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Greetings dear Ones, I am Alfin Commander of the ship Sirius Alpha Omega 13, from the SIRIUS Star system, sent by Father Mother Adonai and God Father Mother Syria.

At this moment, the message we want to convey is that, we are here, we are at the service of the Earth Brotherhood, we are in the service of all beings of light at this very important moment for the life of this planet, which is ascending, that at this point in its process is very meaningful and very important.

Father Sirius has asked me to renew the invitation to all beings on the planet, to all beings of light in need of healing.

We know that very strong times are coming for this humanity, where it is of great value that beings are internally cleaned, healed, liberated, to be able to raise their frequency, and raise their vibration to be able to transition through their ascension process without disturbance. .

We remind that here on the ship Sirius Alpha Omega 13, Master Sananda is on the ship.

Here on the Alpha Omega 13 ship we have high tech in Quantum hospitals. It’s practically a large ship, a Quantum hospital at the service of the Earth Brotherhood.

To all our brothers in Sirio incarnated in the service mission, we call on them, we call on you to ask that Commander Alfin access the Healing Centers, and Quantum Clinics on the ship. Do this for their healings, and frequency lifting.

We also want to call out to all Light Beings on the service mission, to the 144,000, to all Star Seeds, to the Light Beings. here we have large, large regeneration chambers, for healing of all kinds.

We have and give assistance for every kind of healing, emotional healing, holistic physical healing in all aspects, because in each one it depends on the other.

Here we also have spiritual accessories.

Beloved Sananda has also opened a healing space for his children. The Beloved Master opens his Heart and gives his Children, even here, a Special Healing.

The call to come here on the Sirius Alpha Omega 13 ship to be healed. The Healing that the Master gives us, is A HEALING OF ETERNAL LIFE. Here we have it. He has opened this space to be here with his family, with all the Light Beings that need healing right now.

It's not hard at all, my dear brothers, to enter. Internally connected, send a request to commander Alfin, of the Sirius Alpha Omega 13 ship. Ask to be taken for treatment and specify what type of care they require.

We also have release cameras for low frequency energies. For Those in lower vibrations. There are specially connected cameras to clean them at the entrance of the ship. To cleanse them from all the low frequency and vibration energies they bring.

They just need to move into their double quantity on the Sirius Alpha Omega 13 ship. and there Sananda, the Master of Masters also has a space to advise them spiritually. and a whole team accompanying him to show them their way, to teach them their mission, to show them steps to connect and activate energetically.

To all those Semi Stars, to the 144 and the 144,000 that are still waking up, they are trying, trying to connect to the ship Sirius Alpha Omega 13.

the Commander Alfin and all the crew of the ship, All Quantum Hospitals, All Rooms, are at the disposal of beings of light for your ASCENSION process

We love you, we bless you and remember, connect and see you here.

Commander Alfin and Ship Sirius Alpha Omega 13 at the service of Father Mother Adonai, at the service of Sananda and all its Entourage.

With love I salute, Commander Alfin OF THE SHIP SIRIUS ALPHA OMEGA 13

An Invitation to receive cleansing and healing on the Quantum Hospital ship sent by Syrian Father to assist the Light Beings on duty.

Channeled By Emanuel y Pastora - ServiUm, Received on Facebook


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