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A Conversation with Thor Han Eredyon on Colonization of Pleiades & Earth Liberation

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO Michael Salla How ETs colonized the Pleiades, their system of governance, relations with other ET groups, and helping the liberation of Earth In a communication with Thor Han Eredyon through Elena Danaan on July 7, 2023, Dr. Michael Salla asked a series of questions about the colonization of the Pleiades by human-looking extraterrestrials (Ahel), their historical relations with different extraterrestrial civilizations, the Ahel system of planetary governance, and how they are currently assisting humanity liberate itself from negative extraterrestrial groups and their former human minions (aka the Deep State). Thor Han describes how the Andromeda Council assisted the Ahel and other human-looking ETs in making the Pleiades constellation their future home. The Ahel reached agreements with the Anunnaki (Anakh Empire) that were nominally in control of the Pleiades and formed an alliance with the Anakh Empire. Thor Han describes how the Ahel never had a similar problem to Earth in terms of a corrupt global elite forming a Deep State since their energy signature was easily recognized by the Ahel, especially highly evolved individuals referred to as Elders (aka Ascended Masters). Thor Han describes how the Ahel first arrived on Earth during the Atlantean era (Atlaa) and established good relations with the Anunnaki's Enki (Ea) faction. The Ahel established a small colony before the destruction of Atlantis and the subsequent dominance by the Enlil (Yuh) faction of the Anunnaki over Earth affairs. Thor Han next responds to questions about the contemporary era on Earth, starting with the Ukraine conflict, and describes how despite mainstream media narratives, a major war will not happen involving superpowers. He says that an Earth Alliance is in control behind the scenes and steering the Earth towards disclosure of extraterrestrial life and technology. Thor Han answers questions about how US Space Command is at the core of an Earth Alliance responsible for managing our solar system due to the 2021 Jupiter Accords. He responds to questions about an apparent conflict between the head of NORAD/Northern Command, General Glenn VanHerck, and Space Command over which US Combatant Command is responsible for tracking extraterrestrial spacecraft traveling to and from space into hidden US spaceports. Thor Han also responds to questions about time travel, orbs, space arks, and many other issues. Due to poor audio quality from highway travel, a transcript of the interview has been provided in the video and at: This interview is the first of a two-part series that will be published on Exopolitics Today.


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