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Bathed in Light ~ Ember The Phoenix (Channeling) (Article)

Ember the Phoenix: Bathed in Light

Channel: Galaxygirl

(I am seeing a massive fire bird with eyes of fire, with red and orange feathers. He is spreading his wings, cocking his head and pondering me.)

Greetings young one of the flesh of earth. I am the Phoenix of what was and what is and is to come. I am timeless for I am out of time. I see with truth and infinite potential. I see the infinite potential of you, of you humans populating an ascending world, whose hearts of full of fire and hope. Hope is a powerful ally, a friend in dark times. Your world  may feel dark but underneath and above you are being bathed in light. (He is showing me magma chambers and blooming flowers inside the earth). Layers of reality surround you. Your vibration is what keys you into your station or program that you can see. Layers of universes, of parallel realities and existences are everywhere.

I am a Phoenix of timelessness. You may call me Ember, for that is my essence, as fire is a spark of creation and I have seen many sparks, many creations. Many universes have my fiery feathers woven in between realities for I traverse them all. Infinite potential and infinite possibility are mine, for the exploring. It is the same for you, one of flesh. It is the same. You are infinite. Your forms are infinite for you are an eternal being trying on infinite suits or suitcases, just as this little human of flesh is your current house, much like a hermit crab, when you out grow it you exchange it for another.

I Ember see you with the fiery eyes of friendship, of love, of camaraderie. It is a delight to converse with a fellow traveler of the universe. Your world is receiving much attention. It has received much unwanted attention prior, and now the clean up crew, is there. The galactics are not here to save you. They are here to help you should you be wise enough to enlist and ask for their assistance on a personal level. The teams of Angelics are massive. I, Ember, in my many years of infinity have never seen such a show stopper as this. I have seen many worlds form, many universes end. I have seen many births and extinctions. I have had many forms myself and yet Gaia’s transformation is astonishing to me. It brings steamy tears to my eyes.

(I am seeing a sacred geometry grid overlayed across Gaia and the grid permeates everything beneath it. The sacred geometry is incredibly complex, lines within lines, circles and triangles within shapes. It would be impossible to draw. The light overlay is humming and if I zoom in I can see the particles of crystal light communicating with each other and there are mini rainbows being shot across the grid as the light information is exchanged. Ember, what is this?) This is the new overlay, the new reality of 5d and 6d Gaia upon your own holographic crumbling illusionary world. The light is healing all that it touches, just as you light workers have been doing the same. You can feel the humming if you listen. Many are feeing humming  or vibrations in their bodies. That is because the sacred geometries, the merkabas, of the planet and of the people with souls are vibrating and much change will occur because of this.

(Ember, do you see this as happening quickly?) Galaxygirl, you know that time does not matter because as eternal beings time is not as important as it feels when you are in it. The drop of water that starts in the earth and bubbles up in the deep underground reservoirs is pumped through the mountain granite, being purified and cleansed, is then found traveling down a mountain trickle which becomes a stream, and a river, and suddenly is rushed out to sea where it joins the whole. The water drop may feel isolated but it is not. Its essence is the water of the whole, and it is surrounded by its brothers and sisters of the waters. Do you see, dear one, it is never alone. You are never alone. You are Source in a little drop, and yet you can command the light and power of Source, for that is who you are. It may feel like a very long time, years and years for the little water drop on its journey, but in reality it is a never ending water cycle of Gaia. Just as you are experiencing Gaia now as a small drop of Source, you are all inextricably linked, bundled together in energy, in light, in love.

I Ember see you. I love you. I spread my fiery wings around you, burning away that which no longer serves you so that you may spread your wings and feel the power beneath them and the strength of yourself. You are stronger than you have been told. You are the gods of ages past returned. I Ember see you clearly, and love you deeply. I am Ember. Call upon me when you wish for a sky view or bird’s eye-view of your problems and I will help you. I am ever yours, Ember.




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