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The Truth About Reincarnation: Unveiling the "Big Secret"

The Truth about Reincarnation is that it is all about our genetics. Our DNA is a Blueprint of who we have been in past lives. It is also the Record of our Souls advancement, toward wholeness. So, for example, if you do not have Native American Genes, then you were never "Pocahontas" or "Sitting Bull" in a Past life. Our genetics is the key.

This is how they determine who will be the Dali llama, he reincarnates into the same family lineage. This is also why the Elites keep their Bloodlines Pure, so they Know who is reincarnating within the Families. If the bloodlines get mixed, you have a chance of someone reincarnating into your family that is "unacceptable". This is why they feel they have the right to continue to stay in power. They have traced their family heritages for many thousands of years. Many of the ones in Power today were in "Power" in their past lives. This Agenda has gone on since the beginning of Known History. Plus as well the "Ones" in power have technologies, alchemical potions, and special treatments that help them to remember their past lives.

When any of the Elite stray from the bloodline agenda, they are exiled from the family, they do not receive anything including wealth, or even acknowledgment from the family. They Are "CUT", What this means is, they cannot and will not ever be in the "Know", in this life or any other future life. By marrying outside of the elite's family lineages it allows others to incarnate into that Family tree from other lineages. The elites are very strict about this. Even if there are Children born with other unknown bloodlines they are not included in the family trees.

Every one of us has had many lives. However, we are not in the know. Only those who have been fortunate enough, to be born into the highest class, or those who are "Chosen" get to Remember, and even then only according to the "Job" they are meant to do.

But What Makes their Bloodlines so important to protect the lineage?

These beings are not Human at all. They are hybrids created by Extraterrestrials, that still control this Planet and everything that is done here. Hybrids being that they have more Alien DNA then Human DNA, this is referred to as "The Essence". All Humans have Alien DNA, however, it depends on how much of the essence you have and from what extraterrestrial origin. For example, a Person can have essence from multiple ET races, including The Tall Greys or Reptilian which are referred to by the ones in the "know" as the Tall Grey ="Maitre'" and the Reptilian ="Vlash" races. How much of this Special essence you have will determine how much power you have. Those with a lot of certain types of Essence will have more special abilities such as Telepathy or Telekinesis.

How much control do they really have?

You do not gain any stance in this world unless you are a part of the "Chosen Ones". Even if you are one of the Bloodline but have been exiled by the elite families, you are forced into poverty and suffering along with humans. Sometimes Humans can become worthy enough in the "Chosen's" point of view, to prosper and gain importance in society, But they are still slaves of the Dark Agenda.

What is the point of all of this?

To them it is most important To keep total power and control over humanity, stopping us from Ascending to Higher light where they can not exist.

The alien Races who have highjacked this reality are of very low vibration and must stay within those vibrations to survive. However, this Earth wants to raise herself back up to her higher self. So, they are trying in the current moment to Stop this or at least split realities to where they can continue with their Dark Agenda.

What can we do to Stop this Agenda?

We ourselves must remember who we are and were, We are our Ancestors. This does include Extraterrestrial, Animal, and Plant Life Forms. Our DNA is a soup of Genetics.

Through much false information, they have totally destroyed our Pineal Gland so we can't remember our past lives. There are many ways to begin to open the Third Eye. Research what techniques would be best for you. It is important to remember while trying to access past Lives, We remember the worst first, in other words, we will remember how we died or tragic events of those lives first.

Another way to stop this Agenda is... Once we become aware of what is happening we can then focus the intent to change it.

Humanity is very powerful, this is why they are in fear of us and feel the need to control. There are those beings out there who have been Genetically altering our DNA to help us in this ascension process. This is helping to raise the vibration of Humanity much more quickly, giving us a better chance to break the chains of the Dark.

Raising our Vibration is key to overcoming the darks agenda. We must become LOVE. We must not let them separate us any longer. Through this separation, fear and hate have caused Humanities vibration to Drop drastically. In this Moment they believe they are winning this battle.

This is the Old Time Battle for our Souls that we have always heard about.

This is an individual battle that you must win for yourself. No one can tell you how to think or feel. It's up to each of us to make the choice to raise our own consciousness to a higher understanding of love.

In Love and Light


Universal Lighthouse


The test of reincarnation of the soul by DNA and IRIS scanner

Antonio Alcalá Malavé, MD, PhD*

The test of reincarnation of the soul has only been studied through the Tibetan Book of the Dead [1], written by Padmasambhava in the 8th century. He was the founder of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism and the inner tantras in the 8th century. This book is a handbook for those who have died and which, according to the Tantric Buddhism of Tibet [2], would allow achieving enlightenment during the immediate period after the death and for a few days more in order to avoid rebirthing and entering samsara again, as it is considered that the death process after dying takes 49 days and afterwards a rebirth suddenly happens in the reincarnation cycle. The content of the book gives some advice to keep in mind during this “intermediate period”, known by the Tibetans as bardo [1], in order to not reincarnate in any of the called lower kingdoms according to the Buddhist tradition [2]. According to that tradition, this text is considered as one of the “earth treasures” (gter ma). Nevertheless, Padmasambhava [3], did not make it public but he concealed it, though it was discovered in a cave by Karma Lingpa 6 centuries later, in the 14th century. In the Western world it was made public for the first time trough the translation into English by Walter Evans-Wentz in 1927 Source:


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