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TIME is Running Out ~ The Andromeda Intergalactic Council

Greetings in the Light, and Love of our Infinite Creator,

We are very happy to speak with you today, as we bring wonderful insights. Your Solar Logos as shown major activity within your Last week, giving you more C class, M Class, and X Class solar flares than the Earth and Humanity has ever received before. Your Beautiful Star has had 74 measurable events in the Last week of your timespace. You have had 23 C Class Flares which in themselves are High 4th dimensional vibrations, 41 very large M class which is High 5th, and 10 Massive X Class solar flares, which are very High 6th and 7th Dimensional Frequencies, in just a short week of your timespace. These Massive Energies are being projected through the Energetic Nervous system of this Universe, coming from the Central Universal Flower of Creation. The Infinite Father/Mother of Creation, directs their Divine Intention in this manner. All energies coming from your Star in these moments are Light codes from the Infinite Creator to help raise Humanity and the Earth out of the lower vibrational spectrums of existence. These light codes are shifting you into a higher consciousness and light form.

This is both a consciousness and a physical transformation to allow for the Jump into the Light Density of the 5th degree spectrum, leaving the dense physical 3rd degree illusion behind. This is being done by divine decree. Humanity is being monitored very close through this process, and will continue to be through your ascension shift. Those who have become aware of this shift in vibration are doing very well with keeping your vibrations high for this transformation. There are still many who are struggling and are beginning to get uncomfortable, because they are still engulfed in the lower emotions and vibrations of the 3D world. But the Final Awakening has Begun and Nothing is stopping its momentum.

As your game, it will cause a domino effect, and soon all will become aware of this grand shift in consciousness. Your Choices will become apparent to all. This channel is asking What does this mean? What this entails is you will each witness one anothers truth. You will see those who choose the light and choose Oneness rising. Rising in consciousness levels, of Love. Finding more ways to express that Love, through giving and Caring for each other. Then there will be those who care only for themselves. They will become weak, frail and fragile. They will no longer be able to manifest their selfishness. All Will see each one's truth. Once each one witnesses their own truth, again they can make a choice. But that timespace is running out in your perspective. The infinite Creator is preparing the Earth and Humanity for the grand shift, to transform you into a 5th degree planet and society. When we say Time is running out, we also mean it in another perspective as well. Soon, Time in it'self will change in your Human perspective. Time is also Just an Illusion of Limitation. Once You shift out of the dense reality, Time will no longer be linear to you. This may be already happening for many who are consciously embodying the 5th dimensional frequencies.

Nevertheless, in these precious moments, many more are beginning to open their eyes to their own truth of infinite Light. This is the intent of the divine, to awaken all of humanity, that wish to awaken in these moments.

All this recent activity from your Star, is to help advance The Earth and Humanity into a Higher vibration, to where you can make the Jump into the Higher vibrational density with much more Ease.

This is why the massive boost in your solar activity these last several of your Earth days.

The veil is thinning greatly, and it is exposing all within and without. Within the illusions of the matrix and beyond into full spectrum existence. Most of you who actively listen to these messages, are beginning to witness everything, including others truths. Stay within Love, as you see others choices, Just Love them. And accept them without judgement. There is no need to even try and change them, or their choices. it must be their own choice. When the moment occurs for the grand shift, those who choose not to ascend will be removed and placed on other planets to continue their evolution process. Many in these times just came for the experience, to witness, and will be greatly rewarded in their spiritual advancement toward the Higher Light. But in these moments, they just may not be ready for that step, and still wish to continue within a 3D or 4D form and consciousness Level. There is nothing wrong with this choice. There is never anything wrong. All is through divine Light.

The Process of your advancement through the Light Spectrums, is given to you by the Divine.

Each Spectrum raises you more and more beyond the Physical density, into pure Loving Light, merged, with the Father/Mother of Creation.

We are Going Home, All of us, who have begun our journey within this Universe. We began as a new spirit spark formed by the Mother/Father, to grow and evolve our Consciousness and forms in Love, and then to return to our Infinite Creator with all wisdom learned of Love, to return to Oneness once again. We are all here to experience Life in all forms, and expressions. To experience Love in all it's forms, and expressions, and then to grow and evolve back to the Oneness from whence we came. This is the meaning of the purpose of all Life, all experiences, and the Importance of Freewill.

You are a magnificent child of the Divine, growing and learning to become pure, unconditional Love Light.

We Witness you, We celebrate you, and we Love you,

In the Love and Light of our Infinite Creator,

We are the Andromeda Intergalactic Council, Here to serve the Divine.

Intuitive Transmission by Chellea Wilder, at


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