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We, The Members of Your Galactic Family ~ By Suzanne Lie

We, The Members of Your Galactic Family ~ By Suzanne Lie

We, the members of “Our Galactic Family,” wish to introduce our fifth dimensional selves to our brave third and fourth dimensional humans who volunteered to take on the challenge of Wearing a third dimensional forms s that they can more easily communicate with the humans on Earth who are beginning to remember their own Higher Dimensional fourth and fifth dimensional expressions.

Yes, we, the members of OUR Galactic Family, which also includes many humans who others only see as a third dimensional person. In this manner of taking on a third dimensional appearance, we, the fifth dimensional, and beyond, members of our Galactic Family can work together to assist Gaia with Her upcoming transmutation from a third/fourth dimensional planet and into a fifth dimensional planet.

We, your Galactic Family, have been assisting the planetary body of Gaia, as well as many of the members of Gaia’s world to be able to communicate with you, “the ones who think that they are ONLY human,”

We wish to inform you that many of our brave, fifth dimension and beyond, Galactic members have volunteered to take a third dimensional form on Gaia’s to better assist her Planetary Self to expand it’s frequency beyond their current third/fourth dimensional seeming bodies so that they can more personally assist Gaia with Her upcoming transmutation from a third dimensional planet and into a fourth, fifth, and even higher dimensional planetary being.

We, the members of Gaia’s upcoming transmutation into Her innate fifth dimensional form, may still appear like we are third dimensional Earth Beings. However, we, the higher dimensional beings who have, and are continuing, to assist Gaia are wearing a third dimensional form in order to create a deeper communications between our galactic family and the humans who believe that they are only third dimensional.

Therefore, we your Galactic Family, come to you, the third dimensional humans, to assist you to remember that you are actually a fourth dimensional human who is being awakened by their own Higher SELF so that they (you) can take your own time and space to remember that you are more than just a 3D human.

Of course, there are still many humans who are only aware of their third, and maybe their fourth dimensional self, but have not–yet–realized their innate ability to awaken more and more of their innate brain power, their innate, but hidden memories and/or dreams and meditations that are be sent to them via their own Higher Dimensional SELF, who voluntered to take on a third dimensional human self on planet Earth in order to better assist Gaia with Her oncoming “return to SELF!”

**By Suzanne Lie


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