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The Limitations From Accepting Things As ‘Normal’

We are often challenged with the need to create change in our world. Within that challenge, we have the opportunity to accept what is and look to create small changes, or ask questions that allow us to re-frame what's possible.

Why do we accept the things we do about our world? Where do the ideas come from? is it time to give ourselves permission to re-frame life and society's biggest questions?


Quantum mechanics tells us that at the core of our reality there is energy – every potential existing at one time. It’s only when we begin to observe, or better yet define those potentials, that we start to see that energy take shape into what we know and experience every day. Within the wondrous creations we have on this earth that are solid foundations for experiencing life i.e. the planet, our bodies etc, we also have limitations that we create within our psyche and consciousness. One limitation we deal with almost every day of our lives, one that creates a great deal of drama, un-ease, worry, guilt and fear, is the core underlying idea of ‘what life is.’

We are born, we go to school, we graduate, we go to university or college, we get a ‘good’ job, we get married, have kids, buy a house, work for 30 years, retire, do whatever, and check out… seems a little robotic? This is sold as a dream in many ways, and at its core it’s something we joke about but don’t really question. It’s just normal.

To quickly lay a foundation, when we come into this experience what we call life, not only are we handed down and taught things by our parents, but we are also greatly influenced by what can be called the collective matrix. Imagine it as a depository of thoughts, ideas and experiences that we are uploading and downloading to and from constantly. A collective consciousness. In simple terms, it’s like ideas that are simply widely accepted, and so many people feel and accept these things in an immense way so that suddenly there is an energy of mass acceptance. This creates and holds quantum potentials in place as a definition. An acceptance of what is.

Being connected to it means we play into these “norms,” we feel them, we think they are real even when we are not sure where they come from or how they got there. A collective norm would simply be something we think is “normal” because a mass amount of people represent it or buy into it. The only real thing keeping any of these ideals in place is the fact that we are all invested in it because either we never have questioned it or we fear that if we don’t do things this way, there may be issues that are undesirable.

Thankfully, as many of us begin to step out of accepting these collective norms, the experience of ‘stepping out’ is uploaded to the matrix, making the concrete norms slightly flimsy, allowing others to see the ‘shake’ in the foundations, ultimately giving those people permission to question things themselves.

What Are Norms?

“Norms” can be anything from thinking certain things are “good” or “bad” OR “right” or “wrong.” Things like; having a lot of money, equaling success, or having a university diploma equalling intelligence. It could mean things like we must live in a political society, with an economy and scarcity. It could be the acceptance that there is not enough to go around and our societal systems are doing their best to create a good life for people.

In either case, these statements are accepted as “truth” collectively. Almost like an underlying framework to our ‘nature’. Yet when we examine them, and truly ask what they mean and how they go there, it’s a result of a long line of small acceptances, usually a result of underlying basic beliefs of how our world must be. From that, results manifest from what we accept. For example, the results of economies like we have today are inequality, poverty and scarcity, results that don’t HAVE to be there, but are as a result of accepting that we cannot question nor change in a deep way, the basic foundations for how we live. We have globally accepted rules very few have made, and we had them enforced by our parents, society and education systems as we grew old. But are they not worthy of being questioned?

We have all simply bought into ideas, and we don’t question it because we in some way are afraid to, we are comfortable with simply accepting it. We are comfortable with ideas that don’t veer too far from our current systems, because we think we cannot question that deeply.

Deprogramming Limits Is Key!

Step 3 of the CE Protocol, a pathway to expanding consciousness, is called Deprogramming Limits. In this process, we challenge others to reflect on what they have accepted about our current world and why. Have you ever heard of examples like the limitations above and asked yourself, “Who says a university degree means intelligence?” “Why do we give this value?” “Why do we use money as a measure of success?” “Why do we envy those with a lot of money and strive to be them?” “Why do we use economies to create artificial scarcity?”

These sorts of questions begin to allow us to follow the path of our thought process back to why we think these things. At the root, we realize it’s nothing more than what WE ALL have bought into and accepted decade after decade. A complex system of acceptance, but one that must be questioned if we wish to make change in our world. These ideas are not our nature, we simply think that’s how it is because we bought into and identify with it and are afraid to go elsewhere.

It’s my intention to remind you that you can, in fact, question these things – and we can do it collectively. I discuss this in part during one of my latest podcast episodes here.

The Takeaway

Examples can go on and on in terms of what we call ‘collective norms.’ You can stumble upon many of them yourself simply by questioning the autopilot responses we give every day. When we do something because we feel others will judge us, ask why. When we do something because that’s what everyone else does, ask why. When we hear our parents or friends say things that we KNOW everyone else says, ask why.

You will be shocked and surprised at how much of our lives are based on norms that we have bought into, that can stop RIGHT NOW. Limitations that can fall down RIGHT NOW. Guilt, fear, judgment, prejudice and worry that could all go away RIGHT NOW should we decide to become aware of how we are programmed and simply step out of it.

The world is full of complete potentiality, it’s only limited every time we set  up that limit, or in other words, buy into “this is the way it is, because that’s what everyone does.”

Learn more about the CE Protocol and why we must begin stepping out of the programmed limits we accept here. This is the foundation for creating a world of possibilities. (Source)


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