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To Our Dear Family of Light - Letter From The Editor FACEBOOK ISSUES

Blessings Dear Family,

As most of you may already know, There was a Big Outage on Facebook and Other Social Media outlets. David And I's are blocked from our Facebook account. This included the Universal Lighthouse Page and the Light Force Group. We are working to get it back, But it may be a while. I have decided to Open a New Facebook and Open a Temporary Group to allow us to Continue The Light work the Light Force Group is sharing.

This is the Link to Join the NEW LIGHT FORCE GROUP PAGE. PLEASE JOIN US > We are still going to be Moving forward. no matter what the Dark throws at us. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

and you can also connect directly with Me, Chellea Wilder on FB

So sorry for any Inconvenience. we don't know how long it will be until Facebook get back with us on this Issue.

Thank you all for your Continued Support

In so Much Love and Light,


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Mar 07

Seems as though several light workers have been de- monetized fron YouTube and some other surprise to us though, right?

But try as they might, the battle is already won. They know it too, just trying to see how many they can intimidate on their way out.

Keep on trucking light family 👪

Replying to

Thank you so much, Yes I feel it is an attack.on the lightworkers. Trying to stop the Light Flow. But Light Flows anyways


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