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Transformation at HIGH SPEED ~ Archangel Metatron

Greetings to you beloved beings of light, I am Archangel Metatron. It is a joy to be in your presence today and as I am present with you, I invite you to acknowledge your own being and body. I invite you to gaze within and ask yourself, how much do you trust in my presence, Archangel Metatron…at what percentage? Do you trust 100 percent in my presence or do you trust a slightly lower percentage?

As you ask this question of yourself, you begin to acknowledge your level of trust. You may also ask yourself, how much do you trust in the Creator? How much do you trust in the Universe of the Creator? How much do you trust in yourself and your soul? As you gain a percentage for each of these questions, you begin to understand the vibrations within your being.

To doubt is natural. You live in a reality that has so many different dimensions. There are things that you can see, feel, touch, sense, hear and taste…there are things that you cannot…or maybe things that you sense with your inner energy, and yet there are so many worlds and dimensions, and many are existing in your reality.

It is natural to distrust to a certain percentage however, there is a need to build your trust so you can align your energies with your truth, and exist as your truth upon the earth. It does not matter if you doubt my energies and it does not matter if you doubt the Creator or the Universe of the Creator. It is important to first build your trust with your own inner essence, your soul, your divinity, whatever you wish to label it.

When you increase and develop your trust in yourself, you align with your vibration of truth and everything becomes and flows with greater ease and divine perfection. So in many ways, it is not about us on the inner planes. It is not even about the Creator. It is not about those around you.

Your greatest focus to aid your ascension and to reveal your truth is the divinity within your being. So, at what percentage do you trust yourself and your soul? Is it more or less than 50%?

Doubt comes from experiences of disconnection, experiences of wounding and pain. The more you focus on bringing healing and love to these aspects of yourself, your own trust will naturally develop. It will become an energising vibration within your being that spurs you onward and inspires you.

Doubt is something that you are choosing to hold on to. When you think of yourself or your soul, and you connect with the doubt…the distrust…what is it about your soul that you distrust? What are you saying about your soul in your mind, or yourself in you mind?

It might be that you’re not good enough or you don’t deserve love, or you can’t do it; you can’t achieve anything. You might feel repelled; that you’re pushing yourself away from your soul. Maybe you have an idea that your soul orchestrated something that caused you pain.

As you begin to explore this asking, what is the origin of your doubt, already you are dissolving and transforming that energy of doubt. Your simple seeking to discover the origin of your doubt begins to unlock it and release it.

You may achieve this practice and gain an understanding, or you may not. The simple connection with the doubt and allowing it to fill your being…sitting in that doubt with the focus of transforming it and understanding it…supports a natural shift.

You can follow your inner guidance, or your intuition, as to what is needed and what you need to do. You can also call upon angelic healing vibrations to surround you and penetrate your feelings of doubt connected to your soul and yourself.

You may find that there are many voices of doubt within your being and each may require you to sit with them until they transform, or they simply may need to be recognised and then disappear by themselves.

You can experience this in meditation, and maybe make it a daily practice for a few days, allowing that doubt to rise; giving the space for doubt to rise up into your awareness. It may come throughout the day. You may notice it when you are anxious or doubtful, or not able to trust in yourself, not able to make a leap of faith.

You can recognise this as the release and transformation of your doubt, and you’ll find that the energies within you feel less scattered and less scrambled. It feels like a ray of light or a vibration that you are locking into, that is a higher vibration of yourself and your truth.

Each day, at the end of the day, you can connect and ask, what is my percentage of trust in myself and my soul? You may notice that it is rising. It may dip down and then rise up more, and there will be a clarity because doubt creates confusion and chaos. It is like a scattered energy, a scrambled energy, so as you begin to release it, everything becomes so much clearer, more grounded and more aligned, and a peace – a clarity or a purity – emerges.

You can allow us to share our healing vibrations to propel and boost your experience. At this time in ascension, you may notice that many are doubting; their belief is not quite so strong as it was. They’re wondering and questioning, and you may be experiencing the same. This is natural, everything is changing.

You are on a roller coaster of ascension trying to transform your being at a high speed. When changes are a foot doubt is often its companion, and so with the transformation of doubt, comes greater clarity.

In many ways, there’s no need to doubt your manifestation skills. It is just that, sometimes, manifestations are created, we might say, from uncertain energies that do not have the grounding, the safety, the support to assist them.

My love is with you eternally.

I am Archangel Metatron. I thank you.

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