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WAKE UP MY FAMILY OF LIGHT, You Can Exit The Matrix Now!


Blessings Dear Family of Light,

WAKE UP MY FAMILY OF LIGHT, you are beyond the illusion of separation. You are within the energies to see your Truth. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL LIGHT BEINGS IN GROWTH. This stage is complete. Now is the moment to move forward and higher in your awareness. The darks power has been nulled and they can no longer hinder the awakening. It is happening NOW.

You can exit the matrix now. But first there is many things that you must do for yourself. Many have forgotten that we are not here to separate ourselves, we are here to create true UNITY with the whole world, not just amongst one political point of view. You must learn to Stop politicizing your spirituality. GOD/SOURCE/INFINITE CREATOR, IS NOT REPUBLICAN, OR DEMOCRAT, and You are NOT a political party. All control systems were created by the DARK to hold you back from your ascension. IF IT GOES AGAINST NATURE, than it goes against YOU, You are nature, YOU ARE LIGHT.


MONEY and wealth does not help you Spiritually, if anything it makes you greedy, which goes against the divine Plan, of Abundance for ALL. Even Jesus rebuked wealth and Money, literally beating the money changers out of the Churches of the times.

(There is the thought that there is going to be a new governance that will allow for everyone a set income. Need I remind those who are following the "rep" ticket this will not happen under a "REP" RULE, Republicans are ALL FIGHTING IT. There will have to be ALL NEW PEOPLES IN THE CHAIRS and NO POLITICAL PARTY'S CONTROL, ONLY "WE THE PEOPLE" COULD CONTROL IT for this to happen the way we were told. It would be a wonderful thing if this could happen in our near future, but a lot of POLITICS would have to change before it could ever be implemented. )

Either way BOTH SIDES ARE THE EVIL SIDE and they are all trying to stop your ascension through fear, and forced DNA and CELL manipulation, and Depopulation. In these Moments the Dark is really trying their hardest to stop your ascension. The manipulation of your genetics and cells has been happening here in the US for years with Monsanto and Johnson & Johnson, Both "BIG CORP" and many other big Corporations. These are backed by the REP ticket. Plus BIG TECH who is injecting us with "Nano particles" to help them Depopulate us much quicker and Control those whose left. This is the DEM Ticket. Neither side is for humanity as a whole. Neither side is truly for this earth and neither side is helping you in this ascension. Its all just a BIG SHOW to distract you from your truth.

The next thing is to Step out of the fear of the False light. GOD is everything within and without, You are a piece of that everything. Stop fearing what you are. Stop fearing God. The False light has tricked most into thinking that they are lowly sinners and they have to be saved from darkness. The only way you can be saved from Darkness is raising yourself out of your own evil. Wake Up from the illusion that you are nobody and nothing and separate from your God, You are greatness beyond belief and you are God in the form of You.

The next thing you need to do is drop all ego driven thoughts, words, and actions. The ego I am referring to is the mentality of Judgement, and the constant need for competition. The ego separates us from knowing our truth, it keeps us in the state of SELF rather than in the awareness of Oneness with ALL. When we are in the state of self, we cannot see our true state of selflessness. Which is in total service to the All.

Then you must begin to understand your true connection as humanity and begin becoming of total service to Others. ALL Things are connected by the same energy, and the people of this earth are all the Family of Earth, connected by Spirit and Consciousness. The Service to others mentality is that of Giving, Caring and Sharing. You must learn to be of service for others to step into the higher understanding, but its not just doing the actions of service, it's also becoming the Love you are portraying. Its not just an act, its about truly becoming a Loving caring being of service and of love to your neighbor. This is the golden rule.

To step into the higher dimensions, you do have to work on yourself to brighten your own Light, or ascend your consciousness into the next level of awareness. What this means is that you have to become a MORE LOVING BEING, MORE AWARE OF OTHERS NEEDS, ABOVE YOUR OWN.

Putting others first is our human nature, in the earliest time of history we took care of each other. The elderly and the women and children, were always put first within each tribal unit. In the modern day our tribes and cities have become much larger with many more people. Everyone now is selfish, me first mentality, only caring for themselves never even knowing their next door neighbor.

This is where you personally can change things. You do not have to be best friends with someone to care for them. It starts with just a smile and hello. The simple jester of a smile can make a major difference in someones day. That's just the beginning steps to becoming of total service to Others, but it is a start, And you do need to start somewhere.

The Lower vibrations of fear, hate, separation, greed, and control are disappearing. it will be harder to stay within these negative energies from here on out. Many things of the old are dropping away. Major changes are occurring under the radar, and soon will reflect into outer reality. Many will be confused at first because of the Lies that they believe. Truth is setting us free. Truth is the Light in Divine Order.

The truth is going to be exposed for ALL to witness, whether its believed or not is up to each individual and their level of consciousness. Those with Higher understanding will see this change as a positive thing while those who are lost in the false Light and darkness, will see this as something else. If you are still within the consciousness level of judgement, fear, selfishness, and separation, that's what you will experience as your shift. If you are in the higher understanding of Love, caring, giving, and sharing, you will begin to witness true abundance and happiness during this shift.

Many call this the great divide. You make the choice of what you see. Which way you create for yourself. It could be your Heaven on Earth or it could be your Nightmare. It's truly up to you. if you choose to fight against your Nature. You fight against your truth.

You can change your perspective at any moment just by seeing through the eyes of Love. When we learn to see from the higher perspective, we see others as ourselves, we see ALL as an expression of the Infinite Creator. I am you and you are me. and so it is, and it is so.

In so much Love and Light,

Chellea @ and Radio

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