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Universal Lighthouse Radio ~Update 9/30 ~ **ALL BRAND NEW 5D TUNES**

This week we got all BRAND NEW 5D Songs. INJOY THE 5D VIBES!!!!

Sorry, I normally put the Widget in, but it isn't working today. But you can access it at the top of the Page.

IN SO MUCH LOVE & JOY FRESH-NEW CONTENT UPLOADED WEEKLY!!! NEW MUSIC, UP-TO-DATE GALACTIC MESSAGES, AND SPIRITUAL TEACHINGS. Please understand that I may have to delete songs due to their content not being suitable. I am constantly needing to adjust the music. So please bear with me. This Station has many different Genres of Music. It is all to better your experience here at Universal Lighthouse Radio. We have Many of our Family of Light Listening all around the world. All Music is for the Focus of Raising your Vibration through Love, Unity and Happiness. We understand that the More people focusing on the Same Higher vibrations, all at the same Time, WE WILL CHANGE THE WORLD. Most of the Music is played by Independent artists. We try and make sure that the Music is of Positive Message. You are Listening to Universal Lighthouse Radio, Broadcasting 24/7 for your vibrational Needs. We Are Embodying the 5th Dimension with High Vibe Music, Galactic Messages. And Spiritual Insight. This platform is free to all Listeners around the World. If you are a Higher vibrational Artist and would like to have your Music on the Radio, you can contact us through email at We do not have control of what is advertised on this station and are not associated with any Commercial you may experience.. Don't forget to check out our Blog Page @ Thank you for your continued support of Universal Lighthouse Blog Page and tuning in to, Universal Lighthouse Radio. WE ARE A BEACON OF LIGHT IN TOTAL SERVICE

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