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When Your Pure Heart Leads... You Experience a Different Reality than When Your Head Does...


When Your Pure Heart Leads... You Experience a Different Reality than When Your Head Does...

Message from Lisa Transcendence Brown.

When your Pure Heart, Your Universal Heart, Your Wide open heart leads…. all new realities open up.

When you allow your Pure Heart to speak for you…. your Pure Presence can be felt and beautiful energies can shift everything…

When you allow your whole heart to show you the way, when your mind is wide open and connected in a unified state…. your Conscious Heart sees all and understands how important it is to shift everything to an energy that brings more peace, love and kindness forth for all…

When your Pure Heart Leads… you make different decisions.

When your Pure Heart Leads… judgement falls away and compassion becomes your way.

When your Pure Heart Leads… you take others hands energetically or actually… and walk side by side, leading the way…

When your Pure Heart Leads… you don’t care about that which the human mind gets caught up in…

When your Pure Heart Leads…. there is a passion inside, a fire inside and an excitement, inspiration and the energy that can accomplish anything… as long as your heart is wide open…

When your Pure Heart Leads there is a softness and a power present…

When your Pure Heart Leads… you set an example for what Love can do…

When your Pure Heart Leads…. you recognize deep programming and you shift/dissolve/resolve this yourself….

When your Pure Universal/Comic Heart leads… your SOUL’s Light shines through and Light’s the way for all…

When your Pure Heart Leads… a whole new world is born/birth/formed/created/built….

When your Pure Heart Leads… everything is possible and the only thing in the way is your/each other’s head (limits/fixed/rigid ways)….

When your Pure Heart Leads… you step up… as your own Higher Self Aspect and invite all others to do the same….

When your Pure Heart Leads… you treat all with kindness, compassion, love, respect and care… you just will no longer accept the old ways as “reality” anymore, as they emanated from the ego aspect … and this played out in every reality created/built from this place too…

When your Pure Heart Leads… your HUmanity is present… and your behavior/actions are different too….

When your Pure Heart Leads… you have the capability to DO anything and everything THROUGH PURE LOVE and you do.

When your Pure Heart Leads your Higher Mind Consciousness activates and your LightBody is fully active too….

When your Pure Heart Leads you become the difference instead of the follower…

When your Pure Heart Leads your energy precedes you and changes the codes of the entire Unified Field as you breathe….

When your Pure Heart Leads you are no longer bound to the old… as your Light, your Soul will not allow you to live that way anymore…. ♥

When your Pure Heart Leads a whole new world opens up for you to discover, inJOY and experience fully through Unity Consciousness/Oneness/Purity and Love… a beautiful Energy, Presence and Frequency only accessible through your deeply connected Pure Heart-Soul-Light-LOVE. ♫

Allow Your Pure Heart to Lead Your Way… all the way back to peace, love and the Frequencies of Home within. ♫

All can be as simple or as complicated as you allow it to be…. ♥


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