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The Tsunami / Jesus/Jeshua Through Judith Coates

a message from Jesus/Jeshua

channeled by Judith Coates Saturday, 6 March, 2021


Beloved and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means. Child of Light, divine, from before time began. Allow yourself to feel radiantly alive, putting aside all of the thoughts that you have come in with, all of the thoughts that are as baggage, putting them aside and just breathing, feeling the breath of spirit.

Now, shall we have some fun this evening? Of course. It is your divine nature to be happy, to be radiantly alive, to have the smile on the face, the eyes that twinkle, saying, “I am happy to see you, I am happy to be here, I am happy to be divinely alive.”

So in this evening we are going to ask, “How does it feel to be that wave coming up off the ocean that we spoke about last time we met in this way? How does it feel to be the spirit of energy, divine Light energy, coming up, expressing for a while—a short while, a long while—expressing the divine nature of you? How does it feel to come truly alive in that spirit?”

Because as the wave of energy that you are, you can be quite peaceful, just lapping at the shore perhaps, or you can be quite tumultuous and feeling from the power of the physicality of the wave. You have watched the waves. You have gone on the boat and felt the energy of the wave pushing the little boat or the big boat or sometimes what is called the ocean liner that goes on the vast ocean and you did not feel much of any movement, except that you could see some of the waves. You could feel and imagine when you were in the middle of the vast ocean; you could feel an energy that you are.

Think you back to a time when you were on the ocean, and think you to the energy of the ocean with…as you are seeing the waves on the ocean perhaps being stirred up a bit by the wind and you wondered, “Where is that energy coming from? Where is it going to take me? Where are we going?” as you would feel the storm perhaps approaching. And you have been feeling that in the events of your human life in this time. There are all kinds of messages, all kinds of rumors of peace and of tumult. And you have wondered, “Are we going to come through this?”

Well, yes, one way or another, of course you are. But there are times when you are out on the vast ocean and you can see the waves being stirred up by the wind. That is happening right now with your societies, what is happening with what your square box brings you the news of. It is what is happening in your drama of human life. There is much that is being stirred up to ask of you, “How do you feel about this? Do you feel peaceful within? Can you keep the peace within, and looking out, watch everything else that is going on?”

It takes some breathing. It takes some focus of saying, “I know where my center is. I know the energy of my life, and I choose either to ride the waves of energy that are being stirred up with quite a big wave or to come to the place of peace within.

There is much that is changing. There is much that is in movement within your own mind with what you look upon and how you judge it to be. There is much that is happening around you that you can feel, that you are privy to, and it feels that it is coming upon you, and sometimes you feel you have to shake it off and find that place of peace within.

That place of peace is always with you. Anytime you feel the need to be aware of it, what do you do? You take the deep breath, and it brings you to that place of being more centered. And if the energy of agitation –“they say” and this other person says and this other group says—comes at you one more time, you breathe and come to that still- point within you that is always there. That is you. That is the spirit of you, and never can you lose it. Never can it be taken from you.

So do not worry, no matter what you come through, no matter how the waves seem to come up and how tall they are, and you feel that you are going to be overcome by a wave of energy of a thought, of a fear. The body may fear, but the spirit of you abides in peace.

Allow yourself always, when you feel a bit of the tumult that is going around you and sometimes within you as well, to take that deep breath, to feel the peace that comes with the deep breath. It is something that you have known many lifetimes, how to come apart from the world; coming apart not into pieces, but coming apart from all of the chaos that is swirling around you and find the deep peace that is you, the spirit of you within.

It is what the angels know. It is the energy that they ride. It is the energy that truly you have spoken that you are, and you claim it. You say, “Yes, I want to know how it feels to be at peace when all of the waves are breaking around me.”

Sometimes as you listen to the world you will feel that that energy is breaking around you. And what you do? You take the deep breath and come Home one more time. That is your secret that is well-known to ones who have sought and have found the peace within. It is always with you. It is always within. You cannot be away from it. You carry it with you as the being that you are.

