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Wake-Up to Your FreeWill

Wake-Up to Your FreeWill, By Chellea Wilder.

Beautiful Day Dear Family of Light,

Its really tough these days trying to discern truth from fiction. All the misinformation out there is being used to confuse the masses in these end times, Even those who have been doing this work for years are confused and are asking for things like Martial Law. I don't want to seem as though I am pointing fingers, I have great respect for the many Lightworkers, and certain individuals who have tried to make a difference, and who have diligently shared their Light throughout the years. But Lately, everything seems to be coming to a head. I was searching the internet this morning for some content to share, and everything I came across, was so infiltrated with darkness, that I couldn't share it. You see, even those with the best intentions have been duped. They are even calling it their "Chosen Truth", even though most of it has been proven to be false information. If your chosen narrative is pushing things like martial Law, Then you are not following the Narrative of the Light. I am so disgusted because of many so-called Adept "Lightworkers" claiming that they want to see Martial Law, or Mandatory lock downs, or Mandates to help CONTROL other HUMANS into compliance. What is wrong with this picture. The darkness has infiltrated many if not most of the lightworker communities and they don't even know it. If they push a narrative that is in anyway against humanity and this earth, then it is NOT OF THE LIGHT.

A narrative you should be pushing and sharing as Light workers, is FREEDOM from ALL government. Not freedom from just One side or the Other. NO GOVERNMENT is going to help you, no republican, democrat, or any other. It was all created to control you, and to separate you in these endtimes. Well surprise, it has worked so far. Almost Every Lightworker community out there now has been damaged by false information and Politics, And until they remove that information they are pushing lies and the Dark agenda itself. If you are a newly awakened person, this is all very confusing. To the newly awakened a lot of the Lightworkers are just Political Propaganda Pushers, and most of the time it is false information that they are pushing, which causes them to lose all credibility. Which in turn causes the Newly awakened to spin out, and revert back into Darkness. This has been the Darks Plan all a long, to make it to where the Lightworkers are no longer credible, and to cause the newly awakened to turn back to the Darks Chosen narrative.

As a Lightworker, its up to you to step out of the illusion first to help those who are still lost. If you see others calling for control through Martial Law or Mandates, and the removal of Freewill, then those beings are not pushing the Light Narrative. You must have your own discernment, the way you can tell is if what they are pushing stops you from your Birth Right of Freewill, or if it promotes harming this planet or others.

The final assessment for humanity and this Earths ascension has been made. What this means is Only those who are service to others and who want true freedom and unity across this world will be graduating from the 3D World illusion. If your Chosen Narrative, is pushing for something like Martial Law, then you are not getting it at all. and you need to stop and rethink your choices you are making. I am a completely Sovereign being. Meaning, No government controls anything I do. And if your narrative is pushing to control ME, then you are going down the wrong path. I will not let MY freedom be taken by a political point of View. Anytime the government try's to control you, it is against your Personal, GOD GIVEN RIGHTS. It's really time to wake-up and see if you are being manipulated into thinking that things like Martial Law, Mandates, and Lock downs are something good. If you are following these agendas, then you are not following the path of Light. period.

There are some "Light" workers out their even telling others that Martial Law is for the good of Humanity, so they can get the bad Guys. Sorry No, that again is false information. They all, Republicans, Democrats and any other politicians, work together to deceive you and to control you. The so called Law enforcement here in America as well is also infiltrated, and work only for the elites. So any kind of Martial Law or lockdown again, would be catastrophic to the civilians here in America. Once we Lose our Rights we will never get them Back. Don't Give up your Sovereignty for a Political point of View that wants you to be enslaved.

You are more than this human form, you are a child of the Infinite Creator, who has been given Freewill, to Learn and experience Life. If that is taken away by those who want to enforce their own agenda on Others, then That is against the Divine's Purpose. By allowing and pushing this agenda, you are going against God. We are not here to Control, or to enforce our own opinions on Others, We are here to finally set Humanity Free. Don't allow yourself to be Manipulated into thinking that their Control over you is okay. Everyone now is pretty much aware that the Covid isn't what they claimed it to be. It is being used for Control Purposes. All other viruses and colds have disappeared to only be replaced by different Covid Variants to scare you into complying.

Wake-Up to Your FreeWill. Be Brave, Step outside without a mask, without being vaxed, and go and come where you please, using respect for Others, and without causing harm. You make the Choice to follow their rules or not. You make the choice to become truly sovereign.

Not All of us wish to be Governed, and we are in these moments choosing to claim our Birth Right.

You too, can Claim your Birth Right, your Divine given Freewill.

and so it is and it is so.

In so much Love and Light,

Chellea @


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