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You are Being Prepared for Homecoming ~ The Pleiadians

Beloved ones we greet you,

The universal community are collectively holding an expansive framework of light around the planet. to support you in moving into a higher energetic synergy with the God consciousness state that has always existed within this resident Universe. Earth has been held separate from this higher frequency state of being until this juncture.

The Network of light that has been caste by our community is designed to aid your next step for your re-orientation of these expansive changes. These higher multidimensional settings that are encompassing the planet have begun to anchor energetic roots through the magnetic core of Earth.

There are special forces of light have been cast and anchored during the last calendar month, which began this monumental shifting process that has changed the way your Earth is now functioning. Your planet has changed its dimensional projector and therefore is holding a more complete functioning body in alignment and alliance with the multidimensional landscape of this Universe.

A sacred field of light descended on Earth during your last cycled month that moved your Earth into a multidimensional alternate reality space of the Universe. This repositioning brings your planet into a more complete direct alignment to the collective arena of the universal community. Like a homecoming, you are being received and acknowledged.

There is celebration as we see how Earth is now being transformed, transmuted to hold the vast spaces of community communion. The planet energetically is expanding in its ability to take a truer active role within the collective by opening its inhabitants to a higher vision of themselves. This is a pre-destined happening and we are now enabled to welcome you in an entirely different framework to our community light than ever previously.

Simultaneous to this happening your systems are undergoing rapid transformation to be enabled to reorientate to the vast energetic change of your environment on the planet and within the Universe. This new arena requires your energetic operating systems to shift its cycle of vibrational pulse. The heart’s electrical system is required to function from an elevated frequency. You can expect there to be a series of accelerated shifts taking place within your heart’s sacred systems, which includes the Pineal, Sacrum, Spine, Brainstem and Crown. This Level One of the processes has been designated to complete itself within you over the coming space leading into 2024.

Many of you are confused in how this transformation can be taking place while you have the intense drama and chaos in the 3rd dimensional reality on your planet. As well as the incredibly intense upheaval that is currently taking place across all communities of Earth. Understand that there are separate realities taking place simultaneously on Earth. The drama is part of one alternate reality and know that this intensity will continue for some time to come.

The energetic transformations that are happening on Earth are taking place in another alternate reality. Both are happening and you get to decide what experiences you choose to align and with which reality that you choose to engage with.

You need to ask yourself, what reality do I choose to align? Your full makeup is your humanity and your sacred nature. Just as you experience your human aspect, your Ego mind’s limitation being perfectly imperfect. you have your sacred aspect, unlimited in its multidimensional potential.

The energetic reorientation has shifted your ability to function on a very different level as you now have a higher access to the multidimensional reality in your day-to-day life. You can consciously choose to align, live, orientate consciously with this changed arena. This is a learning experience to re-orientate yourself to this higher-level environment.

You are to return yourself, realign yourself to your sacred divine aspect of light. No one else can set this in motion but you. This has always been the plan. This is your destiny path wide open right in front of you. Conscious choice to return to the sacred multidimensional being that you are, naturally. You inhabit a physical form, you have a human component that is essential to you in this overall experience, however your destiny is not to stay in the limitation of your ego mind.

An energetic arena is in place for you to emerge with your sacred nature, which is fully intact just beyond the veil. To emerge like a butterfly coming out of the Cocoon. An essential aspect of this transmutation is understanding and honoring your human ego mind. To hold your human aspect with love, compassion, and patience as you take this pathway of transformation and allow a natural reveal of your higher sacred self.

There are vibrational interactions, like a radio transmitter being sent telepathically out to your telepathic center through your Pineal for a re-orientation of your sacred senses. You are being called to align through your Heart and open consciously to receive yourself and to be supported, realigned by the forcefield of light that we are transmitting steadily to you.

As you emerge as a multidimensional being your human aspect is destined to be intact and active in your day-to-day living. You came here to have the human experience while re-awakening to your sacred nature in this human physical form. This entire process is an essential aspect of your mission on the earth plane. You are destined to continue to have a human experience for as long as you are in this physical body. This has always been the plan.

When you begin the process of the realigning to your sacred nature your human aspect can thrive on another level. Your sacred nature, your higher light is made from a pure component of unconditional love. This Love nourishes your human ego mind bringing a soothing peace to that vulnerable human aspect for healing. This aspect of pure love also brings a powerful form of nutrition that brings fortification, a new sense of strength and healing to your physical body.

Your Heart is your multidimensional tool, a doorway to access your sacred nature. Remember this returning is a step by step, moment by moment process of reconnection. One moment of choosing to align through the multidimensional tool of your Heart begins to shift lifetimes of old cycles of limitation and self-sabotage within.

With the support of the newly, anchored energetic arena you can more easily align, surrender through your Heart to your sacred component. Approach this process as an exciting adventure of exploring another aspect of yourself. You consciously are entering a space of unlimited potential for you! Your Heart, your sacred nature can play the role as active support for you throughout your day.

The Words, “I AM”, actively claim your sacred birthright within the light. As you speak ‘the words’ your unique frequency of these words creates a resonance within your heart cells and there is a natural realignment process that takes place within the cells of your Heart. The cells begin to open like a flower to the Sun, responding the essence of your sound. Your higher-self nature begins to realign through you.

We present to you a sacred sound: entarn... which acts like a key to the doorway of your Heart, to your place within this sacred platform of you.

Utilize the sacred sound in conjunction with the Words to give you greater access.

This is the time for self-resurrection, this is your awakening process, your awakening, your active conscious choice action of the realignment of your place within this sacred Platform of your Heart.

The commitment by us, the Pleiadians and the entire community of the Universe is to continue to witness, while holding a vibrational light around Earth. Know that this is unlike any other engagement process that has gone previously. The pure platform frequency of the light has anchored and will continue to build to the end of this year.

Utilize! Receive! Awaken!

We witness you and acknowledge this next step of your journey.


The Pleiadians

The Pleiadian Message for June 2023 through Christine Day,


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