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The New Earth of Light, Channeling, and Gnostic Guidance.

Beautiful Blessings Dear Family of Light,

Within the Study of many ancient Societies, Cultures, and Religions around the world, we have come across a very common practice. From Modern Christians who practice the laying of their hands on someone in Prayer, to Vedic Mudras which teaches different hand positions that bring energy into the Body and then can be used as a healing tool used in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Yoga, to Reiki, an ancient Japanese healing practice, still readily available to learn even today, there are many ancient teachings that reflect the Knowing of The Power of the Light when it is Embodied. The Concept that we can pull in the Light energies into our body and then in turn use them for healing is very ancient knowledge, that we even through all the Dogma of religions still remember. This ancient way of healing uses the Universal Life force Energies, or what can be referred to as the Holy Spirit or The light, And is brought into the Form By Loving and Healing intent. This energy is then manipulated through the Body and can be emitted from the Hands and can be used as a Very Powerful Healing Tool.

With whatever practice you use, you allow the Light Energy to Enter your form to be Used as a Tool to help others in need. This is why Touch is so important between Humans. We Heal Each Other, Through Our Loving Intentions. As we grow in the Light, everything we touch can be healed or transformed into something positive, this is one of the main reasons the Ones who wish to control, are trying to cause so much fear against one another. When we choose the way of Light, we become conductors of that Energy. What this means is, that with everyone you touch, you can send healing by intention. In the Ancient text and through many studies, they have discovered that it only works with using the Love or care energies. When we feel concerned for others, this is a sign that the Light can help in that situation. This is done through the Love vibration. As long as our true intent is selfless in nature, we can send these energies anywhere. The key is it can not be used in a selfish manner. In other words, it is not supposed to be used for gain. When we do so the energies become tarnished, nulled, or gone altogether, due to not having the proper intent. Even Modern Reiki has gone way off Track making it all about income, causing their energies to be damaged. When studying the Ancient Practice of Reiki, You literally prepare yourself by engulfing with Light energies and then adding the Symbols to amplify intent. So if you don't have the right healing intention, and think of only the money you will be making during a session, it does nothing for the client and may even send the Wrong energies to them. I have been asked many times to be a teacher of the Practice, however, I am uncomfortable about charging for it and worry that My Students would use the Knowledge in the wrong manner. Plus it takes Lots of Time before they are truly ready to receive mastery.

Nevertheless, I also feel That it doesn't take necessarily all that training to Actively work with the Light Energies. In My Book, I discuss this further.

As I was instructed, This is the type of Mindset one must be in, to work with the Universal Life Force Energies.

The 5 Reiki Principles are,

In This Now, I will Not Worry.

In This Now, I will Not Be Angry.

In This Now, I will be Grateful.

In This Now, I will do my work Honestly (or a more modern version, In This Now, I will Be Honest).

In this Now, I will be Kind to All Living Things.

Connecting With the Universal Life Force Energy.

Our Mind set is number one in our direct connection with this Energy. However, it is just the beginning process of Embodying the Source Light Fully. There are different techniques that will help with this connection. The first Process that I will give you is what I was taught through My Reiki teachings.

The Word Reiki is in itself this Process. The beginning of the Word “Rei” Means Universal Life force energy, While the end of the word Ki Means our own personal Life force energy, which is located right about the area of the Solar Plexus Chakra. In many ancient cultures, they study the personal power of the Qi or Ki that can be used as a superpower in a since, and is used in many Martial Arts Practices. When we combine the 2, Rei and Ki, you receive the Embodiment of the Universal Life force Energy itself, and it combines with your own Qi or Ki and creates powerful healing energy within your own body.

From there, the practitioner of Reiki can then use this energy to heal their clients of Illness, disease, and many other things, even simple stress.

However, this beautiful embodiment can also be used for other things besides the Reiki practice itself. Our work as Lightworkers is just what the title suggests, “Light” “Workers”. So I have added this to my everyday Lightwork to enhance its power.