So whenever you feel that the world is too much with you—and there are times when you feel that way, especially if you listen to and look at your square box a lot—you will feel that there is much of chaos that is happening around you, and if you do not remember to breathe, sometimes you feel yourself caught up in the energy of the world. And that is okay. That is one of the things that you have asked to know so that you can bring yourself back to peace.

You have asked to know, “What is around me? What can I create? Can I create the really big wave that is going to overcome me?” And then, “Can I still the waters?” And yes, you can.

Many of you at this time are looking—entertaining, if you want to call it that—at changes, wondering, “Am I going to be okay? Am I going to do X, or am I going to do Y? Or perhaps I will change everything and do Z. I will do that which feels peaceful, that which is healing, that which allows me to be as Home.”

So allow yourself to know that always the spirit of you is in charge. Do not feel that you are going to be overtaken by the affairs of the world. That can come very strongly to your doorstep, and you can feel that, “Perhaps there are going to be changes that I don’t like. Perhaps I am not going to be as powerful as I would like to be.”

Then you take the deep breath and come Home one more time. You take the deep breath that brings you to the center place. Now, I speak of this to you now because I have felt your energies being drawn one way and another way, even with the so-called work that you do, which is actually a joy. But sometimes it can be, “Oh, I have to get this done. I have to contact so and so. I have to answer that email. I have to…,” to the place where the peace that you are seeking seems to be just beyond the reach of the latest email and you’re not sure you can reach that far.

But the secret is, and you have found the secret, is to breathe the deep breath and allow the peace that it brings you to come within, and abide within that peace.

That is where I abide. You will find me in that peace. I enjoy playing with ideas and a little bit of, “Oh, I wonder what would happen if…” and it is a bit of a game that you play with yourself. “I have been there. I try it from time to time just to make sure

I’m still alive.” And yes, of course, you are still alive. Yes, of course, you are adventuring. But remember where Home is, and come Home a lot. Come find me at Home.

Now, as we spoke the last time we met in this way about the ocean of Being and how you are as the wave that comes up off of the ocean and expresses for a while, sometimes the wave is very big and very strong and very rapid. Sometimes the wave is smaller and more peaceful. You are, can be, the energy of the wave. You can feel yourself totally and completely energetic, really alive. And at the same time, there is a knowing, a deep knowing of peace. Allow yourself to abide in that peace.

Issues of the world will always be around you, but you don’t have to; if it asks you to get upset about something, you do not have to get into that energetic field. But if you do, you know how to come Home: one deep breath; another deep breath; perhaps a third deep breath, and you are Home. It doesn’t mean you are going to stay there.

I have watched you. Sometimes you will touch Home and, you know, “This feels good; oh, but what about so and so,” and there you are in the middle of a bit of the energy again. Then you take that deep breath and say, “Well, it doesn’t matter whether this piece fits into that piece or if I’ve got the right age to put this together. It’s all going to work in divine order and divine timing.”

There is something in your world called timing, and you will often get caught up in time. And as we have spoken many times, you are the maker of time. You are the maker of your reality—lower case “r”. You are the maker of, “Oh, my goodness,” and you are the maker of, “Ah, that feels so good.” In other words, you create your own reality moment by moment by moment.

So if you want to be stirred up and excited about something, if you want to be in a place of turmoil, try it for a while. When you get tired of it, breathe; breathe as the spirit of you and come Home. I will meet you there.

You are the wave that comes off of the ocean of Being. You are the expression of the wave, and you may make it however you want to make it for as long and as robust as you want, or as gentle and as peaceful as you want. Because, as we have said so many times, you create your own reality—lower case “r”—moment by moment. You are the maker of that which you experience. You are the judge of that which you experience, and you are the one who can change it if you don’t like it.

There were times when as a small one I understood the energy of Being; just being the small one that knew I was alive, I was taking in information. I was also making judgment of how that information looked and what I could do with it. But I also knew the energy of spirit, and I knew my Oneness.

You know your Oneness when you are peaceful, when you are in that place that says, “I am okay. God does not make junk. I am a divine treasure made in his image and likeness,” which is why we can say that you are the wave coming off of the ocean. You are made in the image and likeness of that vast, vast supply of energy, however you want to use it.

