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THE VEIL IS LIFTING ~ 5D Solar/Earth Changes, Sacred Balance - UL Cosmic Light Forecast 6 1/7

The Veil is Lifting, 5D Solar & Earth Changes, True Justice, Maya Astrology. ~ Universal Lighthouse Cosmic Light Forecast for June 1st through the 7th.

RAINBOW LIGHT EXPANSION. – Sensitivity is the Gift of Evolution, and Initiation of True Power of the Sacred Divine Fires

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Greetings Sacred Star Vessels as Avatars of New Earth

We had another day of intense activations and ascension energies flowing into this realm from the Great Central Sun and the Great Spirit of Eternal Life.

Our local Solaris released a Trinity of Creation Codes with 3 M Class Solar Flares. Pa-cha mama received another powerful activation today on the Ring of Fire with a magnitude 6.2 earthquake in New Zealand at 2:21 UTC.

The Veil of separation in between worlds is lifting and all is being exposed through this revelation. Your Spirits are being lifted to the Holiest of Holies of the most high of the Almighty Universal One.

Please always remember that all beings are born perfectly Awakened Buddha. but that Pure Awareness was converted to the three hells of suffering through the ignorance programs of duality and separation, the sine wave some call living in sin. We are resolving this Now in the Unborn Eternal mind of Buddha, which is our Infinite multidimensional Pure Awareness that is omniscient and omnipresent.

What is coming through our Transcendence and Ascension is Beauty and Peace beyond what the mind can even imagine. We hold these codes of New Earth in this Now and Keep the Light shining bright through it all. This is the Calling of our Earth Angelic Starseeded Ground Crew of the 144… A’ho!

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The Sun is in Gemini from May 21-June 21. Knowledge and diversity motivate us with the Sun in Gemini. We are more sociable, intellectual, and insatiably curious under this influence. We tend to scatter our energies due to this curiosity and awareness of all of our options.

Gemini represents duality and mediation. Gemini’s energy is intelligent, optimistic, observant, and adaptable. It’s skeptical, ready to consider alternate ways of thinking. We’re prepared to trade, share, exchange, pass on news, teach, guide, and learn.

We gather information during the Sun-in-Gemini cycle, and we benefit from this transit’s objectivity.

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A celebration of gratitude for our home and family would be the theme of a ceremony made for this week. A solid foundation gives us the strength to stand tall and a harmonious home and loving family give this foundation.

The energy of the nawal Aj, the Maya symbol, which is the Energy for this Time, is about doing the right thing.

It is fair and just, and this is why it represents the true leader. The true leader might not even be recognised at first. They do not need to prove their authority to anyone, but they are the one that is sought, when problems arise, for their wise counsel. The true leader has compassion and love perfectly balanced with authority and strength.

They carry a blend of what we would call the Energies of yin, being compassion, and yang, being strength, which make them complete.

This week we are able to draw on both the masculine and feminine aspects of the qualities of the four directions, vitality, wisdom, spirit and healing.

Which will create a balance of energy and bring it into our homes and communities. This is all in addition to the connection that Aj has to the Heart of the Earth and Heart of the Sky. Allow the wise counsel of the wholeness of the nawal Aj to arbitrate in disputes and seek resolution. This in turn will bring strength and harmony to all who are involved.

A true leader also has experience, and here we see the 8 incorporating the 1 and the 7, the birth and the death, the highs and the lows of life. We draw our wisdom and strength from both aspects, so that we can sustain others through their dark times. It is also a day on which we may ask Aj to bring this strength to us should we be in need of it at the moment.

As we continue to travel through the Kame trecena, this week highlights the physical requirements for a true spiritual transformation. The ability to work with the otherworld through meditation and ceremony is of course important, but transformation cannot take place if this is not grounded into the physical. The experiences in this world give us the backbone to undergo true transformation. Whilst the earlier days of the trecena may have been rather challenging, the latter days bring the reward for passing the challenges.

This is a week to enjoy with your family and your home. We sustain them and they sustain us. It is a day to bring harmony into your home, using your experiences from your past, but also your connection to the Heart of the Sky and Heart of the Earth, the wholeness of existence.

Thank you for Listening, This has been Universal Lighthouse, Cosmic Light forecast, for June 1st through 7th.


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