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The Secret to Unlocking Our Supernatural Powers and Abilities

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We have all seen Superman run faster than a speeding bullet, and Spiderman jump from building to building by using his web, in the movies, but this all is just fantasy, right?

Each and every one of us has Supernatural gifts, but not everyone has the same ones. Some we are aware of, and others we are not. Some gifts lay dormant until the right vibration is met to be able to use that gift. While many of these abilities just need practice or even to be acknowledged that they are there. The higher our light shines, the more powerful and profound our abilities become. But most people on this planet are blind to ever knowing their truth. We get so caught up in the illusions of this world, we forget that we are more than just our job title or financial position. We are connected to all the elements, Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, and the Ether. We are connected to the Universal Force, and we are connected physically to this earth. We are magnificent Beings of Nature, able to manipulate, transform, or even Create, with all the forces of this Universe. This is our Power.

The secret to Unlocking these special gifts is... Our intentions.

Our intentions are our most powerful gift. Through our True intentions, we change the world around us every day. Most of the time we don't even know that we are using this gift.

Our intentions work along with the Universal Energies to create our realities. So, whatever our truth is, it is then reflected through our experiences.

When working with the higher Light energies of this Universe, your real intentions are reflected, so by being selfish or harmful in any way, you are working against the Universal Light. So this vibration is then reflected back to you, in negative experiences, where you are constantly in karmic energies. Being selfish or service to self creates loneliness and separation. Anytime we wish to cause harm to anyone, it will reflect back to us as pain and discomfort and can even lead to disease and death.

Our special Gifts should never be used for self-serving reasons. They are gifts from the Universe and should be used for the betterment of the All.

If we set our intentions to be for the betterment of the all, we can begin to create miracles in this world. By truly wishing for the betterment of the all, we allow the Universal energies to flow freely, creating peace, prosperity, and Unity.

When we use the energies for wrongdoing we receive that back in negative experience and illness. The dark workers use other entities and people to do their negative bidding, through money, blackmail, or force, to keep their own hands clean of any negative karmic work. This is also how they enslave our souls, with a negative karmic neverending cycle. Their spells and black magic are created to destroy everything of nature and to keep humanity enslaved. Money is their favorite tool.

Using our intention to Manipulate the Energies is much easier than what most people believe it to be.

The closer to nature you become, the easier it is to connect to its vibrations.

Spending time in Nature is literally plugging yourself into the force of this Universe.

With focused intention, we remove negative energy, from ourselves and our homes. With focused Energies, we can even remove the darkness, from the world. But, it will take humanity to awaken, to their truth. It will take many of us to transform the darkness on this earth. We as humans are not the only ones here, controlling the situation.

So, It is a never-ending job of clearing for those who work for the light. The dark never sleeps.

Having the right intentions when we use our gifts will enhance them greatly.


Types of Powers

Despite their vast diversity, most powers fall into a handful of categories defining their core identity:

Concept: powers centered on an idea, allowing essentially any effect related to it.

Function: powers centered on what they do, usually specialized on relatively specific fields.

Examples: Creation, Destruction and most Manipulations

Mechanism: powers centered of the manipulation of immanent laws of reality.

Source: powers centered on its origin (usually supernatural) allowing a variety of applications.

Unfathomable: powers without actual cause/mechanism, defined as beyond understanding.


Many of our special gifts lay dormant until they expose themselves during a crisis or other major events. Your abilities can be forced to the surface, due to the other circumstances. However, many times we have a special gift, but, we just don't realize it is a gift at all. So, the gift never gets nourished or practiced.


The Art and Science of Developing Superhuman Abilities

The first thing to understand when it comes to developing these powers if you will is that there is a lot of them and not every teacher or master is able to demonstrate them all.  According to the classical Hindu text, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, which talks about such things, there are approximately 19 siddhis or supernatural powers that are attainable. Here’s a sampling of the list of superpowers outlined by Patanjali, the ancient Hindu sage, with added commentary by world-renowned parapsychologist Dean Radin, Ph.D.:

Siddhi III.21. The disappearance of the body from view, as a result of looking at the body with the inner eye. This is sometimes translated as the power of invisibility because the Sanskrit aphorism contains words suggesting a “suspension of the coarse or limited projection of the body.” But it may also be interpreted as the ability to perceive aspects of the body that are beyond the limited scope of the ordinary senses. In other words, we could interpret this as clairvoyance, or perhaps as psychokinesis.

Siddhi III.39 and 42. Levitation, through samyama on the feeling of lightness. This siddhi is said to allow the yogi to float, hover, fly, or walk on water. It could be interpreted as a highly advanced form of psychokinesis.

Siddhi III.44–45. Mastery over the elements, through samyama on the elements, enabling manipulation of matter, including the size, appearance, and condition of the body. Variations of these abilities include the fulfillment of any desire, or to create or destroy material manifestations; a highly refined version of psychokinesis.

Siddhi III.46. The perfection of the body. This could be interpreted as a melding of exceptional mind-body control combined with psychokinesis. It would manifest in extreme cases as indefinite life extension, as incorruption of the body after physical death, perhaps as the “rainbow body” in Tibetan tradition, in which the corpse does not decay but rather slowly fades away and turns into colored lights.

Achieving mastery over even one of these abilities is a considerable feat and would put you in the .000001% of the human population that has access to real siddhis or something to that degree. Developing full control over all 19 is the stuff that legends are made of. This is because each siddhi has its own subtleties and nuances and oftentimes requires mastery of one or more of the different faculties of the human mind, body, energy body and spirit.

According to those that have attained them and teach the process of doing so, being able to demonstrate superhuman abilities or is kind of like training for the Olympics.  Anyone who puts in the time and effort can qualify, but only the most talented go on to win the gold or even place in the top three. And so it is with the siddhis. If you put in the time and practice, you can enter the realm of the extraordinary and begin to exhibit some of the easier abilities there is to attain, but only those people with an unusual level of commitment or innate natural talent or ability will develop true mastery over one or more of their superhuman powers. Source,


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Here is a detailed list of real Human supernatural Abilities.


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