At all times you are vibrating. If you want, you can put it into physicality, on a wavelength of being, as a wave. You express sometimes a very high wave with a lot of power, and later on perhaps in the physical expression you allow the wave to become a little more gentle until finally it blends back into the vast ocean of Being.

Or you get to a place where you say, “I’m not finished yet,” and you keep on keeping on. And you say, “Okay, I want to come crashing against the shore.” And you do that for the sheer fun of it—fun, amusement, joy, expression—because you can; for no other reason except you can.

So you create in your own image and likeness the energy of the wave, and you go forward creating, perhaps beating against the rocks. Oh, I have seen you do this a few times as the wave that you are, beating against the rocky shore and saying, “I am in charge here. How can these rocks be in my way?”

And if you do this long enough, you will wear them down. I have seen you do that.

Or you wear yourself down. Yes, you know that feeling.

You are the extension of the ocean of Being. You are the wave. Even if you are not expressing an individuality, you are the ocean itself, of just Being.

Now, once you get that knowing, that feeling, that truth of Being, that I Am the ocean, I Am in potential All That Is, I Am—full stop, period. I Am.

Once you quit believing in the world, all power is given unto you. So you create your reality, and if you don’t like what it turns out to be, you re-create. You can take that to mean recreation as well, because sometimes, as you have felt, you need a change of scenery in order to change the thinking, the feeling, the creation process. So you re- create something as recreation.

Your words are clues. If ever you want to know a deeper meaning, abide with whatever word expresses what you are feeling, what you are asking, and it will give you a clue. Abide with it for a while and see what else it has as a gift to give you. Even look at the derivation, which will give you even more of a clue. See what secrets are within the words. You have put all kinds of information and clues and little signposts in your words. Sometimes you can get quite caught up in the words and you feel, “Ah, oh, no, I hope that doesn’t happen.”

Well, who is the maker of your reality? You, yes, as an extension of the vast ocean of Being. I’m not saying you as the individual that sometimes you see yourself to be and you say, “Well, this is all there is to me, right here; what you see is what you get.”

Not so. What you see is an extension of what you are, but it is not all that you are; praise be to the heaven of you, you are much more at any time. You have felt this from time to time. You’ve been worrying about something, and finally when you get quiet, an idea comes in. An idea drops in, and you feel, “Where did that come from? A moment ago I knew this was going to be wrack and ruin, whatever all that means, and then there’s a glimmer of light. You know, I’m going to talk to so and so.”

They probably have a clue; and they may not know that they have a clue for you. But in the talking, something will come to you, and it will be a clue that turns you on to a new way of looking.

You, as the extension of the vastness of all that ever has been, will be, can be, have at your beck and call, when you are open to it, all that you can be, all that you can know, all that you have ever been. Everything is open to you.

So if you feel that you have walked into a corner and the walls are all closing in on you and the only thing you can see is that line of the two walls coming together and, “Jeshua, what do I do? Where can I go?” stop, breathe, open to All That Is, and you will find a miracle. That which has seemed to be so in front of you stuck is a no thing, and you will smile, because you are free.

You, as I have said to you throughout the years, are the maker of your reality— lower case “r” as you experience it—and you are part of, not separate from, your Reality— capital “R”. Never can you be—as the wave, the very essence of the wave—never can you be separate from the ocean of Being. “Wow! I never thought of it that way, Jeshua.”

Now let’s take it one step further. There was something that I did, a story that is told of me, when I was a small boy, perhaps three/four/five—we’ll say five years old perhaps—and there was a bird by the side of the road. My fellow playmates who were walking with me said, “Oh, look at that dead bird.” And I knew that the life force never is extinguished. The wave, even if it is not expressing as a wave, has the potential of Being, and it will come to be again if it has gone back into the vastness of the ocean.

So I knew that the bird still had the potential of life. Where else would that potential go? It was right there with the bird, not being activated at that point. So I took the bird in my hand and said quietly to the small one, “If you want to, come forth.” And there was a feeling of energy.

You have this power as well to suggest with your friends. Maybe they are going through a time right now that feels like hell itself. Maybe they are homeless. Maybe they do not know where the next meal is coming from. You can point them in the direction of the food bank. Or you can give to them of the largesse that you have; many answers, many roads. You can suggest.

