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The Mother Calls You ~ The Golden Goddess

Greetings, I am Olwen, Golden Goddess and Keeper of the Realms.

Connection and remembrance has been made for transmission.

I am coming forward in these moments, through The Higher Self of Chellea.

You would know me through your Welsh Mythology.

My Name, as Olwen, has the Meaning of the Golden wheel, or Golden Cycle. Throughout the 26,000 year Cycle of Mother Earth, I have helped her Transition into the Higher Vibrations, and then again into the Lower. The Cycles of The Mother are ending. She will not be continuing the same cycle back into darkness as she has done previous. She will be rising out of the cycles that have kept her enslaved to the physical reality. She is now ready to make that transition.

In these moments the Mother Earth Calls to her Children. She is calling out to her daughters, to embody her spirit, and she calls out to her sons, to share in that wisdom.

I first wish to say that all Beings have the Feminine and masculine aspects within them that must become in balance and equal spiritually within. This is the same in your Physical reality. The feminine must awaken to their Power, and become in balance with your Masculine counterparts. No one is above another, all are Divine. you Must all connect within the Divine Union of Oneness.

As humanity raises in knowing, the Great Goddesses of Old are beginning to awaken. The many beautiful Goddesses of your supposed myths, and ancient Lore, are rising to be heard and rising to embody the spirit of the Mother Earth, once again.

Once when we walked the Earth, we brought beauty, protection, and care to her, through our Love. We embodied her beauty within us. Many of us were known throughout your world as the Great Mother Goddesses. Having many different Names, such as Diana... Ishtar... Frigg... Gaia... Freya... Cybele... Isis... Kali... Hecate... Sekhmet... Artemis... Sophia, and many others. Even those throughout your more recent history, such as Mary Magdalene and Quan Yin.

We each embodied the Mother Goddess, Living as One with the Earth and One with the Infinite. We were the Physical aspects of the Great Mother. Her Power rose within us. We each felt her within us, as a connected soul. Embodying and living as the Mother in physical form. We were the physical Beauty of the Mother, We held her physical power, giving us magnificent abilities.

For many many Thousands of years, The Feminine aspect of Humanity has been suppressed, abused, and even was attempted to be removed from your existence. Females in your history have been greatly held down by the matriarchal Hierarchy within your societies, even at this point trying to do away with them altogether. Through your History, in many of your cultures, females were not considered humans. Even as recent as Women's rights movement within the 1960's, where women were not considered Human, with the same rights as men. In some of your countries, This suppression is still happening.

Even attempting to do away with the term woman itself by not giving it a definition. This should be an awakening for all women.

This all has been done intentionally to suppress the Higher Powers of the female. A female has the power within her to embody the Mother Earth Energies, and to actually embody her Power. To embody the mother earth spirit can be done by both Male and female, aspect of Humans, but the male must connect to their feminine within. But the female form itself, can literally hold the Power of The Mother, her true essence. This is why the female of the Human race, has been so held down and suppressed.

The Hierarchy of Earth has always been matriarchal, and they have always been aware of this knowledge, and did not want you to discover your true connection to this Earth and to this Universe.

The Earth herself is a female in that she has gone through the same Stages or Cycles. Just as the Female form ovulates in stages and cycles, eventually ovulation comes to an end. This is Known as the Stages, of maiden, mother, and crone. The Mother Earth is Now within the Stage of Crone, holding deep wisdom of her adventures throughout her time within the Physical densities.

This is why most of the Earth Goddesses were considered as Love, fertility, Child Birthing, and Wisdom Goddesses.

Mother Earth is calling upon her Goddesses, to embody her spirit once again. to help her rise from the darkness that has suppressed her, and has held her in bondage.

The divine Feminine in each of you is beginning to Rise, allow this transition. Even as a Male, you hold the feminine within you, allow it to rise, to guide you with its wisdom, Love, and power.

The Sacred Union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine from within will transform and reconnect Humanity to their Oneness.

Rise Dear Ones, and remember your connection, to this Earth and the Universe. You are connected through the moon, the Sun and the Stars. You are connected through the waters, through the Fire, Through soil, through the Air and through the ethers. You are connected to the spirit of the Mother Earth, Feel the power within you. Be Grateful to embrace your Divine Feminine.

I am Olwen, I Leave you in peace, Love and Oneness.

Intuitive Transmission by Chellea Wilder at


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May 31

Fascinating!..I love how all the pieces once fragmented, are beginning to its order and coming together in my awareness. Thank all beings for your communications that bring so much understanding and clarity.


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