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The Tapestry of Life: The Map of Our Divine Path

When we are born onto this planet we have already forgotten why we are here. Some of us, remember early in life that we have done this all before, but are quickly reprogrammed to believe it's all a fantasy. Then for most of us, we end up in a nowhere job and scraping the bottoms of our purses just to make ends meet. This kind of life is not our divine purpose. Society has made it to where we feel we are destined to work for the rest of our lives. This is the program the controllers want you to follow. Metaphysics teaches that this is why we are stuck in the reincarnation loop. We never fulfill our true Divine Plan for each lifetime.


The Tapestry of Life

Metaphysics teaches that every soul has a purpose in life, the part each of us plays in the great divine plan. The vision of this plan is known as The Tapestry of Life. You are shown your Tapestry of Life before you incarnate to guide and inspire you. The power to accomplish this plan is placed in your aura and consciousness. It then becomes your mission to weave this tapestry in physical life by seeking, finding and fulfilling all that you came to this earth to do. On this tapestry you are shown key people you are meant to interact with, such as family, friends and colleagues, as well as the career you are meant to have, karmic conditions to work through and experiences that will enrich your life. In general, there are twelve stages in the unfoldment of your Tapestry of Life. You will unfold these stages gradually through the years you are on Earth. So there are many things you are meant to accomplish. Chances are you have already fulfilled some things you were meant to do, even if you did not see it that way. In the same way, there may be things left undone, or things you are in the process of accomplishing. The question to ask is what can you do at this point to fulfill your life’s work? It may be you are already on track and need to keep moving in that same direction undeterred. Or there may be changes you need to make and you will need to show courage and determination through the process of transformation. Life will work with you to complete your purpose because your purpose is not just about you; it’s also how you are contributing to the greater whole. Just as people may be in your tapestry that you need to interact with, you are also in the tapestry of other people who need to interact with you. What happens if you don’t fulfill what’s on your tapestry, don’t accomplish all you came here to do? Unfortunately, this happens too often. Many times, souls don’t fulfill the full breadth of their life’s work because they let cares and concerns get in the way, or they get distracted or lose their motivation. In these situations, that part of your tapestry remains unfulfilled, and you will need to complete that part in another lifetime. That is why it’s so important to do everything in your power to seek and fulfill what you are meant to do. Life is dynamic, and sometimes your Tapestry of Life needs to be adapted due to conditions outside your control. For example, say you are meant to marry someone but that person refuses to marry you. You are ready to do your part, but the other person is not. In those cases, your tapestry would be rewritten by the Divine to bring someone else in your life to fulfill that role. In a later incarnation, you would still meet up with that original person to fulfill the original plan. You discover the various stages of your tapestry as your life unfolds. The key is to stay active. As Rudyard Kipling said, “Fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run.” Do everything you can to complete the dreams and aspirations you have. Meditate with Divine Light to inspire you with the vision and understanding as to what the Divine has designed for you.


It is important to follow your dreams.

Our dreams are what we came here to do. Maybe you have a special talent or gift that is your passion. Or you have a desire to work in health care or scientific development or some other career. Our dreams are our Divine Plan. We come into this form with the codes to search our divine path.


But What if I'm older and Never followed my dreams when I was Young?

Our dreams change as we get older. The Divine Plan changes with us, so we can still fulfill the Plan. The Plan is constantly changing just as you change your mind. The Divine wants us to succeed in life, and so always lays a new opportunity on our path.


How do you get back on the Right Path?

Just noticing that you are not headed in the right direction is the first step to back to your Divine Path. If you feel you should be doing something with your life, to better it, then Just do it. anytime you really want to change your life you have to be willing to make that Jump. We need to be ready to change our life.

A lot of us have gotten cushy in our job even if we "hate" it. The point is not to remove the "comfort' but add to it. we should not be struggling to survive. But we should also be able to walk in the divine light at the same time.


I feel That I am stuck in a never-ending Spiral and can't find my Path?

Our lessons in life are all to do with how we respond or react to situations.

We hear people say, "Why does this always happen to me?" We tend to get into spirals of experiences that seem to resemble each other. The reason this happens is we have not learned that lesson yet. If you are continually getting angry and reacting negatively then you will continue to experience this same type of experiences, until you can learn to respond in a loving manner. We all have fallen into these karmic loops.

When we start to focus our intentions on becoming a better person, we then can release the negative karmic energies and start creating Positive experiences, and achieve our Divine Purpose, and Walk our Divine Path.


Our Divine purpose is to become and achieve our highest potential throughout each lifetime.

As we gain higher light we evolve into the higher dimensions. This is the Plan. The dark will try everything in their power to stop you from achieving your highest light. that includes trying to force us to spend our lives working for them, instead of achieving dreams.

Remember to always follow your dreams, it is your divine path.

In love and Light Universal Lighthouse


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