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The Light Is Here and The Shift is Happening Fast

With This Increased Energy (Light) That is Now Hitting the Earth, What Does It Mean for Humanity?

As the Light raises so must we. This Light or Energy Photons that is now making it’s way to earth, is a much higher vibration then what humanity is used to.

Within the last couple of years Earth has been preparing us for this higher light.

What is the Schumann Resonance?

“The Schumann resonance is the heartbeat of the earth... this is her vibration. it is normally at 7.83 Hz this is the norm. But in the last couple of years, the resonance is rising in frequency and now jumps up to sometimes 80 Hz this spike is the result of our Solar System entering whats called the Photon Belt which happens every 13,000 years.... Why is this so important? This image shows that the earth is Raising her Vibration, and is now vibrating far faster than ever before. This means that if she is vibrating at a higher frequency then so must we... We must learn to JUST BE LOVE.

For more information about the Schumann Resonance Please visit this site

Many of us within the spiritual communities actually have been looking forward to this event.

Within many ancient texts we are told of a time when we will be lifted or carried from the lower vibration of 3D Earth, into the higher light of a 4D or 5D Earth. It is thought that as our Vibrations rise with the Earth, we will enter these higher dimensions.

Here is More information about the Energy Photons (Light) Arriving at Earth

The Highest Energy (LIGHT) Ever Recorded Is Now Hitting the Earth


What does it mean to raise your Vibration?

Our emotions emit vibrations within our physical form. Staying in a higher vibration is focusing on staying in the positive emotions. Love and Gratitude are the highest emotions that the body can emit.

Things around us can effect our own frequency (Vibration).

Remember to always be aware of what is around you. Many things can lower your vibration and cause you to spin out.

For example: Music can be a tool of raising your frequency, but at the same time if you are listening to angry or depressing music then you will have a lower vibration yourself, causing yourself to be depressed or angry.

Other examples that can change your vibration for the better or worse is food, people, environment, habits, entertainment, daily activities and your job.

We should always take the time to focus our intent in all moments, on Love , gratitude, harmony and peace.

Our Thoughts Words and Actions Effect our own Vibrations, Plus they effect Others.

Here is What our Thoughts, Words, and Intent can do to Water

Water, Consciousness & Intent


This Higher Light is making the difference, in this shift, and it is happening fast.


What does this Light mean for Those who choose it?

Things are changing in all aspects of our reality. With our Physical Selves, We are becoming much more in tune with our gifts. Dreams, empathy, and intuitions are becoming more intense and signs and sychronities seem to also be increasing.

With this advancement in our abilities, comes the capability to see through the veil. This mean we can no longer be deceived. We can see the deception and we can see manipulation. No more will we ever be controlled again.

Trust your own instincts, Trust that you are the Light. Trust that You are One with the All.


What happens to those who choose to stay in the lower Emotions of anger, hate, and fear?

The ones who wish to stay in the lower emotions will have a had time handling these intense energies. This could effect many through pain or illness.

When Higher vibrations surround a lower frequency, the lower vibration gets distorted. Our Bodies are made up of mainly water. when vibration meets water. Waves begin to happen.


What's Happening around the world?

On the World Stage we are witnessing the fall of the old guard. The Defeat of the Cabal. The Truth can be seen now, no matter how much the try and hide it. We now can see through their Fake narratives.

War is Not an option anymore.


The MIC (Military industrial Complex) which is mainly centered in the USA, is Pushing Hard with their Puppets Pompeo and Kushner in the Presidents ear.

Pompeo and Kushner head to Bilderberg Meeting, a mysterious gathering of the global elite

Is the Q Movement the Curtain?

Is the Q movement just a distraction to stop people from Focusing on the real Evil behind the curtain? As Much as we all would like to believe that there is someone trying to SAVE us. It's becoming painfully clear. WE MUST SAVE OURSELVES. This President has always backed a Zionist controlled Israel and the Zionist Movement. The Zionist are fighting for their life, and they are afraid we are going to look behind their Veil of Illusion.

We Must make it clear that the Zionist is the "Dark forces", Behind all the Wars. These are the Elites, They are the Illuminati that we have always Known as being the Dark.

The Ruling Elite—The Zionist Seizure of World Power

The Elite and their Zionist Games

Khazarian mafia’s Satanic summer solstice Iran sacrifice backfires big time June 24 2019

The Stage has been set.

This STAGE is just that, a stage, a performance, to keep you distracted from truth. Don't Forget your Popcorn.

Through this shift we must not allow for this distraction. Those who are awake are now beginning to see the flaws in their plan.


What should We really be Focusing On During this Shift?

Our Main focus should be that of raising our own vibrations through Changing our Our Thoughts to be Only Love.

BEING Love is being of Service to Others. The reason for this is because as we Focus our Love for Others we are sending that Vibration to those around us. When we are of service to others we are Showing the Universe the Energy of Love and Compassion. Which Raises our Vibration to match the Love Vibration of the Light that's surrounding us. Then In reflection of our actions the Universe gives back to us more Love and Compassion within our lives.

Gratitude is also very important. As we express Our appreciation for Everything that's been given, we receive more to be thankful for.


We Love you and We are truly honored to be of service by Being the Light.

Universal Lighthouse


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