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The New Earth's Gateway Is Open ~ The Galactic Federation


The New Earth's Gateway Is Open People on Earth may question what their life on Earth is all for from time to time. Not everyone can understand what living in a New Heaven on Earth might be like. They may find talk of LOVE and LIGHT repulsive. To them, the Earth evokes feelings of rage, sorrow, greed, sickness, and poverty. For millennia of their existence on Earth, these ideas and feelings have been ingrained in them. Souls come and leave, suffering a great deal of hate from other souls throughout their stay on the Earth. It's sometimes ingrained in their very essence, as it were. This manner of existence was spawned by the darkness that arose on Earth as a result of souls who ate these evil emotions. Dearest Friends, the time has come for you to rise up and clear your soul of these dark emotions. Most of you who are reading these words are aware of what is going on and are trying hard to transform from darkness to light. Dear Ones, this is the purpose of your visit. The time has come for you all to move from the third to the fifth Dimension of heaven on Earth. Gaia is a living, breathing entity, a being of love and light. She is assisting you in removing the remaining remnants of negative emotions inside you by knowing all of the souls on her planet. Do you not sense her adoration? She is aware of the wicked ones, though, and has ordered them to leave. Gaia is transforming right now, and she has no room in her world for these dark forces. As you can see, she is quite active as she transitions from the dark 3rd Dimension to the brighter 5th Dimension, where ALL spirits are concerned about her well-being. You've all noticed how she's changed. Earthquakes, severe winds, floods, and unusual weather patterns are all happening. Many of her weather systems have been tampered with by a dark force in the past, and she is slowly regaining harmony and balance. For ages, dark spirits have attempted to dominate Gaia. She has waited patiently for humanity to evolve, but the time has come for all souls in the world to unite with her. Many souls have stepped forward to assist her. Her weather patterns will shift, and a large portion of the globe will have mild weather, allowing people to flourish. This may all sound like a pipe dream to you, and you may believe it is taking place in the far future, but Dear Ones, remember that all of this is taking place RIGHT NOW. The energies that are now assaulting Earth enable individuals who are in touch with Gaia to enter the NEW EARTH. There will be no more poverty, illness, starvation, or a lack of love in the world. Those with a lower vibration that are unwilling to adapt, on the other hand, will be unable to maintain these vibrations.

As you travel through these new frequencies, many of you have experienced a variety of symptoms in your bodies that have never been seen before on the planet. So to say, your body is catching up with your spirit. Ask your body what it needs to move through these frequencies, and be patient with yourself. Your body is transitioning from carbon to crystalline, and you must embrace these changes, no matter how difficult they may be. As you transition to these new frequencies, many of you are tired and experiencing strange symptoms. Your body and spirit are both connected to Gaia, so speak to them and listen to what they have to say. Your body's cells are continually recreating themselves and know precisely what they need. Your body may need more sleep, daylight, nourishment, or exercise. Learn to be in harmony and appreciation with your body and to adore it regardless of its flaws. In every symptom, there is always a lesson to be learned. It is difficult for people to comprehend, yet there is a lesson for the soul in every sickness, no matter how difficult it is to hear. The more you learn to listen to and love the body in which your soul resides, the calmer you will be. Many advancements have been kept concealed from you due to a dark force. A sinister dominating agenda has been responsible for many of humanity's diseases. They are well aware that many diseases might have been treated centuries ago and that many illnesses have been created by them in order to profit from the so-called treatment. Money donated with a good heart to so-called charity organizations ends up in the hands of these wicked groups. Many of the world's so-called diseases are really the result of a dark force trying to profit from a so-called treatment while keeping people trapped in a fear matrix. You've been kept in the dark about your own SOVEREIGN power as a divine creature. Every human person on the planet has a great immune system that maintains the body in balance. However, the dark force has blasted your Earth with many pollutants and numerous so-called diseases in order to control you and earn enormous amounts of money by discovering so-called treatments during the past decades. Many people have been fearful of another similar event in the past year, which seemed to kill a large number of people. However, Dear Ones, each year, a certain number of individuals die, and this has not altered. The dark force has created a dread of these so-called diseases in order to control the masses. Others of you who have awakened are irritated by those who are still sleeping around you but have confidence, dear ones, for ALL IS WELL, and your time will come. On the planet, there is a wave of souls waking, and once awake, they do not sleep again. The frequencies will continue to be transmitted until all souls have awakened and the darkness has vanished. When people hear of the terrible truths that are starting to come to light, you will be desperately required to assist them. All you have to do now is be yourself. You can't convince people to share your viewpoint. They will eventually learn and become like you. They must learn for themselves, just as you have. The vibrations on Earth are such that many, many more souls are waking up to their own purpose on Earth at this time, and all dark, wicked souls are being called to leave the planet. This has been decided and will take place immediately. No more fear, dear ones, as the world changes. Take note of the changes that are taking place around you. Gaia is rising, and you, too, are ascending. Look forward to whatever you want and create the NEW EARTH NOW. There will be no more worries about sickness, poverty, or a lack of love since Gaia will provide all you need. If you talk to her and ask how you can assist, she will provide you with everything you need to live. You are strong, powerful, and you have the ability to create the NEW EARTH in a community with other like-minded individuals. Make the decision to escape the Fear Matrix that the dark force has attempted to implant in you. Believe in God as a part of yourself and have faith in a bountiful earth today, and nothing or no one will ever be able to hurt you. You will get whatever you want. There is much discussion about the days of darkness, yet there would be no gloom if all souls realized that they are now a part of God and in touch with Gaia. New free renewable energy will be discovered, as well as new methods to rid the Earth of pollution created by mankind. GOD, GAIA, and the HIGHER REALMS are always available to those in need. Dear Ones, the TIME to connect with Gaia is NOW. Know that you've all come to help her usher in the NEW EARTH and that the TIME HAS COME. As you all welcome the NEW EARTH together, rejoice with God and Gaia. We are with you as you transition from darkness to light, and we wish you unconditional love and infinite blessings on your path. We love you dearly. We are here with you. We are your family of light. aho The Galactic Federation Through Aurora Ray, Ambassador of the Galactic Federation at


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