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What Would Happen if Everyone in the World Knew Their Own Power?

Every single individual has the power to change their own personal worlds, by the choices we make, the actions we take, and the dedication it takes to achieve the desired outcome. We know that what we put out we receive back by reaping what we sow. This is the natural law of this universe. This is how the Universe works. This is confirmed through many ancient texts about the working dynamics of our Universe.


The Emerald Tablets. Tablet ~ #12. The Law of Cause and Effect. The Key of Prophecy.

"List ye, O man, to the words of my wisdom,

list to the voice of Thoth, the Atlantean.

Conquered have I the Law of time-space.

Knowledge have I gained of the future of time.

Know I that man in his movement through space-time shall ever be One with the All.

Know ye, O man,

that all of the future is an open book to him who can read.

All effect shall bring forth its causes as all effects grew from the first cause.

Know ye the future is not fixed or stable but varies as cause brings forth an effect.

Look in the cause thou shalt bring into being,

and surely thou shalt see that all is effect.

So, O man, be sure the effects that ye bring forth are ever causes of more perfect effects.

Know ye the future is never in fixation but follows man's free will as it moves through the movements of time-space toward the goal where a new time begins."


You reap what you sow is a proverb that goes back thousands of years. ... The proverb you reap what you sow is also expressed as: as you sow, so shall you reap. The sentiment comes from the New Testament of the Bible, Galatians 6:7: “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.”


The universal law of cause and effect states that for every effect there is a definite cause, likewise for every cause, there is a definite effect. Your thoughts, behaviors, and actions create specific effects that manifest and create your life as you know it.

 If you are not happy with the effects you have created, then you must change the causes that created them in the first place…

Change your actions, and you change your life… Transform your thoughts, and you will create a brand new destiny.


Secret law of attraction – cause and effect

Environment and our life experiences are the result of what we usually or always think. Because of this, the secret of any success is concerned about the way we think.

Our inner life is controlled by our minds, and if we discover inner life we can find solutions for any situation we encounter. In other words, we can find the cause of any effect. In this stands the mind power, even in the possibility of controlling and creating everything around us.

What we see in the outer world is the result of our thoughts, the reflection of our inner life, you attract what you are, this is the effect of secret laws of attraction. If we can rediscover the Spring which feeds permanently our mind, we will discover the source of power.

If our inner life is in harmony, it means that our thoughts are also full of gratitude, peace, availability to help others, love, and from all these will result a better outer life in which the conditions of life are improved. This inner harmony is based on our capacity of controlling the thoughts and in choosing the way we interpret the situations we encounter. Love feelings are those which lead to inner harmony, and this is reflected in the outer world. (Source)


So why is our world experiencing the problems of today?

We are experiencing the effects of our ancestor’s actions. Our world is a result of our ancestor’s actions. It is up to our generation to change it. for a better world for our children, and their children.


Understanding and Applying The Law of Cause and Effect!

Nothing just happens! Yes, as hard as that may be to believe sometimes, nothing in life “just happens”. Everything happens for a reason. Every action you take has consequences and will produce specific results in your life. The same goes for inaction's. Think of it like this, the choices we make are causes, whether they are conscious or unconscious, and will produce corresponding outcomes or effects.

The Law of Cause and Effect works the same for everyone. …and it works every, single time.

Look around you. Look at your life. What you see is the direct result of specific actions and/or inaction's that you’ve taken in your life. (Source)


The secret to actually making a change in your life is “Just do it.” If you are tired of how things are going in your life, make the changes needed to better your life.

This change always starts within us first. We first must change our mind into thinking a different way. A lot of times we find our-self in a routine that we just can’t break. These routines our creating the same old effect in our lives that we Just don’t want anymore.


Spiritual Practices Prove to have Positive Results.

Prayer, mediation, chanting, hymn’s, ceremonies, and rituals are all used to create an effect of positive nature. It is proven when many people come together for the same cause, the effect is imminent.

'One million children' join Buddhist meditation event

Every year, a project called V-Star Change the World brings schoolchildren to a Buddhist temple in Thailand for a day of meditation. They Believe that 1,000,000 Children meditating together can change the world. (BBC NEWS)


Now look at all of this on a Global scale. What Would Happen if Everyone in the World Knew Their Power? If we all are changing our personal lives for the better, than this effect will change the world for future generations, Maybe even within a few years or faster. To change this world we must change ourselves. We must become peaceful Loving beings within our own hearts, for this world to become a more peaceful and loving place. It Starts with you and me.


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