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A STORM IS COMING... ~ The Andromeda Intergalactic Council

Greetings in the Light, and the Love of Our Infinite Creator,

With the Infinite Light intensifying around the Earth, Transformation is beginning to happen on a massive scale. However, the Earth herself is stable in High 3rd and 4th degree vibrations and has been very quiet, and humming a continuous song. Indicating she is resting, or more, preparing. We witness this as the calm before the storm. This rest, is to prepare for what is to come. There is so much about to take place, in your very near future. Your Mother Earth is very aware of these changes, and what is about to take place. This is her ascension as well.

The Storm that is expected is the final attempts, from the Dark ones, to disrupt the ascension process, They wish to take as many Human souls with them into the Darkness as they can. This will not be allowed. The only ones that will go with them are the ones who are actively and consciously choosing Darkness. The Dark Ones know that when the Big Event does take place, that they will no longer be on this planet. So they are attempting to cause as much fear and harm that they can. Stay Strong, for you are the ones in control.

You the Lightworkers, Star seeds, and Wanderers, are the Force of Light. you are the Ones in control.

All your Star Families are in anticipation of the coming event that will push the Earth into the 5th degree spectrum of existence. However, for this to take place, many preparations are in order.

We have been helping to guide you and prepare you for this grand event, But in doing so, the Frequencies around your planet must increase, to a Higher vibrational spectrum. These are the energies that are changing everything.

But how does the Light Frequencies Change everything, you might ask. Everything within the cosmos is affected by Light, in different vibrations. A Higher being of Light finds it hard and uncomfortable to maintain and experience Low Vibrations, While a being of Lower vibrations will find it hard to experience higher vibrations. This is why one must prepare themselves for the ascension process. You are affected by the Light you are receiving, if you are focusing on raising your own Light, then it comes much easier to transcend into the Higher vibrations. But if you are fighting the energies and putting your focus on the illusions being played out in your reality, you will find it hard to balance within these new vibrations. Because you are being penetrated with High frequencies coming in at all angles.

When you have a difference of vibration, then what is around you, It can distort your own energies. Causing interference, causing an uncomfortable atmosphere to reside within. Not only does this become uncomfortable, it can even harm the physical body.

This preparation does take a while in your human perspective, because you must do your own work. Yes all of humanity is receiving these same frequencies, but not all will take to these energies the same. You must continue to raise your own vibrations in the Spectrum of Love.

 In these moments, Many of you are afraid and in fear of what is to come. Many of you feel bound to the 3D illusion, maybe you are afraid of Losing someone, or something in your life, that seems important at this time. 

You are not losing anything. Your Loved ones are also eternal beings, just as you. You have had many Life times together, be it there on Earth or on other planets, and that is not ending. Everything of the 3rd dimensional illusion is falling away, but to only be replaced by a Higher conscious way of being. You have the Opportunity to Create the reality you wish to experience. Through The Light You are a Powerful being,

We must remind you that, the Universe supports you when in the Light, What this means is, if you are consciously making an effort to raise in the Light, and fill yourself with Love, This Universe not only works with you, but "for you". When working with the Light, you have a force of Immense Power within your form. The Infinite Creator's Light, is the essence of all creation. It is considered as the Sword of Light, Because it is the most powerful Force in existence. Our Infinite Creator Gives us this gift, offering you the Power of God within. 

The Old Paradigm of the 3D matrix is crumbling, all of the Illusion is falling away, A New existence awaits you within the Higher Light.

We wish to bring you hope, an understanding of your power, and the strength to carry on with this incredible Journey of The Ascension. Your ascension doesn't end with entering the 5th degree spectrum, it continues, your ascension is never ending, you will rise in the Light, until you meet your infinite Creator.

This is your Moment to shine dear Ones, your in the Moments before the storm. A Lot is about to change your reality.

The storm that is coming is the Dark ones Final attempt at enslaving this Earth and Humanity. They will push extreme narratives, but The Light is on your Side. You have the power to overcome anything they throw at you. Stay strong Dear children of Light,

We your Star Families, will continue to increase the frequencies being sent to you. Nothing is going to stop what is about to take place. The Veil is thinning quickly and you are about to step foot beyond the gateway into the 5th degree Spectrum of existence. But The storm will try and stop you. Focus upon the Light and Love of our Infinite creator. Allow your Light and Love to engulf this Earth and Humanity. Yes, You are That POWERFUL, Your Light is Infinite and can stretch to infinity, instantly.

We Lift you and raise you in Love, as you move forward and courageously. It's the Moment to Remember who you are.

We witness you, We celebrate you, We honor You, and We Love you. In the Love and Light of the Infinite Creator. We are the Andromeda Intergalactic Council, here to Serve the Divine. Channeled By Chellea Wilder at


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Jan 27

Thank you most humbly,Andromeda concil.

Your service to humanity is selfless and unquestionable... and channels through Chelsea are always easy to understand and follow.

Revealed, and Spoken so elegantly by Patricia Cota Lobles...we all should call upon our highest self, by evoking..

"I am my I am presence, and my I am presence is at one, with every man , woman and child's across this earth."

and so be it.


Thank you🌞


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By Chellea Wilder

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