Rei Energy is Infinite, Eternal, and is not bound by space or time. So your projection of Light is Instant when being sent. This makes your Work of energy movement instant and with the backing of the Light itself, makes it a powerful tool to co create on this Planet.

The Reiki teachings are very simple, they tell you to ask the Rei Energy to enter your form, and then you do your symbols. This is done almost like a prayer. Something simple is fine like, “I ask the Rei to enter my form filling me with the pure Loving, Healing Light.” Then after saying the small prayer they would do their symbols which I will disclose later in the Course.

However, as simple as it is many people are uncomfortable with it because of using a term we are not familiar with such as Rei. So if you wish to change the term to Light, or even God, that is totally fine as well. It is whatever you yourself are comfortable with. I personally ask it of the Great Spirit. and I have another technique that I use, Which is a Very ancient ritual from the emerald Tablets themselves. I will give up that technique later in the course as well. No matter how you see this Light, It is what we have come to know as God’s Holy Light or the Holy Spirit. It is conscious in itself and Knows your true intentions. It will only work through the Highest Intentions of Love. This Energy is what surrounds us, but if our vibrations are too low, it can not be embodied. It can only work with the Love vibrations. So by just asking It (The Universal Lifeforce) to enter your form, if the conditions of Peacefulness and Love vibration is present, It will and can be used as a tool to help clear, cleanse, heal, create and manifest your heaven on Earth.

Another great way to embody this Light, is through different Meditation and breathing practices, Through the Breath, we, breathe in the Light into our physical Form. This also elevates our vibration and benefits our health. We can do this consciously to connect to the Source Light as well, always remembering to be aware of your Mindset.

What is very special about the energy of this Universe is, it can only be used for Good.

When the Dark wish to use their magic, they ask the darker entities to do their bidding. But when you work with the Light, The magic comes through you, from the infinite Creator itself. It is the embodiment of the Higher Light. You are Embodying Source, and it is working through you and your projection of energy.

Anytime we Pray or chant we send that Vibration to this Universe on What we wish to take place. However, to do it properly, we must remember to be Mindful of the conscious state we are in when calling upon this Infinite Light. The Higher of Vibration we ourselves are, the Easier it is to embody this Light and Use it to Heal and care for Others and this Planet.

The More we Absorb The Light The easier it is for us to embody our Higher-selves. The power within us reaches out and touches those around us, healing and cleansing those we Love. The Power of our true intentions can heal this planet and all who reside here. There should never be a Price tag on your Compassion for Others. However, If this is the way your intentions are, then you do not work for the Light, but against it. You must ask yourself, Where are my True intentions? Do I truly wish to Serve the Light? Are My Intentions of Service to Others, or am I serving the self? When we have a selfish Mindset, we are in very low vibrations. True Christ or God Consciousness is Unity Consciousness, Meaning that All are One. There is no separation between me and you. We are the same Light in Different forms. Therefore, To have a selfish Nature is against the truth of who you really are.

We become Powerful Through the Light when we choose to become Loving, Caring, and Giving beings. These are vibrations we must learn to share with others, not just the self. This is the Key. Love. Sharing our love with others is how we Embody the Light and the Only way to Heal This Planet and all her inhabitants. To Heal We Must First Love. We are a piece of the Infinite Consciousness of all things. To connect to this Source of Consciousness' Essence of Light we must become the Vibration that it emits, which would be pure unconditional Loving energy. We must match the vibrations to raise ourselves from the Darkness of the 3D reality. As we rise we embody the Higher Light and become The Conductors, healing, cleansing, and raising All of Humanity and This Earth Gaia-Sophia. The Power of The Light is Within Us.

And so it is, and it is so,

In so Much Love and Light,

Chellea, Mystic, and Channel of the Aeons Sophia and Christos, through Divine Light,

The New Earth of Light, Channeling, and Gnostic Guidance @


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