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UPDATE From Behind the Scenes ~ The Galactic Federation

Blessings Our Dear Family of Light,

We come to you with a message of Great News and Insight.

Today we wish to break away from the normal Update that this channel normally assists us with. We wish to give a deeper understanding into the recent and upcoming events that are impacting Humanity and the Earth. There has been a lot happening behind the scenes as the Divine Order is being set in place.

We wish to give you insight into what has been totally hidden from Humanity. This information, is soon to become much more known. Some of this information is being given to your congress, and others that can release it to the public.

The First thing that humans will learn is that this Universe, is set up in a dimensional Light spectrum, and we all live within, an interdimensional reality. This will become a more main stream understanding. As this Earth and Humanity are rising into the 4th dimension, The Veil is dissolving. What is truly hidden beyond the veil, is beginning to be exposed.

The Illusion has always been, a false sense of freedom. The illusions make humans believe that they have a say in what is happening on your planet.

Have you noticed that The Leaders of your planet have always held their agendas above all others, and have not followed the will of the People? Even the Ones who are supposed to be voted in by the people do not hold the peoples best interest, and are in control because of power and Money. Once placed in power they are quickly set in line with the Darks agenda, if they refuse then they are quickly removed. Your Political world structure, or The Matrix, was put in place to make you believe, that you have some sort of freedom and control over what is happening on your Planet. But this is false, never has there been any allowance of humans to control anything fully, there has always been the Dark overlords.

This is some of the revelations that are currently being exposed.

The Darker species of reptilian, the Draco's and the Vlash, The Tall Grey, known as the Maitre, along with the Dark Aligned Anunnaki, are all aligned with and controlled by the Dark Brethren, Or who you know as the Fallen Angelics. All of these species are connected to an AI overlord, that dictates their agenda. These beings, have also always, up to this point in human history, had total control of your Planet. These dark races work from outside of the human perspective, some of these beings use technology to keep themselves invisible to Humans, while Others are working through the veil just beyond humans vision. Human Hybridization has been their form of creating armies of workers that hold control in all aspect of human civilization. Within their hybrids, they can incarnate and manipulate the physical reality directly. 

This dark hidden agenda, is now crumbling. Our many Galactic Light Forces, have made sure, All of The darker species have been removed from this Solar system. However, In these recent moments, there are many more Universal Races showing up for the Grand shift. Some of them are positive and are here to share their Light, and Observe, while others are of dark intent, and are being monitored and blocked from interaction, with humanity.

There are also still Those of the dark forces who are on your planet, Either hidden underground or within Hybrid Bodies. The Darker species of reptilian, and Tall Greys, that are of the Physical density, that have been within the caverns and caves underground, are now, beginning to be removed. Many of these Species, who chose not to leave at a sooner time, are now choosing death as their departure. Those within the Astral are also being cleared.

The Angelic Battles, behind the scenes, continue to prepare the Earth and humanity for true freedom. Once the darker races are removed from interacting within your physical reality, things will quickly begin to shift. Those within the Reptilian Hybrid Bodies will also be leaving. The Very Dark Ones who hide behind the scenes, the Ones you know as the 300 Fallen Angelics, will be also facing their Divine judgement. They will be merged back with the Infinite Light. Never to have existed.

Humanity is about to finally be given their total freedom, But what you choose to do with it as a collective, will be Up to you. The Human Collective is very split and confused in these moments. But A Grand Awakening is Underway. More are opening their eyes to the dark's deception. More are opening to the Truth of the Light within them.

As the awakening continues, there are still many things that are occurring behind the scenes.

Once the Dark Leaders are removed from power, New Leaders are ready to step up, with the Earth and Humanity as a priority. They are ready to help lead you into the Higher light. You as a race will be protected throughout your transition into a Galactic Society. This will continue until the Grand Shift, which will totally remove all Dark vibrational beings within, and throughout the Earth.

In these moments, The Earth and Humanity are shifting into full 4th dimension. This is dissolving and removing many of the Lower Vibrational entities that have interfered with the Human species. You will reside within the 4th for as long as it takes for the Earth to Fully integrate, these higher vibrations. The Earth Herself is ready. Her Schumann Resonance has showed 5th and 6th dimensional frequencies within the last few of your Earth Days. The recent massive burst of Solar Flares have raised the current frequencies and has begun to awaken many more into a higher understanding of who they are. Humanity and the Earth are well on their way within this ascension, it is happening Now.

Soon, humanity will be handed the Key of your New Earth. You will become her Keepers, her protectors. She will continue to move higher in Light as she merges with her higher self. Humanity too has this opportunity to Rise to become the Most powerful race in all existence. Through the Light, you are the Beauty of the Mother. You are bringing peace to the entirety of this Universe.

We Love you and Honor you,

We are the Galactic Federation.

Intuitive Transmission By Chellea Wilder at


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All of these messages contain information that we all need. I am encouraging people to read them but there are still plenty of my friends not awake and will consider me crazy. I am not crazy and I love all these messages that are given to us with such great love.


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