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The Secret Key 🧚‍♀️ The Faerie Realm

The Secret Key, 🧚‍♀️ The Faerie Realm.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Great Spirit, Mother Earth, and all Nature spirits and Elementals, for this moment in Time, and for your beautiful Insights.

Beautiful Day Dear Ones,

Today I am asking for insights into the world events, Also to bring to Light any other information that you wish to bring forth, and again Thank you.

I am first Shown the world, as in humanity, I see the word Success. We are finally in completion and have now entered the 4th dimension. Everyone on earth that is here now, has the opportunity, to make this Jump into the Higher Realms, But, they must make the choice to raise their way of being, Which is becoming Service to Others. While here in the 4th dimension, we can Rise in the Light, or into Darkness depending on where your service is, Service to Self or Service to Others.

I am seeing at this moment silver tunnels or tentacles that are going in all directions. I was also given this image a few Days ago as well, during a Divine Light Channeling. This is telling me that we have many timelines that are available, and we make the choice of what direction to go, by our personal frequency and intentions. Humanity has a choice to make in these times, We are at the end of this 3D journey. However, Many are choosing to stay in the Lower vibrations, so those individuals will experience a much different outcome then those of us who have chosen to be of Service to Others.

I then receive the image of my High Priestess Self, This is telling me that we are being asked to Trust in our own abilities, and intuition. I am being reminded in these moments, of the last Faerie Reading. As the Faeries told us before, We can Move Mountains, if we have faith in the presence of the Infinite Light within.

I am now being given the Image of an older man. He is reflecting on his past and present, He is writing down major points from his Life so he can plan for his Future. The Faerie are asking us to take a few moments to reflect of what it is we wish to see in our future. They are telling us that Now is the time to prepare for what is next in our lives. We are the ones creating this reality, we are the Ones who can change it.

I am then shown a small boy sitting and waiting patiently, He has no worries in the world. The faeries are showing me that we of the Light, have nothing to worry about, all Things are in Divine Order, and all we have to do is just be patient and all things will come to Light.

I then see the image of a Lion and a Lamb. The Lion and the Lamb can represent many different signs. In this moment this image is reference to Strength and Gentleness. We are being guided in these moments to have strength and courage moving forward into this unknown future. But to move forward we must have a gentle heart.

I am then shown the Words "the Sun", and shown the inner image of the Sun sending out massive waves of Light. We are asked to Allow these energies to surround us and engulf us. These beautiful waves of Light are sent directly from the central Sun of the Universe, directly into our sun. I am being shown that how it works is like a Universal Wifi signal, that sends out energies all across the Universe, from One Sun to the Other, in this manner. I am being given the image of solar flares or flashes coming from our sun hitting the Earth, This is what is transforming this Planet at a much quicker pace, and is amplifying our own Light. I see that these flashes and flares are sent by the Creator itself, to help assist us in these ascension moments.

I then receive the image of a man holding the Earth in one hand, and his heart in the other. The Faerie are reminding us that we must LOVE the Earth with all our hearts. She is now awake and very aware of your personal intentions towards Her and Others. As we move forward into the New Earth of Light, We must take care of our Mother Earth and all her inhabitants, and that includes Each other. We are not here for ourselves, we are here to become Love and to be of Service to this Planet and Humanity.

I am then shown the Phrase, "It's Time to Follow your Dreams". We have made it Dear family of Light!! Now we just need to Follow our Dreams, our desired outcome is ripe for the picking.

We are at the point in this ascension that we can begin to really manifest what we desire for our heaven on Earth. Each and everyone of us, have the inner Light that is connected to this Universe.

I am being shown again the Wifi signal, it is showing me that Our Light is also now connected to the Central Sun, this allowing for a direct connection to Source. What this means is We have now been reconnected to the Central sun of this Universe, which is considered the Logos, or the Heart of God in the Physical. Stop and think about that one for a moment. We are now directly connected to the Heart of Source.

For a Final Thought I am given the Image of a Key. I know this Key, it is a very special one that has been hidden from Humanity. This Key, is the secret of True Creation, and Manifestation. I was given this KEY by the Faerie themselves, back in 2012. It is not a physical Key, But I Seen it as such when it was given to me, while being within the Faerie Kingdom. The Key, within this 3D reality was a truth of how to actually manipulate the Energies of this Universe to Create my own chosen Timeline. I did not know at the time that this is what I was given, I just recently found this out for sure.

The Secret Key to Creation is, to see what you wish to create, in a first person manner. This means. if you wish to create something in your future, you must see it and experience it in your imagination as first person. For example, I want to create for myself abundance, I would imagine that I am surrounded by everything I could ever want, and see it in my imagination in a detailed way, l will then in my imagination walk around and look at every detail of what I wish to create, Seeing it all in First Person, Then I write it down exactly what I seen in my imagination, also writing it in first person, like a Story. The Writing it down seals it as a request for creation, as your intention. You can do this every day until your desired outcome has manifested. However, you must remember that the Energies work unconditionally, meaning, that this Universe Creates your Outcome doing whatever is necessary to achieve it. Good or bad. To get to your Chosen Outcome, things must Shift, so you must remember, Loss or letting go could also be involved.

I was given this beautiful Gift by my Faerie Family. I know that this works, I have created Mine and Davids Timeline Now for the last 10 years, even though at the time I received the Key, I didn't know what it was doing. The Faeries are reminding me that NOW is the time to use the Key to create my Heaven on Earth. I am giving this Key that was graciously given to me, to my Dear Family of Light, to also help with Embodying these Higher Light Energies, and to manifest your personal Heaven. The Faeries are sending us all their Love,and want to work with us in manifesting Our Heaven here on this Earth. They are here with us now in a much more personal level. We can ask for their and Mother Earths assistance in bringing in the Light. They are our Elemental Families, and they have been waiting a very long time for us to come home to the Light.

and so it is, and it is so.

In so much Love and Light,

Channelled By Chellea @

Faeid Communication Q & A and Message.

This is a Question and Answer session with Beings between the 5th and 9th dimensions that live within the Elemental Realms, or what we refer to as The Faerie Realm. This Realm is within the Inner Earth. They are multi-dimensional and so are frequently on the surface of the planet as well, but must stay hidden from Human eyes. They are the Angels or Spirits of Nature and are the Protectors of this Planet and all her inhabitants. The Term “Faerie” Refers to All of the beings including Elves, Gnomes, Pixie, Sprites, Faerie, and Many other magical and multi-dimensional Beings.

This is channeled through many decks of Tarot cards and visual images or scenes I receive. I will tell you what the Faeries have shown me visually and the message they may give directly. I do not use the cards in the way that it is traditionally done in readings, The Faeries show me images or words, coinciding with the Answer to the question or message they are giving. There is also direct telepathic communication also in images and words.


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