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Why Do "They" Fear ME?

Why Do "They" Fear ME?

I know who I am... and I know what I am capable of. I am very powerful, and I know they know this too. This is why they Fear Me. They are afraid that I can change the world by just my intention. When I write My intentions down it becomes even more powerful. When I express my intention through my actions it really makes them worry. By sharing my intentions I create a Cause, which returns as an Effect. The intentions I share manifest great Light. When I share this Great Light, The Dark Fear that I can wake others up to their own Power within themselves.

But what is it that I have that others don't? What makes me special? Absolutely Nothing.

I'm just me. I'm just another magnificent spark of the infinite Consciousness that is God.

You see when you know who you are, those who wish to control, no longer can control you. You become a sovereign being. The more that you awaken to this knowing the more power you have against the darkness. As you share and express your Light it literally becomes brighter. As we raise in awareness of our true connection with the all, we can see the importance of care, compassion, forgiveness and unity. If you lack in these qualities and can not express them to others, then you are NOT on the path of the Light and a higher way of being. You make your own choice with every word, thought, and action you have towards others.

When we express anger, hate, greed, jealousy, or any other Lower vibrational emotion towards others, it is reflected back at us, usually as a bad experience. You must understand that whenever you purposely disrespect and mistreat others, you are disrespecting and mistreating GOD. This is how the Universe sees this, it is then reflected back to you as unwanted karmic Energy.

Many Lightworkers can get caught up in a spiritual hustle and never really having time between yoga, Guidance Sessions and Art Class. But what most seem to forget is that all that stuff really don't matter if you are not doing the inner work. The Inner work is the only thing that really moves you forward into the higher way of being. The Inner Work is removing all the Lower vibrational emotions and replacing them with Love. You see while you are doing all your spiritual practices, you can be doing the Inner work as well. How you treat others is your reflection to this Universe. This is your Truth. When you awaken to your truth you begin to awaken to your power. The Power I am referring to is your REAL God like powers that is enhanced by awakening into the higher Light. We all have seen this Power at work through everyday life, but we just take it for granite never really learning to strengthen it. This gift becomes heightened when we become Love in our every moment. This is where the Dark becomes very afraid. Once you reach this awareness of the All you become Superhuman. Many Masters before us, have reached this height of awareness. But all of the knowledge they possessed has been kept from humanity, even demonizing Alchemical Practices which is the Purification of the Mind, Body, and Spirit (Ascension). Today Things are changing, More are waking up to the knowing that they are more than what they have been told. They are waking up to their INNER call from God. This is a very important time for those wishing to raise to a higher way of being, the energies are prime for this ascension, and it is a go ahead. It's up to you whether you wish to choose Love or Fear. There is a Beautiful Vibration coming from your Heart, It is God Calling, reminding you that you are Love, so express it, and be it.

It is So.

In so much Love and Light,

Chelle @ Universal Lighthouse Blog and Radio



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