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A Deeper Purpose to Healing ~ Matt Kahn (Article)

When we encounter an uncomfortable experience of healing we didn’t anticipate or desire, it can seem instinctive to view it through interpretations of reward and punishment. Often, this perspective is based on how punished we can feel as the discomfort of healing unfolds.

If we believe healing acts as a consequence of ‘not learning a lesson’, we can often shame ourselves into believing another round of healing is punishment for not ‘getting it right’.

In truth, all forms of infection, diagnosis, or imbalance are pathways of transmutation that are being opened for us at varying degrees.

Some pathways can be opened through emotional healing. Some may only be able to open by being cleared physically. Some may require medical intervention, surgical procedures, and even medications to support the many levels of transmutation occurring throughout the body.

As these pathways open gradually, painfully or inconveniently, it can be common to blame ourselves; as if physical healing is a punishment for not catching the emotional pattern soon enough or doing the correct amount of energy work.

Through the eyes of the Universe, the healing journey is comprised of stages of initiation for the emerging healer.

As your healing brings you back into full recognition and embodiment of the light you were born to awaken, such stages of initiation allow you to support others, at varying levels, who are still finding their way home.

This occurs whether choosing to work in a formal healing capacity or shining your light brightly in any given profession.

May your healing journey help you remember the incredible levels of initiation your soul is undergoing, while offering love, kindness, and compassion to the ego being triggered, unraveled, and reborn through this multi-faceted evolutionary process.

May your healing help you remember all the light you are bringing to Earth that assimilates into the atmosphere of the collective as your expansion unfolds.

On behalf of the Universe, thank you for being the sacred vessel of healing our world is ready to receive.

Thank you for being an empathic entry point allowing the vibration of Heaven to enter our planet for the ascension of all.

A deep humble bow — from my heart to yours.

All for Love,



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