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Are You Listening? ~ The 7D Pleiadians

Beloved Ones Of My Own Being!

The Love That I Feel For You Cannot Be Measured!

If You Could Receive The Enormity Of The Frequencies That I Send To You Each Day, Your Aura Would Dance In Vibrant Colors And Your Heart Chakra Would Open In Bliss! For There Is Nothing Greater Than Knowing You Are Love And So Loved!

The Spirit Of God That Gives Life To All Souls Is Always There In Power And Excellence. Learning To Be Aware Of Spirit Is The First Step To Finding Yourself And The Truth Of Your Existence.

Come With Me Now As I Lead You To Understand Communing With Divinity. You Are This And So Much More. You Are Life Itself Expressing Into Form In A Moment Of Timelessness.

Let's Go To The Sweetest Place Where Everyone Is Welcome And Light Covers All!

This Place Is The Presence Of God. This Powerful And Gentle Place Is Found By Communing.

How Is It Possible To Commune With Love? Knowing That This Is The Most Familiar Place Of Being That Is Forgotten And Unnoticed By So Many, Will Lead You In Comfort To The Home Of Spirit. The Place Of Your Being Without Form.

We Will Explore Several Aspects Of Being That Will Direct Your Path To The Love Of God.

The First And Most Obvious Way To Feel The Presence Of God Is To Know That This Spirit Dwells Within Every Cell Of Your Body, Your Soul, Your Energy Field And All That You Perceive. The Spirit That Is The Life Force In All Waking Dreams Livs Within Life In Nonphysical As Well.

This Spirit Is Always Speaking To You. Are You Listening?

In These Moments, Think Of Something That Makes You Feel Love. Is It A Baby, A Pet, A Memory Of A Loved One? There Are So Many Things To Love! But Try To Imagine The Feeling Of Love With A Thought That Brought This Gift Of Pure Joy! Now, Feel This Love Intensely And Stay With It. You Might Have Tears In Your Eyes. Feel This Love Throughout Your Being. This Is Who You Are! You Are Love!

Realize That This Depth Of Feeling Is Exactly What Communing With Spirit Feels Like! How Wonderful To Begin And End Your Day Communing With God. This Is Such A Gift And You Alone Can Feel This Magnificent Presence As A Blanket Of Love Covering You! The Welcoming Presence Of Light Is Always There.

The Next Path We Will Take Is Forgiveness. In Your Waking Dream, You Will Only See And Experience In Two Ways. You Will See What You Judge And What Is Within You. All Else Will Not Enter Your Awareness.

Knowing This To Be True Will Allow You To Ask What Each Aspect Is There To Teach You. So Many React In Anger And Judge Another When They Do Not Know Fully How They Might Respond In The Same Situation. Forgiveness Releases You In Every Way. You Do Not Have To Agree With What You Observe, But You Do Have The Ability To Release The Energy Of Retaliation And Fear. Forgive Everyone For Everything And Know That Everything Is Happening For A Reason. Choose To Believe That Light Will Soon Cover The Planet! For Now, Be Free With Forgiveness.

Next, We Take The Path Within. The Shadow Self That No One Knows About. We Shine Light On Shame And Fear. We Dispel Darkness And Anger. We Forgive. We Choose To Love Ourselves As We Are Now. We Understand That We Can Do Better! We Know The Reasons That We Fell Into Darkness At Times. This Was Never Who We Truly Were. We Forgive Ourselves For Everything.

And In That Moment Of Feeling Love For Ourselves, We Are Free. This Was The Most Difficult And We Discover That This Has The Most Powerful Outcome.

Now We Can Give To Others The Love We Have Found Within.

Communing With Spirit Is Not Difficult. It Is Simply Becoming Aware That You Are Spirit And That Every Life That Has Ever Existed, Is Part Of You! This Is Oneness And I Invite You To Join Me In This Love!


I Love You So!


Original title, How To Commune With Spirit, Pleiadians of 7D Tay-geta, received telepathically by Judith Lynn @Family of Tay-geta on X


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