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We Come in Peace ~ The Andromedans

We greet you in the Love and the Light of the Infinite Creator.

We have recently connected with this Channel, and immediately she was attacked by a copyright claim over the terms that was referred to as our name. However, this Claim is unnecessary, as We do Not place a title on ourselves in that manner, and we do not speak to just one individual on your Planet. Humans have named us, the Andromeda species, with your own word complexes. We hold a delegation or committee responsible to speak as one, for the whole of our species collective. However, The Term "Andromedan Council" is not necessary in our communication. We have many incarnates on your planet at this time space. Many are our returning Wanderers, That have been here for a very long time. We are grateful that this channel has excepted our transmissions. Due to the constant recoil against our message, many are unaware of who we really are.

We Come in Peace. We understand that sounds funny to some. We do not wish to make a joke, But it is nice to smile. We also seemed it fitting, in your Current time space. We are here to be of service to this Earth and Humanity. We are one of the Most ancient races, that has been a part of Humanities development as a species. We originated from what you refer to as the Andromeda Galaxy, and we have seeded many of the systems here in the Milky Way Galaxy, including the Pleiades and Earth. We have advanced our science and technology greatly to match that of our Spiritual Advantage. You can not physically see us with your current limited vision. However, we do have technology that Lowers our vibrations for short times to become more dense in form. This allows us to interact with lower vibrational Entities. We reside on our massive organic ships, which are living Vessels. We do not inhabit any Planet, and our first objective is to free the many worlds from the grasp of the Dark Forces all around your Galaxy. Our Next Objective is to Help with the ascension of that said Planet back into higher vibration, to where the Dark ones can no longer reside. Once the Planets are liberated, they naturally evolve towards the Light. In some cases very quickly. In the Earths Case, She's way overdue, This system has been governed by the Dark ones for thousands of years. Your Earth has been held back from her ascension far too long. She will rapidly move into the Higher dimensions.

We work with the very advanced Natural Grid systems That are placed throughout the Universe. These systems allow us to work with any planet, no matter where we are, at that Moment in time space.

The Natural Grid system around your Planet had been greatly damaged, we are now in the Process of making the repairs. This Natural Grid is The Light grid for your Planet. Many of you have been working very hard yourselves trying to repair the damage. We are now working to help in that endeavor. Soon the Light grid will be fully functional, and you might say that, Humanity will be brought back online with the rest of the Universe. These grid systems are very much like your internet. Once fully operational, Humanities 3D perception will be shifted and the Veil totally dropped from their eyes.

The wave of Light that has now engulfed the Earth will just keep intensifying. This energy is changing everything for humanity and this Earth. Nothing or No One will escape the vibrations of the Divine Love thats now hitting your Planet. The Divine's intervention is well underway and will continue to increase in its power as your days move on.

More of your Family of Light will keep arriving in your skies every day. But we stay cloaked and in the forms of clouds and out of the way of your Militaries. We wait patiently until Humanity is ready. There is a lot that must take place before this event can occur.

The ones rejecting these vibrations, will find it hard to cope with the major changes taking place.

As we watch, the 3D illusion play out on your world, More people will wake up to see that the only thing that is real is Love. Nothing happening on your world stage is real. The Dark Continue to play the game to cause as much fear in the masses as they can. They see it this way, the More that they can take down with them, the better.

But they are mistaken, The Light has already won and that means so has Humanity. All will get the Chance to make their own choice, once shown the Truth.

What the Dark Ones that's left on your planet don't realize is that they too will get the chance, to redeem themselves, and Choose the Love Vibration.

You have come so far in this journey, Many of you are very ancient souls that have done this many times before.

Your Star families await you in joyous reunion.

You are the Masters Returning Home.

We love you and Honor you.

In The Love and Light of The Infinite Creator.

We are the Andromedans

Channeled By Chellea, at


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