So I did this, and the bird decided, “Well, perhaps; maybe I’m not finished.” And as my playmates would say, it came back to life. In truth, the potential for life was there all the time, the same with you as you are expressing. You’ve got a physicality; sometimes it works and sometimes it’s a little bit harder to get it going. But the life potential is always with you as the wave that you are.

Sometimes if ones looked upon the vast ocean and you were not activating yourself as the wave, they would say, “Well, he/she is gone.” But no, you were still there. And the beautiful part of it is, you can be called forth at any time. Hear me well. You as the potential of the wave are unbroken from the wholeness of you.

“But Jeshua, you mean I don’t have to let this body decease and have somebody burn it up so it can be smaller and put into a little urn and maybe put it on the mantelpiece so that ones going by can see? Oh, that was James. He was a fun guy.”

That does not have to be. One can come—hear this well now—to those ashes and call forth the spirit of that one, and then, if the spirit wants to activate that which has been the bodily form, it can be done. But it doesn’t have to be. In other words, this bodily form—any bodily form—is not the be all and end all. You have seen this, because you have said, as you can remember other lifetimes, “I know I had a lifetime where I was not even a human body; I was a bird, and I still have the beak to prove it.”

You have expressed in all different shapes and sizes and forms for the sheer fun of it. “Well, Jeshua, I didn’t enjoy it very much when I was a tiny little bird, and someone came along and decided that they were going to have a bird meal. They hit me over the head and decided to roast me.” Were you in that form at that point? “No, but I was watching.”

Allow yourself to look past form. Allow yourself to understand that that form—if you’re to call it a cow, a pig, a chicken, whatever you’re going to say might make a meal—to look past the form of it and know that the energy of life is never extinguished, even though you might take that chicken and toss it into the oven or boil it on top of the stove, whatever you do. And you might eat of it and say, “Oh, this is very good.” And the chicken says, “Well, I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

Allow yourself to have a wee bit of humor as you go through life. Know always that you are life itself. You are alive, and you will never die.

Now, I am held up as very God because I “came back to life”. I was resurrected. Of course. You are also…you have had other lifetimes, other forms. Where are you now? You’re resurrected. You’ve made a new body for yourself. You have done it in a different process, not quite as in your face as I did it. I mean, I was supposed to make example. That was part of my scripting. And I said to ocean, “I’m not quite sure I want to do this.”

And the ocean just kept on doing its thing. And I said, “Can’t we do this another way? And the ocean just kept doing its thing. And I said, “Well, you know, there are other ways that I can make demonstration. I can find another bird that needs to be resurrected and I can bring that to life in front of the multitude.” And the ocean just kept doing its thing. So I said, “Well, okay, if you insist. I’m not really keen on this, you know, but I know that I am not the body.”

You are not the body either. Yes, I know the body yells at you from time to time. And yes, I know there are times when the body says, “Hey, why don’t we just give up on this? You know, life is not much fun, and I feel really like maybe this is one of my last days to have to move this body around and make some example of it. Maybe I’m finished.”

You are only finished when you think you are finished. And I have news for you: even the finishing is not the finish. And very soon after, you let go of your focus upon the body and say, “Oh, thank goodness, all that’s over. Now I can go to heaven and just be the ocean, the water, etc.”

I have news for you: life is meant for living. And as you sink back into the vast ocean of Being, there’s going to be a feeling, “I wonder how it would feel to be one of the stars in the heavens. Can I try doing that?” Sure. But you know, that lifetime that you were living with a certain body and you felt, well, maybe you’d been everywhere and done everything, maybe there is still a bit you hadn’t done or you hadn’t completely expressed. No, there is always a little piece in the corner that you haven’t quite tasted. So taste; be. And I tell you, what you do—you actually do this—when you sleep, you express as another being, another lifetime. So you don’t have to say, “Well, you know, I’m done with this body. It’s kind of old, it’s kind of ugly, it’s kind of tired; it’s not as pretty as it used to be, it’s not as vital as it used to be.” Where is the vitality? It’s you.

