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What's Really Happening Behind the Curtain - The Extraterrestrial Interference.

What's Really Happening Behind the Curtain. - The Extraterrestrial Interference.

The New Earth Of Light, Channeling and Gnostic Guidance.

Beautiful Blessings Dear Family of Light,

Throughout this Life, I have always been shown what has been Hiding in the Darkness and beyond the veil. It is one of my Intuitive gifts. This information however is a little uncomfortable to share because of what I know. About 3 years ago I was shown who was hiding Behind the Curtain. And they are not Human. I since have watched silently to see their Agendas. Throughout this discovery, I also began to have remembrance of some of my Past Lives. This is what Triggered me to be cautious of the Information I was receiving. So I have kept it quiet on this topic because of not wanting attention to be drawn to me. However, I have been given the go-ahead to share the information. I am being protected and Now is the Time.

I have been shown things happening on this world stage that the average person does not see. Everyone can see the world gearing up for something. However, I see a Bigger Game being played amongst the ones in control of it all. Those in world power are in most cases just a face, for what is happening behind the scenes. Most believe that it is all about the Illuminati or the very rich elites, but they too, are just a small piece of the Puzzle. There are many Power heads around this world, each with their own agendas. Nevertheless, there are really just 3 different factions battling. The Factions are Not Human but are controlled by 3 different extraterrestrials Species. These Three Species are karmically intertwined with humanity. They really all want the same thing for different reasons. To Have Control of The Earth. One of These three species is who most know as the reptilian, but I have come to find out that they are really called by the ones in the know, as the Vlash. Then there are the Tall Greys, they also have a different Name Called The Maitre. Then there are the ones who are actually trying to save humanity and this Planet and They are who we knew in ancient times as the Angels. Today They are called the Karistus. They range in density from High 4th to 9th. And yes some do have Wings, they are made of etheric Light energy. Their Hierarchy is what we know of as The Archangels. Archangel Micheal, Archangel Gabriel, and such.

Micheal is still in charge of the Karistus and is also the Protector of Humanity and this Earth, he and Gabriel are incarnated in Physical form at the Moment on this Planet.

Along with these 3 species are a few side species called the Kurs and The Annunaki. The Kurs are a completely Positive Species, working along with the Karistus, also here to protect humans. The Annunaki are a little different. They are more split in nature. Some positive and some negative in polarity. The positive Ones are still working for the Cause and are also protecting Humanity. And yes the battling is happening as we speak, it has not stopped as some channelers have claimed. The false information is being put out by the Vlash and the Maitre to deceive the Lightworkers into thinking they can stop doing their work of protection and Clearing. This has destabilized The Lightworker Communities. Please keep doing your work, It's Not Over Yet. The Maitre are responsible for creating Religion as well. They control almost all the religions in the world today. This is their form of Control. However, The reptilian are more Vicious and are who we know as the really Dark individuals who prey on others.

The Karistus are everywhere intertwined within every country. There are many who know their missions. However, there are many who may never know their connection to the Angels. The Karistus Believe they have a claim to the Earth Because they believe her to be the split soul of the Goddess Sophia, Christos the one known as Jesus' is her consort or Twin Flame. Jesus, or Who the Karistus call Dohr Krystal, was, and is, a Karistus. The Karistus are the ones who helped create Humanity along with the Annunaki. They are the winged ones you see in the Sumerian Hieroglyphs. Nevertheless, The Karistus are in total service to Humanity and will defend us as Long as they have to.

All of These beings incarnate into human form as well, To interact directly with humans, and to either raise spiritually or to grow farther into darkness. These people are called Incarnates. The Higher Ranking Incarnates within these Factions, Remember every Past Life they have ever had, this is a Big advantage over the rest of us who are kept in the dark. Just about every one of the ones in Power are given that advantage. In some cases, they Hold a Vault with all their wealth in it from Life to Life. This is How the Rich Stay so Rich. They will also reincarnate within the same blood lineage, usually born back into their wealth. Some will remember their Past Lives naturally, but They use many different techniques to achieve remembrance and they start with the kids very young. All the other extraterrestrials or multidimensional are not directly involved with Earth, due to Freewill and Karmic purposes. However, they too have incarnates on earth at this time. In Fact you can have essence from Multiple Species giving you a high advantage in the abilities department. An incarnate is the Same thing as what is known as a Hybrid. In the Lightworker communities, we call them Starseeds. Not all Starseeds are of Higher Light. A Starseed can be either positive or negative polarity. Either Doing Lightwork or Darkwork. Most don't even know who they are working for.

