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You Are a Child of the Infinite Cosmic Light. Know The Power Within You!

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Our conscious connection to this Universe, is Far beyond what our modern day scientific understanding is, of our reality. One of the Oldest known written words, obtained in the Pyramids, Tells us what this connection is.

The Emerald Tablets written By Thoth the Atlantean, gives us an example of the Universal Consciousness, or the Living Universe.

Excerpts from Emerald Tablet #4, The Space Born, by Thoth, decoded by Universal Lighthouse

List ye again, O man, to my wisdom, that hearing, ye too, might live and be free. Not of the earth are ye—earthy, but child of the Infinite Cosmic Light.

(The Infinite Cosmic Light is What you know to be God, The unseen source or Cause of this Creation.)

Hark ye, O man, and know of thy bondage, know how to free thyself from the toils. Out of the darkness shall ye rise upward, one with the Light and one with the stars. Fol-low ye ever the path of wisdom. Only by this can ye rise from below. Ever man’s destiny leads him onward into the Curves of Infinity’s ALL. Know ye, O man, that all space is ordered. Only by Order are ye One with the ALL. Order and balance are the Law of the Cosmos. Follow and ye shall be One with the ALL.

(When Thoth speaks of freedom or Bondage, he is referring to humanities enslavement from Dark forces, at the time Unknown to man. In later tablets he actually makes reference to the Reptilian species. Thoth was an activist of his time and was trying to free humanity from the continued control from other beings. This control is still happening today. It's up to Humanity to step up and become the powerful beings of Light, Thoth knew us to be.)

He who would follow the pathway of wisdom, open must be to the Flower of Life, extending his consciousness out of the darkness, flowing through time and space in the ALL.

Know, O man, that Light is thine heritage. Know that darkness is only a veil. Sealed in thine heart is brightness eternal, waiting the moment of freedom to conquer, waiting to rend the veil of the night.

(Each and every one of us, are a child of the Light. We each have our own power of the source within us. )

"Mighty beyond words is the flame of the Cosmic, hanging in planes, unknown to man; mighty and balanced, moving in Order, music of harmonies, far beyond man. Speaking with music, singing with color, flame from the beginning of Eternity’s ALL.

(The Flame of the Cosmos is what is referred to as the Consciousness of the Universe. It is also what is considered as Source Consciousness, The Cause of Creation, The Infinite Creator, or simply, "God." When Thoth Speaks of Music, Color, and Harmony, he is talking about Vibration.)

Spark of the flame art thou, O my children, burning with color and living with music.

(We as humans, each have a Spark of the Creator Consciousness within us.)

List to the voice and thou shalt be free.

(Freedom from Darkness.)

Consciousness free is fused with the Cosmic, One with the Order and Law of the ALL.

(When we are free from the illusions of this world and can free our consciousness from this physical form, (which is bound by the dark who control humanity), we become totally connected with this Universe.)

Knew ye not man, that out of the darkness, Light shall flame forth, a symbol of ALL.

(Through the Darkness we can see the Light or Truth of our reality, We will soon understand our connection to the All.)

Below is considered the prayer of Wisdom,

(The wisdom obtained is through a Universal Connection with the Mighty Spirit of Light.)

Pray ye this prayer for attaining of wisdom. Pray for the coming of Light to the ALL.

“Mighty Spirit of Light that shines through the Cosmos, draw my flame closer in harmony to thee. Lift up my fire from out of the darkness, magnet of fire that is One with the ALL.

Lift up my soul, thou mighty and potent. Child of the Light, turn not away. Draw me in power to melt in thy furnace; One with all things and all things in One, fire of the life-strain and One with the Brain.”

(In the beginning of the Prayer you are asking to have your vibration raised to be in harmony with the spirit, The Fire is our consciousness, which would be raised out of the darkness, and connected to the universal Consciousness of the All. When the prayer speaks of Drawing in Power we are drawing directly from Source energy, or the "Furnace." When you say Fire of the life strain and One with the Brain, you are allowing that Knowledge of the Universe to be known within your Very DNA and with your own mind.

This is also how you can connect to what is referred to as the Akashic Records.

Akashic Records - In theosophy and anthroposophy, the Akashic records are a compendium of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future. They are believed by theosophists to be encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the etheric plane.)

We are truly children of the Light. The brighter our light shines the more powerful we become. To increase our Light, we must raise our vibrations to connect with source energy. This process is much easier for humans today because we are much more advanced consciously then we were during the Time of Thoth. Thoth was a being, that Lived many 1000's of Year,s he was Not Human.

By working with the Light we can also increase our once hidden abilities. Every ones abilities will be different and more advanced the Brighter your Light becomes.

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