So, free choice. You can lay down the body, but I suggest to you that you’re going to raise up another one. It might even look the same, you know. It could happen. And you have a blueprint of a certain body shape and form. What if you replicated it and came back in what seemed to be another lifetime with the very same bodily attributes; even mental attributes?

“Well, heck, Jeshua, if I’m going to do that, I might as well just keep on with this one.” Sure, why not? But it’s all a free choice. You can do whatever you want to create, but it’s much more fun just to keep on finding the adventure. But it is a free choice. And also, you might want to think of the friends who maybe don’t see as far as you do and who are going to miss you.

And yes, I know that once you decease the body, you leave it as the “rubbish” that you think it is. It’s not rubbish, but that’s sometimes the perception. The body is precious. But when you think you are finished with a certain body and ones want to talk to you, and you talk back to them and they don’t hear you, it is very frustrating. So maybe you want to keep the body and the vocal cords. Just a suggestion; you don’t have to.

But treasure that which you have created in this time. Know yourself to be the energy of the wave coming forth from the great ocean for a time; your choice, free choice. But it’s much more fun to dance with a partner that you can feel.

“But Jeshua, I don’t have a dance partner.” Not now, perhaps, but what does the morrow hold? You have a saying in your world, and I can’t quite bring it to mind to express, but as long as there is life in the body, use it, enjoy it; even the breath, the pleasure of drawing breath; wow. You know, that felt really good.

Think of the miracle of the breath and how you can do something within the body to create that in-rush of air and the exhale of the air. What a miracle. “Well, I never thought about it that way. I just thought, you know, something I just had to do.” You don’t have to do. You can hold your breath. I’ve seen you try that. It doesn’t feel so good after a while. Anyway, I digress.

Life is for living. Life is for fun. So, now that we have talked of the vast ocean of Being and how you are an expression—we’ll call it the wave, an extension perhaps—of the vastness of All That Is, what happens when there is an idea that you really get excited about? And a friend of yours, you tell it to a friend and they say, “Wow, do you think we

could really do that? Do you think there’d be any point in trying to do that? You know, that’s a great idea, but I don’t think anybody’s going to have the courage to do that.”

And then you meet another person and say, “You know, I’ve been thinking about….” And they say, “Well, gosh, that would be really…oh, it would be a miracle if we could do that.” You say, “Let’s think about it.” And after a while you get a group together that has a certain new way of thinking, a new avenue, a possibility of something, and you speak to another one and you speak to another one, and they catch onto this idea. And before you know it, there is—which is what is happening now—an awakening; people catching a glimpse of the ocean and the non-separation from the ocean of Being and the power of the ocean to express.

This is happening now. Ones are interested in angels. “What are angels? How do they have discourse and interplay with me? How can I think of other realms? And what happens when I look out to the evening sky and there are these pinpoints of light, these beautiful, vibrant lights up in the heavens? There are so many of them. I tried one night; I tried to count them, but I couldn’t think of numbers that went that high.

“But all of this beautiful, radiant light out there, where is it coming from? Why is it out there? What is the meaning of life? Why am I breathing? Okay, I tried holding my breath, but that didn’t feel very good. Why? Who? Why am I? Who am I? Where am I going? What am I going to create? What have I created? Who are you? You’re in my life. You’re in my life. You’re in my life. What are we…you know, we might be…I heard this crazy, off-the-wall idea that we’re all an extension of God. I don’t feel very divine. I don’t even make divine decisions. How can I be an extension of God? How can I…but you know, I could be…well, I’m alive, and I get ideas from time to time. And there are times when I meet someone and I completely feel radiantly alive with them. They get an idea; I get an idea. And it’s like, ‘Oh, I feel alive in that moment. I feel like…turned on. I love that feeling. I’m turned on. Okay.’”

And this spreads. This is happening now. It is called the awakening, and it is the tsunami. It is building. It is happening, and you are in the midst of the beginning of the vast wave of the tsunami, because you are listening to these ideas, and these ideas are turning you on to a vastness that you don’t always think about day to day, but it’s like, “Hm, you know, I heard this idea. It really was exciting. I don’t know if it can be true. I don’t think it can be true, you know. Is it true? What do you think? You’ve heard of this idea, you know, that we’re part of the vast ocean of Being. That kind of struck a chord within me, and I really felt…well, maybe like something like that could be true.”

