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A Prophecy Being Fulfilled... THE RETURN ~ The Andromeda Intergalactic Council

Greetings in the Light and the Love of our Infinite Creator,

The Energies engulfing the Earth is intensifying rapidly with the 6th degree boosts of the Infinite Light, coming from the 7 of the One, as they are moving closer to the Earth. By the End of what you refer to as your calendar month of September, they will be close enough for many of Humanity to begin physically seeing their Light in your Skies. They are here to fulfill the true Prophecy of Their return, and the soon return of the Master Christos. In many of your ancient Writings you have been given pieces of the puzzle, if you will, of what is to take place in these moments of your Time space. However, the Writings have been manipulated by the dark to foresee great destruction and Chaos. Everything in your physical world, including all of your ancient texts, has been altered so, you do not see truth.

A Prophecy is a vision or sight of a future event within your timespace. Not all of your Prophecies will come to pass, because of them not being of The Light. Many prophecies were foreseen as an anticipation of an event that the dark ones were trying to manifest into your reality. However, The Prophecy of the Return of The Light is being fullfilled.

Even your writings left by The Masters have been changed to benefit the dark's plan of total enslavement of Humanity.

The One you know as Jesus, and some know as Sananda, came to Earth from the Angelic Realms beyond the Pleroma. There He is known as Christos, Consort of Sophia.

Jesus came to the Earth to liberate Humanity from the dark one's grasp. The plan was to teach the practice of Ascension to his followers, so they could rise from the Darkness of the Physical Plane of existence, anytime they wished. He taught humans that God lives within them, not somewhere outside of themselves demanding obedience. The Light within each of us is our piece, of the Infinite Creator. He taught there was no need to pray outwardly and to focus all prayer within towards our own Light.

He taught that changing our ways to become Loving and Caring beings is the Only way to ascend. Loving thy Neighbor as ourselves... or Do unto others, as you would have them do to you. These are just small excerpts from his teachings of goodness.

Many believe that he didn't ascend until after his death. This isn't the case. His ascension, took place long before he was killed. he was able to perform, what many to believe as miracles. Which are the gifts of the ascension. His death was made to be the focus rather than his work and Teachings. He taught those who would listen how to ascend and how to speak and commune with the Angelic's. His followers were called the Essenes. These individuals were able to actually communicate and walked with the Angels on Earth. The Essenes were able to actually physically witness the Angelics in their true forms of Brilliant Light.

The One you know as Jesus, returned to his Angelic form after his death on the Cross. But he didn't leave the Earth, He stayed with his followers for at least 11 years after his crucifixion. He was able to lower his frequency enough that his followers could witness him in his angelic Form. He continued for those 11 years of your timespace, to Teach of the Mysteries of the Multiverse.

Many of your Masters have been of angelic origins and have been able to ascend within the Human physical body, without the physical action of Death occurring. Jesus was just one of these many Masters. They have all been here to teach you how to ascend within the physical form. Now the Ascension process is much easier for humans to achieve. The frequencies of today are much higher than they have been on your Planet, for 10's of thousands of your Earth years.

In many of the Ancient writings, it refers to Jesus returning to Earth. This is true. But he isn't here to cause fear, or pick and choose who is saved.

He sees all of Humanity as his Family, His and Sophia's Children. and he will try to help all who wish to make this ascension out of the darkness. There are no rules with his Love, it is Unconditional, just as his and Our Infinite Father/Mother of Creation.

Many of the Angelics are here incarnated on the Planet at this time along with many Starseeds and Wanderers from all over the Universe.

They all have been waiting patiently for this very moment. The Moment when the Light Returns to Earth. All of Humanity who has chosen the path of Light, your soul has been longing for this moment. The Moment of your Graduation into a Higher Degree of Love.

All of Creation is in Celebration.

We await all of you in Joyous reunion.

You are the Masters Returning Home.

We love you and Honor you.

In The Love and Light of The Infinite Creator.

We are The Andromeda Intergalactic Council, here to Serve The Divine.

. Channeled By Chellea, at


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