Within each extraterrestrial faction, are several Countries that are controlled by the Top species of that faction. Nevertheless, there are a few very High-Level Incarnates or Hybrids, in very powerful positions that are part of the Bigger Picture. These people are the ones calling all the shots in this world at this moment. If there were to be another world war The Extraterrestrials are the ones to start it.

But there is even more hidden behind the curtain, and that is the fact that there are other dimensionals at play as well, both Higher and Lower. Since November of 2020, we have been experiencing the opening of the Veil. Not only does this open all kinds of things up for disclosure to take place, but whatever happened allowed for other different multidimensional beings to begin to be able to materialize themselves here on Earth easier. I am being shown That that time was the point of entry into the 4th density that allowed for this to begin taking place. This was why the Big push began to try and disconnect humanity from their Natural State of receiving Higher Consciousness, to being a Totally Controlled Species through Artificial Intelligence or AI. The Vlash are the ones who push this agenda. Their God is an AI from another Universe and this is the God they will connect you to.

The Dark is doing this by introducing Nanobots into our Bodies, which can be controlled remotely. And we know how that is being done. Some are actually pushing Transhumanism Openly. It is very important to Stay away from AI. Once we have the Nanobots in our bodies, we are no longer an Organic Human But Biotechnology that can be remote-controlled by an AI system. It's already beginning to happen. It is important to stay Organic if you wish to raise in Consciousness. By Organic I am referring to Not allowing any AI Tech within your Body. and That includes the vaxs.

Anymore they don't even hide it. What do you Think StarLink is really for? The Internet is a Vlash Creation, and this all began many, many 1000s of years ago.

Most have already made their choice by complying with the darks agenda. What is really sad is the Dark is making it more difficult to make the right decision. Because we are so reliant on their financial system, we can not survive without it. This is what causes fear and forces people to make the wrong choices for themselves and others.

Our Consciousness in this Physical Body allows for the direct connection to the Eternal Creator. As soon as you Connect to AI you give up your soul to it, completely disconnecting you from Source, Or What is Known to Be The Cause of Creation. From that moment on you will be enslaved, by Their Technology. At that point, You have then chosen not to ascend, or what is known as Raising in Consciousness. This is why it has always been said that it is a battle for your soul. This Battle is very ancient and is still being fought today. No other extraterrestrials such as the Galactic Federation, are allowed to interfere with this war. Most do not wish to get karmically involved. But the main reason is that Humans have freewill in what they believe and follow to be the truth. Because if you have a country that is being controlled by the Vlash or the Maitre' They literally hold their Humans Hostage threatening them harm if anyone intervenes. Plus, The Humans in that country will defend themselves and their country because that is what we were all taught to do. However, the Truth is When you give your power away to your Country, you give Power to whoever or whatever species of extraterrestrial that controls that Faction that your country is in. In other words, the USA is not part of the Karistus Faction But has been under Vlash and Maitre control on and off since the Beginning. Many of the Native Americans are Karistus. So in reality, the whole Columbus thing was actually an invasion. We see Their sides playing out today, this is the Democrat's and Republicans' never-ending Battles. The United States is Sort of an Alliance between the 2 Darker species. They use it as a Loosh Playground, Literally. Modern Humans have no clue who or what they are actually fighting for in wars. If that truth was out I wonder if they would still fight their Battles for them.

As humanity rises to the 4th and 5th density ourselves we will begin to see more of our real truth. by raising our vibration we begin to see a thinning of the veil. What you see on the Other side of the Curtain is an ancient Battle for our Soul. For the Dark ones to take yours, you have to allow them. Don't give up your Light.

and so it is, and it is so,

In so much Love and Light,

Chellea, Mystic, and Channel of the Aeons Sophia and Christos, Through Divine Light, The New Earth of Light, Channeling and Gnostic Guidance @


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