One by one by one by another one; pretty soon you are going to be the tsunami.

It is happening. It is happening, and you are part of it, because you have said, “I am willing to think about things that a lot of people don’t have any time for. They would say, ‘Well, what’s that worth? How many dollars am I going to get with that one?’”

Well, try it and see. And maybe there’s something worth more than the dollars, the money, the pesos. Maybe it’s worth coming alive. It’s worth coming alive and realizing— making real in your knowing—that you are more than just the individual wave.

That individual wave looks around and says, “You know, if we join forces we can probably roll that log that’s up on the beach, we can probably roll it a little farther. And next time we’ll roll it a little farther. And the next time we’ll push it until it’s up into the tree line. Huh, what power.”

That’s the power of the tsunami. That’s the power that you are. It is called the awakening to your being, the whole being of you awakening. It is a tsunami that is gathering, and you are part of it. And you don’t have to do anything except perhaps to, hmm, just muse about it and say, “How would that be if I were part of the vast ocean? How would that feel? You mean, Jeshua, that when I get finished with this expression, I still am part of the ocean of Being? I still have the potential to express? I want to come back as an angel or perhaps as a snail. I could try the life of a flea. Fleas have a lot of power. Did you know that? A flea can get on an animal and drive it to run wild; a little tiny thing like a flea; the power of being; a miracle.”

You are a miracle. I know there are ones who have said to you as you were growing up, “Ah, you’re such a miracle; but not.” You are the miracle. You are part of the growing tsunami that is going to push all of the dead wood, all of the old thinking out of the way and come truly, completely alive as the energy of that wave, the energy of the tsunami.

Think you upon that for a moment or so: the power of a tsunami. “Oh, my God, really?” Yes, really. “Well, I don’t want to be destructive.” All of the time you are changing things. A tsunami has been judged to be bad, destructive, okay. But in truth, no, the tsunami is making way for something new, is clearing that which has been and served its purpose for newness; newness of life; new way of looking at things; new way of expressing. There’s a vastness of untapped expression.

You think that this is all there is and that perhaps like with your spaceships you send them up to another planet to dig in the surface of the planet to see what history it has. You have been the history of that object, that place. You have been. You have within you that history, if you want it. But I say unto you that it’s probably more fun to think, “What other adventures can I have?”

But you can go back and draw from that the adventure of being on what is termed Mars. You’ve been there, done that. You have it within the knowing of you. What they are going to bring back as evidence of history, you are going to say, “Well, I knew that very deep within me. It’s exciting to go back and revisit, but it is a re-visit.

The tsunami is in one term as you look at it destructive, because it is wiping away that which has been, but it is also exciting because it is clearing a path for new being, new creation. And being the extension of the ocean, or as we have said sometimes the one Creator, you are creative, and you are creating all the time.

That’s why I prophesy that it is going to be a tsunami in the thinking, because we have done it before, because we are creative as the little wave that becomes the big wave that allows for new expression. You’ve seen the waves on the shore, and you’ve seen how they make way for new expression; and the tsunami of ones coming together, after they get done with their little bit of play as to all of the backbiting…that’s an interesting expression, “backbiting”. Anyway, that’s going on at this time.

Then there’s going to be a coming together, enough that there’s going to be a tsunami to make way for new. It’s exciting. And it is not going to do away with you, because you are part of it; you are part of the vast ocean of being. Never will you be extinguished. Always you will be going forth creating, re-creating, even recreating from time to time in fun and in joy. And I join you in that, in the joy of the tsunami. So be it.Copyright © 2020 Oakbridge University. Oakbridge material is copyrighted but free to anyone who wants to use it as long as proper credit is listed, including our website address This message was originally posted here


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A Course in Cosmic LIGHT Work
By Chellea Wilder

The Merging of Ancient Practices to Embody and Work with the Universal Life Force Energies
Available in
Paperback and Kindle Reader

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