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The Power of Our True Intentions

Humanity is now beginning to see through the veils of the illusion. The intentions of the ones who wish harm, have become clear, to all who are walking this path of truth.

As Humanity raises in awareness, eventually Love, compassion, kindness, joy, peace, Gratitude, and knowledge, will become our lifestyle, and way of being. This is the heaven on earth, that we all anticipate.

By having good intentions and wishing for the betterment of all humanity and this earth, we are creating our heaven on Earth. We are forming the light to manifest our desires of Higher intention. Which is the intentions of Love, compassion, kindness, joy, peace and Gratitude.

As our Earth rises in Light, we must follow her pattern and accept the Higher vibrations ourselves. The truth of our intentions manifest through our daily lives. Good intentions are wanting the best possible outcome for All of humanity, all of earth and all of this universe. This is the opposite of a self serving attitude. Wanting the betterment for all is service to the all that is Source.

This world is changing whether we are ready or not. Whether you call it ascension or evolution, it is the rising, of conscious awareness. We as a planet are rising in frequency, which is effecting everyone of the beings, who reside here. By choosing to accept this energy, you must choose to change the way you look at everything. By looking through the eyes of the divine, our experiences take a different, direction. Love, compassion, kindness, and gratitude, takes front stage, in all situations. We become the Truth, through our divine intentions. Transforming any situation, into a divine and loving experience.

We are the Light, from which we came. We are God's Love vibration in form.

We are powerful vessels of light, creating through divine intentions, our heaven on Earth.

The Manifesting of the new earth is underway in a much more accelerated pace now. The desires of Peace, Equality, Happiness, Abundance and Love for all, is materializing, in this, our chosen reality. Each of our choices we make, within our daily lives, changes the outcome of this moment in the now. Meaning in each moment we can make a new choice of being Love, Peaceful, Equal, Happy, and Abundant. We make the choice to be everything that is Love, in every moment.

As we all experience this shift, the choices we are making are, transforming our reality to suit whatever consciousness we are residing in. If you are still caught in the web of fear, this is what you will experience. Staying in the lower vibrations, is manifesting, their fears and anxieties, into their reality.

But more now, are stepping away from fear and becoming more focused on their spirituality. This is not stepping towards any religious ideas, which is still fear, but actually working inwardly. Finding God within.

Coming to this point in our awakening, is excelling us faster into our higher state of being. By understanding are true connection with the all, We actually experience our God-self, as being one with all things created through divine light.

We are Source Energy in many forms, but it is all the same energy, the same consciousness. The One divine Power. We are all expressions. or personalities, of this, the One Source of all things. We are all the same energy, expressing many different forms. You, Me and this multidimensional universe, are all the Same Divine Light.

This knowledge has been hidden from us, to keep us from knowing our true power. The power of God or Source that is within us, creates our realities by using our thoughts, words, and actions. This energy through the vibration of our thoughts words and actions, transform our reality, into whatever our energies and Intentions are projecting. When we use our gift, the power of Intention, we receive the same energy back to us, but in a much more intense wave. So using your thoughts, words or actions toward others, you will receive this energy back to you, in a much more immense manner. So, expect back 3 time fold, what you are giving out. Our true intentions, shine through our thoughts words and actions, by, what we receive back from this universe. Some call this Dharma or karma, but the reality is, it is energy that has to go somewhere, and when we attack our other selves, the universe and even our own brain, sees that attack, as an attack on our own self, causing illness, anxieties and accidents, to infect our own body.

Now that more are waking up to becoming Love, the power of the collective is becoming much stronger. With more individuals, focusing on Peace, freedom and equality throughout this world, we are now seeing the manifestations, of that focused energy.

Our power as one human is strong, but our power as a collective is Magical. WE Are shifting our own reality. We are using our gift, as a collective, to change this world, and bring in heaven on Earth. We are powerful expressions of God, manifesting our reality, as the One. We see our true connections as the One. Being that all things is consciousness and all things is Source Light in form, created through vibration. So as we create this new reality, we are forming the divine light, into our own desires of Love, Peace, Equality, Happiness and abundance for all, into a divine likeness of our collective efforts. WE, Are Doing This Together, As One.

Many Blessings to our Family here at Universal Lighthouse


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