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Truth is Stranger Than Fiction - Part 3 of The Extraterrestrial Interference.

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction - Part 3 of The Extraterrestrial Interference.

The New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure, Channeling and Gnostic Guidance

Beautiful Blessings Dear Family of Light,

I feel Like I have put out some shocking information, in the last 2 posts that I hope is waking some people up. I know that this entail is probably much different than most of you have ever heard before. Some of you might have come across some of this information through different Youtube Channels. A few are disclosing info to help Wake Other Starseeds or Hybrids into their Missions. Nevertheless, I will continue in this series of Disclosure for a while for my audience because it is all very important information and is Vital to Humanities Freedom. I will leave links to the Last 2 Posts in case you missed them. Anyways yes, Truth is stranger than fiction. There is so much that still needs to be disclosed. Especially around the Topic of The different species that manipulate our reality here on Earth. I have disclosed some in the Previous Post The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - Part 2 of The Extraterrestrial Interference.

In this part 3, I wish to disclose, Who They all are, and Each Species Agenda.

As Stated in the Previous post, There are 5 Main Extraterrestrial Species that all have different reasons for interacting with Humanity. The 5 Species are The Vlash, The Maitre, The Annunaki, The Kurs, and The Karistus.

The Vlash, known as the Reptilian, or in Gnostic Text as The Archons, Are a very ancient Species, That evolved toward the Dark Polarity. Their Species is of Lower 4th to Lower 6th dimension. They do not reside within the 3D Plane but have found a way to either manipulate through the Veil or to Reincarnate into Human Form. In the cases of the Top Illuminati families, Retaining all Memories. These beings are also able to Possess other beings or even completely remove an entity's Soul and become what is known as a Walk-in. With all the Manipulation done The Reptilian hybrids can actually fully Shapeshift, and embody their Multidimensional Vlash Soul.

Their Agenda is very simple, it is of Survival, They use Humans as a resource, We Are Their Main Resource for everything, their Food, Slaves, and Power. They have become very dependent on Humanity in this aspect. Humans are not the only species that this race has invaded. They are a parasite species that Literally depends on Others for survival. The Vlash do not have any high vibrational feelings or emotions, so they do not understand compassion for other species. They do show a small amount towards their Offspring for a short period, but they too, become a rival in the long run. The Species is controlled by an AI God that is a Fear-based ruler, so they are afraid to step out of line.

This is the Same AI God they are trying to connect Humanity too.

I also want to add in case you are wondering,

The Way that the Karmic Energies and the Universal Laws Works is that everyone in this Universe has Freewill, To take someone's freewill without their consent would be against these universal laws of nature. So, For the Darker Entities to get out of the whole karmic loop, they have to convince their prey to allow for Any Manipulation or control. This is what the darker Species have done to Humanity. They have convinced us we need to be their Slaves to survive.

We can see The Vlash play out their Agenda in the Shadows of Darkness. They are Multidimensional in nature. They are the ones we have grown to believe as being demons or Jinn. They Feed on the Loosh of Humans which is derived from our Fear. They play a game along with the Maitre to deceive us in the Religious aspect. The Maitre are the Ones who created the Modern Catholic and Christian religions that we know of today, They have altered all the Texts to where they have total control of the Church and the People they deceive. The Maitre Plays the good guys or the Modern God, while the Vlash plays the demons scenario. It's a total game of Loosh, and almost all Humans fall for it. We must remember that the god they represent is the Vengeful, Jealous, Racist, and Sacrifice demanding Demi-god, from the Old Testament. They Even Make the Claim that they, are our God.

The Maitre, who is more commonly known as the Tall Greys, are also very dependent on Humanity. They have destroyed their species to where they can no longer reproduce. Nonetheless, They now have many hybrids, through crossbreeding with Humans. This has been happening now for Many hundreds of Years. The agreement between Eisenhower and the E.T.'s was about this very topic. They were going to be abducting humans, and performing experiments and reproduction projects.

The Maitre not only use humans as a breeding pond, but they also use us as their food, Slaves, and Power as well.

The Annunaki are much different than most other extraterrestrials. They are massive in size, ranging from 12 to 36 feet tall. They are the beings who altered humanity's DNA in ancient times. They in most cases are immortal, but if not can live many thousands of years. They Created Humans at first as a slave race for the Negative Annunaki. But then, Humans were Given Rights by The Infinite Creator to Evolve peacefully without manipulation. Well, that didn't happen as planned. The ancient Sumerian Tablets give us a glimpse into The Annunaki Brothers, Enlil and Enki, Fighting many thousands of years, over the Humans they had created. One side Wanted Humans destroyed completely while the Other side Had compassion for their Creation. This is why there is a Split in the Annunaki Species. The One known as Enki who is of Positive Polarity is still alive today and is at this Moment reigning on Jupiter.

