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"The Nimitz Encounters" UFO Fleet & Military Showdown

"In a clear November sky the craft appeared, floating, silently hovering miles above the ocean 30 thousand feet below, the hazy horizon painted like a steak without a break. They glided together 3, no 5, 8 now. They hung in the still air, drifting.  Suddenly, A steel gray shape slices the air with a flash of sun. Miles away. One, then two contrails are piercing the blue, threatening, aggressive and moments away…Immediately they react like prey. They drop one by one from the sky. Not through air or space but in some non-Newtonian space that allows no for physical mass, no friction, no inertia, just the now. They are at the sea in less than 1 sec and then below it, deeper and deeper. 100, 200, 500 feet below they plunge, escaping the intruders until they are gone. A cloaked memory of something seen as a glint. A radar blip, a mirage, a ghost, a UFO.

So begins the odyssey of the USS Nimitz rendezvous with unexplained craft that have forever haunted the US Navy shipmates that were there that day. Whether those Navy men and women were fortunate or not has yet to be determined. But for those that saw those craft, this is what they witnessed. They say it was as real as the sun, sea and sky. They know they were out there. They want vindication." Source


November 2004, 90 miles of the coast of Mexico near San Diego, California, the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group was conducting routine training and aerial defense exercises when unexplained events occurred. No one could have predicted what would soon confront the world's most advanced naval war ships and fighter jets. Aerial craft would appear that forever changed all those that encountered them. The answers to the question of “what are they?” remains unanswered by the sailors and the US Gov. After years of cloaked secrecy the true story can finally be told. With multiple witnesses from the ships, their first hand testimony is impossible to deny. Our film features CGI re-creations as told by the sailors and naval aviators that witnessed them. Aside from the historical fictionalized dialog (no one recorded the radio conversations), the story itself is based on the facts of the case, including official US government docs, witness statements, news reports and official timelines. See for links to the official documents. Contact us at Some military personnel have requested their names be removed or remain anonymous, out of respect for their privacy we have changed names and details to protect their identity. All similarities to persons living or dead is unintentional. The producers have made every attempt to verify details and deny any liability for errors or omissions.



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