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UFO Activity 🛸 James Gilliland

Sorry for the lack of newsletters we have been posting lots of links to keep people informed. The ranch has been taking up most of my time with winter repair, restoration, gardening, keeping everything watered etc. We are moving into a lunar eclipse on the 26th, massive CMEs, coronal mass ejections or solar flares are hitting the planet. Expect the Schuman Resonance to go off scale. People are having heart flutters, getting dizzy, spaced out, some are feeling comatose others are having emotional outbursts or in heavy process. This too shall pass.

We have had incredible UFO activity lately it is up on ECETI Stargate Youtube.

There was a massive ship that flew over with multiple witnesses, it has close to 30,000 hits right after posting it. Of course, there are the critical thinking research impaired giving it an occasional thumbs down establishing their own character and ignorance. They actually think I send up drones with floresent tubes. Problem is it is in space, ships are flying all around it, over and under it. It looks like it is towing ships behind it as well as ships in front of it. The massive craft is shown going behind trees in the eastern horizon. How about a little common sense and less attitude.

The same ship was seen in other countries as well, Australia being one. I was also informed by some useful idiots that I am the enemy of disclosure. I am the enemy of posers. Especially those who align themselves with Satanic/Luciferians, engage in pedophilia, and name drop famous politicians and brag of connections to the global elite while in the same breath talk about how connected they are with spiritually and technologically advanced off world visitors. Their critically thinking impaired followers be lie ve they are on the side of the light. News flash not all ETs are benevolent and not all contactees have noble agendas. By their associations and work you will know them, especially their actions off stage.

Disclosure has always been a controlled narrative. There are a few people that have a good grasp on the multidimensional reality. Corey Goode, Michael Salla, Mary Rodwell, Peter Slattery, Elana Dannan’s work I highly recommend. She was recently on our show ECETI Stargate You Tube and As You Wish Talk Radio BBS.

Much of the UFO community is in competition, living in the past reciting recycled ignorance and limited to physical ships, back engineering etc. There are physical ships, energy ships, light ships, merkabas There are hosts of civilizations some spiritually advanced others self-serving. Despite the denial there are some ETs that are down right nasty. It is the height of ignorance and irresponsibility to teach anything different and unfortunately there are those out there doing just that. They are either in denial or hooked up with the dark side of contact. And yes, I am the enemy of that kind of disclosure. It is contrary to enlightenment which means to be in knowledge of all of it both sides of the coin. It is also dangerous to open to unseen influences in ignorance or without the proper tools and training. The quickening is in full swing. It is far more advantageous to make your own personal connection to God/Creator/Great Spirit and explore your own multidimensional self. This includes the Star Nations, the greater family of man/woman. Clear out the old wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences. Release the past and rise to the occasion. Don’t give your power away to external forces. Did I mention buckle up, it is going be fast and rocky. Be well,

James Gilliland


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