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We Invite You to Join Us On Our Starships ~ The Pleiadian Council of Light

Blessings Our Dear Family of Light,

Many of you are eager to connect with us in person, wanting to visit our ships and explore the universe. We want to inform you that this is already taking place. While you sleep, you are with your Galactic Families aboard their starships. This concept of connecting with your Galactic Families while you sleep opens up a fascinating realm of possibilities and experiences. As you drift off into slumber, you will find yourself transported to the vast expanse of the cosmos, surrounded by advanced technology and beings from distant worlds.

During these astral journeys, you may engage in various activities with your Galactic Families. Such as exploring different planets, participating in interstellar meetings, or receiving teachings and guidance from wise extraterrestrial mentors. The interactions and exchanges that occur during these encounters can be profound and transformative, offering insights and perspectives that go beyond the limitations of earthly existence.

As you traverse the galaxies in your dream state, you may also tap into your own latent abilities and higher consciousness, unlocking hidden potentials and deepening your connection to the cosmic web of existence. These experiences can leave a lasting impact on your waking life, infusing it with a sense of wonder, purpose, and interconnectedness with the vastness of Creation. 

So, while you eagerly anticipate the day when physical contact with your Galactic Families becomes a reality, take comfort in the knowledge that the bonds you share with them are already being nurtured and strengthened in the ethereal realms of sleep.

You have the extraordinary opportunity to request the remembrance of memories from these profound nightly encounters with your Star families. As you traverse into the ethereal realm, you are invited to recollect the intricate details of the spacecraft, and the enlightening conversations that unveil the mysteries of your existence on Earth. As you Immerse yourself in the spectacle of otherworldly technologies, and marvel at the boundless expanse of space, you are surrounded by the nurturing presence of your celestial Families.

While not everyone may have experienced this phenomenon, Most who have awakened to our presence, Has Visited us. There are various reasons why some individuals may not remember such encounters. It is believed that the Higher Self, a spiritual aspect of one's being, may intentionally block these memories as a protective measure against external interference. This interference could potentially disrupt a particular type of spiritual awakening that is woven into an individual's Life Plan.

The idea that your Higher Self plays a role in filtering your memories, gives you the Understanding of just how in control your higherself really is, over your Earthly experiences. It suggests that there is a deeper, more profound purpose behind the selective recall of certain experiences. By exploring this concept, one may come to understand that the Higher Self acts as a guardian of sorts, safeguarding the individual's spiritual evolution from unwanted disruptions.

Essentially, discovering why the Higher Self blocks certain memories can lead to a transformative journey. It encourages individuals to inquire about the reasons behind the higherself's decision to block these memories. While everything in one's Life Plan is changeable, it should be done consciously and with a positive intention.

Each person can Change their Lives initial plan, to allow for the remembrance of these encounters. It must be done with the intentions of gaining higher Light Knowledge and for the advancing of your spiritual growth.

Many of you have already been aboard our StarShips several times, even nightly, depending on your level of consciousness.

Upon reaching an understanding of your connection with all of creation, you start to perceive the intricate web of existence in a new light. This heightened awareness opens a gateway to memories of encounters with your star families, allowing you to recall these experiences with clarity and understanding.

It is a fascinating phenomenon to observe how, during moments of deep slumber, your consciousness transcends physical boundaries and travels to the realms of our starships. In these ethereal encounters, meaningful interactions and exchanges occur, enriching your spiritual journey and expanding your cosmic perspective.

This interstellar connection serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of all beings in the vast universe, emphasizing the unity that binds us across galaxies. Embracing these encounters with your star families not only deepens your sense of belonging but also offers profound insights into the mysteries of the cosmos and your place within it.

 We extend a warm invitation to you, eager to welcome you on board our starships as we embark on This Spiritual journey together. Our hearts are filled with anticipation, looking forward to the countless moments we will share in the presence of our Infinite Creator.

We Love you and Honor you,

We Are The Pleiadian Council of Light,

Intuitive Transmission by Chellea Wilder at


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