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** TODAY** Universal Lighthouse LIGHT FORCE Gathering ~ Saturday ~ 3:00pm MST 3/23/2024

Join us TODAY for our FREE WEEKLY Gathering Saturday 3/23/24, at 3:00pm MST, in The Light Force Zoom Room, communing with your Earth Family, and Remote Healing for ALL. EVERYONE is invited!!!

TOPICS: X.1.12 solar flare, Timelines, The 2 very Important Eclipses, and Much More.

Get to know Other Lightworkers from Around the World!!!! Open Dialogue, and Everyone can participate. We Would Love to see you There!!

Namaste' Dear Family,

David and Chellea

Zoom Room Information is always the Same, you can save it for easier access.


 Meeting ID: 505 442 7084 Passcode: Love

Time Zone Information ( Click Image to go to Time zone Website

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