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Trusting Our Inner Guidance (The God Within)

In almost every ancient scripture from around the world, That little Spark that is within us all, is referred to as the God within. No matter what religion or spiritual quest you choose, the truth is still at it's base, God's Energy that is in everything, is also in you.

This Spark is called the "Energy of God" Or the "Breath of God" or what most know as your Soul, which is your life essence. This is what animates this physical form. The Soul is the Piece of us, that is the actual essence of God. It is what matures through the Ages by reincarnation. This is the Part of us that is our Light. Our Light or Our Soul Essence can become Dim if we decide to walk the path of self service or, it can become brighter and brighter as we become more spiritually awakened. This is how ascension works. We literally are becoming LIGHT. The Higher our Vibration the Brighter our Light.

This special spark, rests around the chest area close to the heart, It is that burst of energy you get in your heart space when you feel Love and gratitude.

This isn't Mind awareness, but Heart awareness that we are referring to. The Heart Consciousness or God Consciousness sees through eyes of only Love.

When we use Love as guidance in our lives, we are following the divine will of God, the God within.

This special piece of the creator that is yours, is what gives you subtle hints to do the right thing.

For example: You have plenty of food to last you through the week, Someone stops by and they are hungry and haven't eaten for several hours, and they have no money for food.

What do you do?

Your mind might tell you that you just can not do without at the end of the week because you are not going to have the money, so you turn that person away.

However if you would have listened to your Heart or to your God within, you would have fed the person and gave them a few meals, and Trust that you will be okay at the end of the week, because you did the right thing, and because this universe gives to you, what you give to others.

Many times we are afraid to do the right things because it might hurt us in the long run, This is a false way of thinking, If you put out Love by giving to others, you will receive as much as you need in return. This is how this universe works.

This is learning to trust in The God that is in you, The very same God that engulfs this Universe. This is trusting that your inner guidance (The God Within) Will help lead you on this path of Ascension. This Inner Guidance tells you when to do the right thing, you just got to learn to listen to it, and Trust it. We are becoming Better People, Brighter Souls.

There is No big booming voice that is going to tell you what to do. It is those very subtle hints of Love that is your guidance.

Our Light is who we are. This is what all the Ancient Masters spoke of.

We are Magnificent Beings Becoming Brighter and more powerful through the Love of the Infinite Creator that is The One.


Ancient References to the God Within

Hindu texts proclaim their belief that the presence of God’s Kingdom is within everyone and everything, and it was a main practice of karma yoga — acts of kindness and generosity that bring one closer to that divine presence. The actualization of this ‘inner treasure’ has been referenced using a number of phrases including:

Judaism – Ein Sof South Africa – Hunhu/Ubuntu Aristotle – ‘the Being’ Platonius – ‘the Infinite’ Islam – Fana Christians – "Spiritual Marriage" ("The God within" "Asking Jesus into your heart" "The Body is the Temple of God") Buddism – Nirvana Taoism – ‘the Tao’ Australian Aboriginals ‘the Dreamtime’ St. Bernard of Clairvaux – ‘the word’ Ralph Waldo Emerson – ‘the Oversoul’

Today, these concepts are often translated into phrases such as God is love…God is peace…God is the Ultimate Consciousness…God is the All, The One…God is a unified presence inherently within all sentient beings…God is infinite…God is the Source of all creation…However one chooses to ‘define’ God and the Kingdom of Heaven, many seem to agree that there is only one Higher power — God. God is often referred to as omnipresent (all Present), omnipotent (all Power), and omniscient (all Wisdom). When we recognize our inner divinity, some believe that we are living in accordance with the true potential of our Higher Selves.


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