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A Stargate has Been Awakened ~ Archangel Metatron

Greetings beloved beings of light, I am Archangel Metatron. I come forth with the love and the energy of the Angelic Kingdom and the entire Universe of the Creator. You are a part of the Universe of the Creator. You are an essential part of our existence and our expression. Each shift you create within your being, allows you to access the freedom, the liberation and the truth of the Creator.

This truth is present within the Universe of the Creator and also within the Earth and your being. Imagine that you became an embodiment of the entire Universe of the Creator. You would have access to everything and all experiences of every being on the inner planes and upon the Earth – each ascension mastery and vibration as well as the very core truth of the Creator.

It seems impossible to embody the entire Universe of the Creator within your physical body, and to some extent, it is impossible. However, you are a soul. Your soul is incarnate in your physical body. Your soul embodies the entire Universe of the Creator and, as a physical body, you are remembering all that your soul embodies, and that is the beauty of this Earth experience – the process of remembering your soul’s embodiment of the entire Universe of the Creator. As a physical body, it is your choice what energies, what vibrations, you wish to bring forth and express from the Creator into your reality.

In your reality you are creating a picture of the Creator and you have full creativity to create the picture in whatever way you wish, and with your chosen energy vibrations. This means that your ascension and your physical reality are your choosing. You will always be guided by the Creator, your soul and guides. However, you have more free will than you can possibly imagine as a physical being upon the Earth, and because you have so much free will, it means that you can create a great impact in your reality and in the world. This is a major, a unique and very special experience, to have free will to create what you wish, choosing from the Universe of the Creator and bringing it into your reality.

It is important that I reminded you of this because within the inner planes and the Universe of the Creator, the Pleiadians, the Arcturians and the Andromedans have created a stargate. This stargate is all about alignment. They are awakening the stargate and they have programmed it to support alignment, and it is beginning to radiate light, specially chosen from the Pleiadians, the Arcturians and the Andromedans. It is a mixture that can only be described as beautiful, a beautiful alignment, and you have the opportunity, the free will, the choice to connect with this Stargate of Alignment – to let its energies pour into your being and to impact your being positively. There is a need to recognise, as you call upon these energies, that your soul is an embodiment of the entire Universe of the Creator and you, as a physical being, and your soul, in co-creation, have free will and choice as to what you wish to create in this reality you are currently living.

Therefore, as you draw from your soul, energies and expressions you wish to create and manifest in your reality, you can ask the Stargate of Alignment to perfect your alignment with that which you have chosen from the Universe of the Creator. The alignment that comes forth from this stargate will be immensely pure and it will align you to the purest vibration of your chosen manifestation and therefore support the purest physical manifestation of your chosen expression.

So, first there is a need to connect into…through intention and choice…to connect into your soul, wherever you choose to recognise your soul, your essence within your being. You may have ideas of that which you wish to align to, which you wish to manifest and express in your reality, or you may wish your soul to bring forth inspiration. You can achieve both by setting intentions of that which you choose to connect with from the Universe of the Creator, and also that which is most appropriate for you.

Then ask the Arcturians, the Andromedans and the Pleiadians to align you with their Stargate of Alignment. Let the energies flow over and through your being. Allow yourself to be immensely receiving – you have already created your intentions, your choices. The energy will align you to those aspects already within your being and within the Universe of the Creator, so that there is a flow for your manifestation and experience of being connected to the purest vibration of your choice or choices – a feeling of being complete, connected, balanced, whole. Allow yourself to experience this and take time to contemplate its impact, for its impact will be different and diverse for each of you.

Enjoy this time of experimenting with alignment.

I am Archangel Metatron. I thank you.

Original Title Stargate Awakening, Channeled through Natalie Glasson at


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