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The Twin Flame Crossroads ~ Our Journey Together

The Twin Flame Crossroads, Our Journey Together.

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

I wish to introduce to our readers a new concept that David and I are going to be working on together. This new category will be totally dedicated to our Twin Souls Journey. We have been in an active TwinFlame Union now for about 14 years, and we must tell you it has not been easy. Our purpose in starting this part of the Blog is to help other couples that are struggling with this type of Relationship.

The Reason for this We Feel a Push is happening at the moment. Just recently things are beginning to change within the relationship which has Sparked a new Energy. We feel that now is the time for the Real Unions to actually begin to take place. But for this to happen you come to a crossroads in your relationship. At that point, you must make this choice to step up and do what is needed to clear and release the Deepest parts of yourself and move forward into the Sacred Union. This becomes the Death of the individual Ego. The Final Union of the Twin Soul is the Sacred Union, This means no more running away from your responsibility as a Sacred Beacon of Light. This also means it is time to Heal all Wounds that have been created within this Life and even from our Past Lives that we have had together before. I know that there is information out there that tries to tell you that this is the first time you both have been here on this Planet. I know this to be False Information due to experience. I have remembered Several of my Lives with David, and in this Life, we are Still Working on those Same issues as we did in our previous ones. We are here to learn the Lessons needed to move into the Higher Light. if you just keep running away and never facing the issues, you never heal from that past trauma. The Twin Flame Relationship is the Hardest because you know everything about that person because they are your Polar. I am not talking about the term "Duality" but Polarity. A quick example of the difference is, Polar Likeness is like Water. Water has two Poles, Hot and Cold, and when they unite it becomes Warm, but in doing so there is no Battle just Union. This is how a Twinflame Relationship should Work. However, Duality is when there is a Battle between two separate objects. As Humans, we see Each other as something separate from ourselves. So this is why the Battles within the Relationship happen. To understand the True Union You must see your relationship as Polar, not Dual, you are not Separate in Truth, You are One. For The Twin Souls who are at the Moment separated from Eachother. This is also for you. If you ever wish to Heal that Part of yourself it is first important to understand that the Twin Flames Journey is Not just about "You".

The Level of this process is understanding that you must work together as One Unit or what is known as Wholeness in the alchemical sense.

If your Twin is on the Other side of the Veil, They are waiting for you to make this connection within yourself.

I wish to share this Beautiful Poem David Read to me this morning That Brought tears to both of our Eyes Because it perfectly describes Our Journey Together.

"Choose a man who’ll serve your soul.'

You are awoken in a way that no longer draws an ordinary man. Wise woman, wild woman, ancient muse of artists and poets, you crave a partner who can discern your siren call.

You’ve been the shadow that’s slipped past him on moonlit walks when he’s been searching his heart. He’s reached out to grasp you but the time was never right.

Like a wisp of wind, you’ve eluded him on his journey toward enlightenment.

Perhaps he was not ready, perhaps you weren’t either, while you’ve been soaking your bones in mystery and reading sacred texts, he’s also been feeding his mind with poetry and prose.

Perhaps while you’ve been listening to the whispers of forest spirits and leaning against wise old trees, he’s been a step or two behind you, aching for the sound of your steps on the sodden moss.

Wild woman, spiritual seeker, choose a man who will feed your soul.

You have seen him in the cards, he’s elusive but he’s real. He’s a challenge, he’s unafraid to speak his mind. He’s a man who knows his path.

You need a man whose strength is in more than his hands. You need a man whose character makes your heart pound, your body lose control.

He’s the kind of man who will drink your essence but who won’t worship you, because he knows how real you need to be.

He’ll admire your fire, he’ll melt at your touch—he’ll enter your soul through your eyes.

He’ll understand your independence, the many times you’ll leave his side. He’ll follow if you ask him but keep his dreams his own. He’ll tie you down only when you ask it, and then, he’ll do it well. A man who feeds your soul can feed your body as well.

He admires your solitude, he is turned on by your mind, he lives for your next breath of wisdom—wild woman—you’re everything he’s been looking for.

The books on your shelf, the incense in the air, the card splayed to tell his future, the chanting from your meditation room—all sacred food for him.

Choose a man who understands walks under the heavy, magical moon. One who will take your hand and trod through silently falling snow. One who talks to the stars and for whom the planets turn.

Choose a man whose smile will drop you to your knees.

One whose mouth burns at the back of your neck and the bottom of your spine. One whose love leaves no question about its intentions—he’s knows that you’re the one.

Choose a man who’s not afraid of his sexuality or yours. He’ll crave what you cradle in between your hips, his tongue like honey and his manhood rising to meet your lust. While you croon a love song, while you drift across his lips, he’ll bring you to an ecstasy of ocean waves crashing to the shore.

Give him everything, mystic woman. Pour him some pomegranate wine. Give him a drink of forbidden fantasies, let him know you in your darkest form.

A man who feeds your soul craves you raw. A man who feeds your soul walks with the raven as his guide. He is at home in this world and the one in between, that place where spirits gather and everything is known. Let him feed you with his magic, the words only he can speak, the deep, rich timber of his voice caressing your ears while you lie stretched naked in his arms.

He won’t run. No matter what you reveal. Even if you say that dragons or unicorns or wicked spirits visit your night-time dreams. Even if you utter words that only witches learned. Even if you tell him that once your body burned on a pyre of hatred and fear.

Choose a man who will serve your soul. Who knows that you are the universe, the sea at midnight, the plaintive sound inside a seashell and the whir of hummingbird’s wings at dawn.

He knows that you are solitude. That at times you are a destructive wind. That sometimes you are the frozen tundra and sometimes the heat of a dessert isle. Sometimes he is those things too, and why he gets you and still stays.

So lay down your defenses. Put your sword in its safe place, drop that shield. He’s not going to hurt you, and if he does, it will be okay. You’ll understand each other's weaknesses. Wild woman, let him in.

Choose a man who’ll serve your soul." ॐ

Poem By Monika Carless

In So Much Love and Light, David, and Chellea @


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