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Who or What is God, Source, Prime Creator, The Light, The One? W/ Excerpt From The Dead Sea Scrolls

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Who or What is God, Source, Prime Creator, The Light, The One? With Excerpt From"The Secret Book of John," also known as"The Apocryphon of John," From the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Blessings Family of Light,

Through our research we have came across many ancient to modern text describing their version of what God is. The True Prime Creator of All things, Is always mistaken for the beings that manipulated this earth and altered the DNA of Humans. I was reading, “The Secret Book of John”, which is also called, "The Apocryphon of John", to My Mother the other day. She is 78 years young, and is a Christian. She recently has become interested in other ancient texts, that show a little different version to what she is used too. Anyways, She told me she thinks everyone should hear this particular text. It explains perfectly what The Source, The One, The Prime Creator, or the True God, Really Means. This is not the Whole Book. And I do recommend reading it in Full. Link in the Description.

Excerpt From"The Secret Book of John," also known as "The Apocryphon of John," From the Dead Sea Scrolls

 The Teaching of the Savior.

The Revelation of the Mysteries Hidden in Silence.

Those Things that He Taught to John, His Disciple.

One day John, the brother of James, was going up to the Temple. A Pharisee by the name of Arimanios came up to him and challenged him, asking: "Where is the teacher you used to follow?"

 John replied, "He has gone back to the place from which he came."

The Pharisee said, "That Nazarene misled you, told you lies, closed your hearts and turned you away from your ancestral traditions.” When I heard these things, I, John, turned away from the temple and went off to a deserted mountainous place. I was very unhappy, saying to myself: "How was the Savior designated? Why did his Father send him into the world? Who is his Father? What kind of realm will we go to?

For, although he told us, ‘This realm is modeled on the imperishable realm, He didn't teach us about the latter.

All of a sudden, while I was contemplating these things,


The heavens opened and the whole of creation shone with a light from above, And the world quaked! I was afraid, yet


A little child appeared before me in the light. I continued looking at him as he became an old man. And then he changed again, becoming like a young man.

I didn't understand what I was seeing, But the one likeness had several forms in the light, And these likenesses appeared each through the other And the vision had three forms.

He said to me,

  “John, why doubt? Why be afraid? Don’t you know this image?

Be not afraid. I am with you always. I am the Father, The Mother, The Son. I am the incorruptible Purity.

I have come to teach you About what is, And what was, And what will be. In order for you to understand The invisible world, And the world that is visible, And the immovable race of perfect humanity.

Raise your head;

Understand my lessons;

Share them with any others who have received the spirit, Who are from the immovable race of perfect humanity.”

 The Inexpressible One...

The One rules all. Nothing has authority over it. It is the God. It is Father of everything, Holy One, The invisible one over everything.

It is uncontaminated Pure light no eye can bear to look within.

The One is the Invisible Spirit. It is not right to think of it as a God or as like God. It is more than just God.

Nothing is above it. Nothing rules it. Since everything exists within it, It does not exist within anything. Since it is not dependent on anything, It is eternal.

It is absolutely complete and so needs nothing.

It is utterly perfect Light.

The One is without boundaries, Nothing exists outside of it to border it.

The One cannot be investigated, Nothing exists apart from it to investigate it.

The One cannot be measure, Nothing exists external to it to measure it.

The One cannot be seen. For no one can envision it.

The One is eternal, For it exists forever.

The One is inconceivable, For no one can comprehend it.

The One is indescribable, For no one can put any words to it.

The One is infinite light, Purity, Holiness, Stainless,

The One is incomprehensible, Perfectly free from corruption.

Not “perfect”,

Not “blessed”,

Not “divine”,

But superior to such concepts.

Neither physical nor unphysical. Neither immense nor infinitesimal. It is impossible to specify in quantity or quality, For it is beyond knowledge.

The One is not a being among other beings, It is vastly superior, But it is not “superior.”

It is outside of realms of being and time, For whatever is within realms of being was created. And whatever is within time had time allotted to it.

The One receives nothing from anything. It simply apprehends itself in its own perfect light.

The One is majestic. The One is measureless majesty. Chief of all Realms. Producing all realms.


  Producing light.


  Producing life.


  Producing blessedness.


  Producing knowledge.


  Producing goodness.


  Producing mercy.


  Producing generosity.

  It does not “possess” these things. It gives forth light beyond measure, beyond comprehension.

What can I say?

His realm is eternal, peaceful, silent, resting, before everything. He is the head of every realm sustaining each of them through goodness.

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Who or What is God, Source, Prime Creator, The Light, The One? With Excerpt From"The Secret Book of John," also known as"The Apocryphon of John," From the Dead Sea Scrolls.

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