will Allow You To See Patterns Of Behavior That Repeated With Many Others. Choosing Friends And Partners That Harm You Will Allow You To See The Unhealed Part Of Your Own Psyche That Made You Believe You Deserved This Treatment. Many Have Sabotaged Their Own Life Over And Over While Knowing They Want A Great Life!

Discovering The Driving Force Of Your Story Will Allow You To Discover Many Lessons That You Came To Learn. There Are Themes That Appear Until You Consciously Take Over And Reprogram The Mind. Affirmations Will Assist Only When Believed. The Body Will Align With The Subconscious Mind And Reflect The True Belief That You Carry. Choose Thoughts That Will Heal And Serve You!

Make Meditation A Priority And Spend Time Alone Communing With The Silence Of Your Own Soul. In These Moments As Peace Abounds, Your Sacred Essence Of Being Will Speak To You!

Heal The Perceived Past By Feeling Love And Forgiveness For All That Transpired In Your Story. Realize That All Aspects Were There To Serve You By Leading You To The Light Of Your Soul. Know That You Are Better And Stronger Now Because Of The Path You Have Walked. Even Though You Fell Many Times, You Found Great Wisdom Along The Way!

Heal The Present By Knowing You Are Safe And So Loved. Know That You Will Shift To The Higher Realms And Remember Your Origin Of Light!

Heal The Future By Choosing Thoughts Of Surpassing All Perceptions Of Obstacles And Knowing Only Good Is Before You! Remember That Life Is Happening For You, And Never To You! Relax And Know This Is Only An Experience!

The Quantum Field Is The Connection Of All Life By The Subconscious Mind Of One. You Are Infinitely Connected As Spirit To All Life Forms Of Creation. Each Thought Ripples In Vibration To Heal Or Cause Harm. You Are Creating Your World And Story Each Moment.

Never Forget The Love That You Are In Form! Remember Your Light As This Magnificent Frequency Will Take You Through Portals Of Bliss! Entering Your Own Portal As Earth Shifts Will Also Take All Life Into The Covering Of A Massive Portal Around The Planet!

I Will Greet You In Light!

Together We Are One Love!


I Love You So!

Aya of The Pleiadian Collective,

Original Title, Allowing What Will Assist You, received telepathically by Judith Lynn, @familyofTaygeta on X


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