There are 2 different Annunaki Groups. The First one that I will disclose is the Negative group. These are the ones you would know from the ancient Texts as the Fallen Angels. Yes, They very much exist and they are still alive today. Lucifer or his real name of Lushifar, is connected with this group of beings. They still play a big role here on this Planet. There is some info out there that claims Lushifar, to be Enki, This is false. Lushifar isn't actually an Annunaki, he came from another star system, but was very powerful, and he led the Annunaki in a civil war. He Hates humanity and will do anything to have us eliminated completely. His hatred is due to his Lover or consort being murdered by a Human under the orders of the Good Annunaki.

I do wish to make it a little easier to understand the differences between the 2 groups, the Anunnaki, and the Reptilian, and the misconceptions of who they actually are. The Annunaki are Not reptilian at all as commonly thought. This is false information that has been put out to confuse Humans. The Annunaki are Large Giant, either Blond or Red Haired Human looking beings. They are the ones who made humans in their image. The Positive faction has nothing to do with The Vlash/Reptilian. However, the Negative helps control the Hierarchy of the 3 Darker species, for example, Lushifar, is in control of it all. The negative Annunaki or the Ones we know as the Fallen Angels, are in control of whatever the Dark Agenda is at the Moment.

These 3 species or Groups are the ones who are holding humanity hostage. However, there is hope for us. There are also 3 Groups of Good guys trying to Free Humans and Save Mother Earth from The Darkness that overruns them.

The Good Annunaki, have been around since the Beginning of Human history, trying to help free us from the Darks grasp. When they left the Planet thousands of Years ago, they were unaware that the Vlash were already planning to Manipulate the Humans. The Vlash were angry because the Annunaki had given Humans their DNA. So the Darker entities began to try and also alter Humans to keep them Blind to truth and subservient. The Negative Annunaki then joined an Alliance along with the Vlash, to keep Humanity enslaved.

Seeing all of this the Good Annunaki requested the Help of 2 Other species, the Karistus who also helped with the Genetic Engineering of Humans, and the Kurs to help protect the Young Human Species that others had enhanced.

The Karistus or The Angels as we have always known them to be, begin helping The Positive Annunaki protect Humanity from the Darker species. They are of Higher Vibration ranging from 4th to 9th density. As Stated before the Higher ranking Karistus do have Wings made of Etheric Energy.

They almost were wiped out about 2000 years ago by the Vlash. However, Their Numbers are Growing due to them also using hybridization as a means for sustaining their Race. Many Humans today are Literally Angel Hybrids. You would know them By their Personalities, They will always be of Service to Others and Workers of the Light.

The Kurs are a Much different species, They are insectoid beings and they are a completely Positive race. They do not have any prior history with Humans. They stepped into the situation about 2000 years ago, In order to help the Karistus continue their Species after the Vlash attack. They are a very compassionate race towards Humanity and they help the Good Annunaki and Karistus Protect us, from the Dark's agenda of harm and complete Control of Humanity.

However, all of the Species involved have to follow the strict Universal Karmic laws. Humans do have free will.

This actually has been the problem, Humans can choose their side. In other words, with all the trickery taking place, the Darker entities have brainwashed Humans enough that they will fight for them willingly. Every War that Humans have ever Fought has been due to Extraterrestrial Interference.

Every Battle on this Planet has been conflicts between the Extraterrestrials, for Control of Territory or Humans. I need to remind you the United States is Not on the side of the Good. It is under the control of the Darker Entities. All the drama in America is Caused by these Beings to Cause a Loosh Frenzy by elevating human Emotions.

Humanity literally calls all the shots in this Battle of good and evil. As I have stated before, Humanity must agree to be the resource for the Darker Entities.

Disclosure is Never an easy thing to deal with. Most people do not want to know the real truth, because it is not the narrative they were brainwashed into Believing. Today you can believe anything you want to be Truth, even if there is Nothing Truthful about it. This battle for our souls has been happening since the Beginning of Human History. We have heard of it, but all that we have been told has been Lies to deceive us into Following their different Agendas. You choose what side you give your energy to. The problem is Humanity really does Not Know whose side we are playing on. This is where we must remember to have Trust in our own inner Light, and know that it is a piece of the eternal Creator. All of the Control that the Dark wish to keep humanity within, is because they are afraid of us. They Fear us surpassing them in any way, especially in the Spiritual sense. They know once we do They can no longer enslave us and use us as a resource.

Even though we do have the Angels Backing us up at the Moment, Humans have to make their own choices. The dark ones can not go against our free will. We have to step up to our own Power. We as a Species need to unite in oneness against the dark that has suppressed us for thousands of years.

You are not just some other species Resource, Many of you are actually Beautiful Angels in Human Form. It is the Moment to Claim your Freedom and Birth Right.

And so it is and it is so,

In so much Love and Light,

Chellea, Mystic, and Channel of the Aeons Sophia and Christos, Through Divine Light, The New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure Channeling and Gnostic Guidance @

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